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Just A Minute With: Actor Daniel Radcliffe

by ClaireAug 21, 2008
By Michelle Nichols for Reuters, 13th September 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – When British actor Daniel Radcliffe turned 18 in July he gained access to a reported $40 million, but instead of lashing out on a flash car his biggest extravagance so far has been — a painting.

The well-mannered actor has earned his fortune playing boy wizard Harry Potter and will shortly begin filming the sixth film in the seven part series.

For his first major film role outside the Potter series he played an Australian orphan in “December Boys,” which opens in Britain and the United States on Friday.

He spoke to Reuters about his life off-screen:

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: “I watch cricket, although that can be a very tense experience when you are an England fan. I hang out with friends. I read or sometimes I write, poems mainly.”

Q: What have been the biggest influences on your career?

A: “My best friend Will who’s 41 and has two children. He’s been a massive influence and inspiration to me because he’s just a great guy. He’s my dresser on Harry Potter, he looks after all the costumes for me.
In terms of actors it would be Gary Oldman and Imelda Staunton because of both their commitment to it and their brilliant professionalism. I have no time for people phaffing about on set. Ultimately you are doing a job and you are being paid well to a job so you have to bloody well get in there and do it.”

Q: Do you worry about paparazzi attention now you’re 18?

A: “If you don’t go to places that are known paparazzi hangouts then hopefully you’ll be fine. There’s always a chance they will follow you but if they don’t you should be alright. I have been out for drinks and stuff, but I’ve found that since I have turned 18 the most exciting thing you can do is not drink but buy drinks for other people. You just feel at that point really grown up and cool and really part of the gang.”

Q: Do you own a car?

A: “I have never taken driving lessons. I am the least motivated teenager in the world to drive. I have no desire to do it. My Dad’s a terrible driver, my Mum is an excellent driver, but I think I will be more like my dad. I will learn to drive because obviously it’s the independence thing, but also I don’t want to spend my life on low loaders for films I want to be able to learn to drive for them.”

Q: What is your favorite book/film?

A: “I have three joint favorite films actually and they’re all old ones — “Dr Strangelove,” “12 Angry Men,” and a film I watched twice recently, “A Matter of Life and Death,” it’s amazing, it’s bizarre.
Favorite book would be “The old man and the Sea,” “Germinal” and also “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which is probably on every teenagers’ list but it is a great book.”

Q: What has been your biggest extravagance?

A: “I bought a painting by an artist called Jim Hodges, which I love. It’s words, it says ‘oh for crying out loud’ but it’s done in a this beautiful way.
To be honest the more interesting answer to that question is Rupert Grint’s (who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films) answer. He’s bought the best thing. He’s bought himself a functional ice cream van. He’s going to bring in on the set so we can all go for Mr Whippy’s at lunch.”

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