Harry Potter: I’m Not A Celebrity

By Ann Lee for Metro, 25th June 2007

Even though Harry Potter has become a worldwide phenomenon, actor Daniel Radcliffe who plays the boy wizard in the films still doesn’t think of himself as a star.

“Although others might, I don’t see myself as a celebrity because I’m not famous to me,” he said ahead of the release of Harry Potter and pfizer mexico viagra the Order of the Phoenix. “I’ve known me all my life so it’s never had that effect on me.

“I define a celebrity as someone who is famous but the things they enjoy about their fame are the parties and all the glamorous stuff. That’s fine but what I love doing is just try! the overnight generic levitra in usa acting.”

Anyone expecting Daniel, 17, to go down the traditional route of child actor turned hell-raiser will be sorely disappointed, he warned.

“The press have been really supportive but you always get the sense that half of them are wishing for the story ‘Kid stars go off the rails’ and I think we’ve all been very set on levitra best price the idea of not giving them that because that would be too easy.”

The fifth film, which is out on Friday, July 13, sees Harry going through the growing pains of viagra order teenage life as he battles the lowest price viagra uk evil wizard Lord Voldemort and a sadistic new headmistress Professor Dolores Umbridge.

Just like Harry, Daniel has been doing some growing up of his own and made a bid to prove that he was much more than just a child actor by starring in Equus, a controversial play about a stable boy obsessed with horses which featured one scene where he went completely naked.

Compared to full-frontal nudity, kissing his co-star Katie Leung, who plays love interest Cho Chang, for the film was a breeze, he claimed.

“Kissing Katie was a very comfortable experience especially when compared to being naked on stage and blinding horses,” he laughed.

Open auditions are also being held for two key roles in the sixth film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Aspiring actresses should head down on Sunday, July 1 for the role of Lavender Brown while boys should attend on Friday, July 8 for the part of Tom Riddle.

No experience is necessary but both actors should be aged between 15 to 18.

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