New Photo of Dan and Nugget in Equus
Quint and Daniel Radcliffe have a little chat about everything HARRY POTTER!!!
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Dan’s glad he bared all

by ClaireAug 19, 2008
By Alison Maloney for The Sun Online, 25th June 2007

GETTING naked on stage helped DANIEL RADCLIFFE lose all his inhibitions.

The star of Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix also tells Sun Online that he was happy for friends and family to see him appearing in the buff!

“I didn’t ban anybody from coming to see me,” he laughs.

“Being on stage and doing Equus was fantastic – and once you’ve been on stage naked in front of a thousand people you really feel you can do most anything! I lost all my inhibitions.

“It’s something I will be proud of doing for the rest of my life.”

The fifth Harry Potter movie, which sees him facing arch enemy Voldemort once again, includes Harry’s first kiss, with fellow pupil Cho Chang ( played by KATIE LEUNG).

Daniel admits it was a nerve wracking experience.

“I was a bit nervous because it was the scene that everybody was talking about,” he says. “But after the first takes it was fine. I enjoyed it.”

Like most 17-year-olds the actor, is bemused by the opposite sex.

“In general terms I think both sexes have terrible trouble understanding each other and probably, until the end of time, will be a total mystery to each other!” he admits

“I don’t think it’s all on the boy’s side… although I am confused most of the time!”

Daniel, who celebrates his 18th birthday on July 23, says he is looking forward to being an adult but isn’t sure he’s quite ready to grow up.

“I don’t know what adulthood is like,” he says.

“I’m at that stage of being in between being a teenager and an adult. I’m looking forward to being 18 but I don’t know what will change. I don’t think I’m going to suddenly mature!”

Judging by his take on the Harry Potter computer game, he is still capable of behaving like a big kid!

“I have played the games and I must confess I got overly competitive with an 8-year-old over the Quidditch world cup!” he laughs. “It was slightly ridiculous.”

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix is released on July 12

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