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by ClaireAug 20, 2008
By Claire Sutherland for Herald Sun, 11th September 2007

HARRY Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was shocked by the enormous turnout for the Melbourne premiere of his new movie December Boys.

Sunday night’s premiere at the Rivoli saw several children plucked from behind the barriers to avoid being crushed.

“It was kind of mad, much bigger than anybody, particularly security, expected, to the point where there were cinema staff doing a valiant job of actually going out there and holding the barriers,” Radcliffe said yesterday.

“That’s the thing you always have to be aware of when you’re signing and things — it can get really dangerous but I wasn’t aware of it last night.”

Radcliffe chose to break up his Harry Potter movies with the Australian-made December Boys, which follows four orphans competing to be adopted.

“In my head I suppose I’d always had an idea maybe I wanted to do an indie movie, but if an amazing script for a blockbuster had come along obviously I would have been a fool to say no,” Radcliffe said.

Radcliffe’s family owns a house in Toorak, but he is due to start shooting the sixth Harry Potter next Monday so couldn’t stay on for a break.

He was happy to sign on for the final two movies.

“I think it would be harder to break away from Harry Potter if I left it at five and someone else came in,” Radcliffe said.

“I think in terms of moving on it’s almost essential that I do all of them, and I want to and I will be.”

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Dan’s glad he bared all

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