Daniel Radcliffe Tells 'Harry Potter' Fans To Get Ready To Laugh
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Radcliffe To Make Broadway Debut

by ClaireAug 1, 2008
Source BBC News, 5th November 2007

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has confirmed he will make his Broadway debut next year when the play Equus goes to New York. The 18-year-old completed a successful eight-week run of Peter Shaffer’s play at the Gielgud Theatre in London earlier this year.

Radcliffe told BBC News he was “incredibly excited” about the opportunity to appear in New York.

“Of course there’s nerves. If I wasn’t nervous then I would be dead,” he said.

“It’s a good thing, it’s healthy. I’m obviously nervous but I’m very very excited,” he added.

‘Real achievement’

Despite the nerves Radcliffe is hopeful that the play, about a disturbed youngster who blinds horses, will be a hit.

“If we can get a straight play to really succeed in a world of theatre that is so besieged by musicals, that would be a real achievement and I think the time is absolutely right to do it there,” he said.

“For a kid who grew up listening to showbiz tunes in the car, Broadway is a big, big thing.
“All the people I know in New York say New York is ready for this kind of play,” he added.

Radcliffe’s co-star in the play, Richard Griffiths, will also reprise his role for the Broadway show.

The play’s director, designer and lighting director have all been recruited to go to New York too.

Tony winner

“I’ll be there with Richard so when people said it was a risk to do it in the first place you just have to look around the rehearsal room – with me and Richard Griffiths, Thea Sharrock, John Napier and David Hersey.

“I was just thinking, ‘If I screw up I’m going to be screwing up with better people around me’,” he said.

The play was first produced in London in 1973 and two years later it won a Tony for best play in its first New York run.

Radcliffe, who made his name starring in the Potter films, has also starred in the movie December Boys, and the ITV film My Boy Jack.

Equus is expected to open in New York in September 2008.

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