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ONE: Daniel Radcliffe

by ClaireAug 1, 2008
Source: ONE (France). Translated by Winky from Potterworld Online et Jenna) ……. :o)

It’s in the London suburbs, in the Leavesden Studios, that “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is in the making. It is a shooting under high monitoring, far away from the indiscreet eyes. Still amid all the new scoops, the ONE spies tried to get to know a little bit more by asking Daniel Radcliffe.

Can you tell us some revelations about POA ?

Daniel :: “Alas, we have very strict instructions and I can’t tell you very much. This shooting is top secret and I might have big problems if i speak too much. At the moment, we’ve filmed all the scenes at the Dursleys’, the travel on the Hogwarts Express, and some of the famous Knight Bus scenes. I know a lot of fans are quite impatient to discover the Knight Bus, I can tell you that they will not be disappointed. I’ve never seen a vehicle so huge. Imagine a big purple bus with 3 floors able to fly in the air like a plane.”

Will there be a new Quidditch Match?

Daniel :: “Yes, and it will be more impressive than the first two. There will be a lot of special effects that have been seen in cinema before. I cannot wait to play that scene!”

And what can you tell us about Sirius Black, the big villain of the third opus?

Daniel :: “I think he’s equal to his reputation, but I can’t tell you more about that. I will not speak, even if you torture me. [laughing]”

In regards to the book, is there a chance that you might fight Sirius Black… Are you still fond of fighting scenes?

Daniel :: “At that point, I’ve not changed. The fighting scenes are still my favorite ones. In “The Chamber of Secrets”, I loved fighting with Gilderoy Lockhart. I’ve learned a bit of fencing, especially for this occasion. What i like a lot too, in the fighting scenes, is that there is always a lot of people on the set to encourage me. With that, it is a bit more authentic.”

About authenticity, how do you prepare yourself when you must fight with virtual enemies, which are then recreated on computer?

Daniel :: “I acknowledge that these scenes are not quite easy to play. It’s better to give the retort to another actor if you want better acting. Fortunately, when we film a scene with a virtual character, the team always puts a guide mark in front of us. Thus we’re not playing completely in the emptiness. For example, in “The Chamber of Secrets”, when I was supposed to talk to Dobby, I was in reality talking to a wood-stick with a little orange ball. This strange puppet was animated by a technician and it reproduced all of Dobby’s movements. This simple technique helped me a lot to fix my glance.”

Everybody is asking if you will be in the fourth movie. Can you answer this question today?

Daniel :: “No, not yet in a definite way. Nevertheless, things are going on and there is a good chance that I will continue the adventure and that I will play in the fourth movie. I would say there is a 90% chance.”

You look less and less like a little boy. Are there risks about that? Will it not be a problem in the future?

Daniel :: “No, I don’t think so. You know, Harry is a boy like the others. He’s growing and his physical appearance is evolving with the years. Obviously, in the books, the readers don’t notice this in a big way. For example, they can’t notice his voice has broken or he looks more like an adult. Nevertheless, if you think about it, it’s totally normal that Harry does not have the same face at 15 than when he was 11. That’s why, if the occasion comes, I think I’m perfectly able to play Harry in the fourth movie.”

By the way, on “The Chamber of Secrets” set, were you a victim of the little derailments of voice changes that frequently occur in a teen’s breaking voice?

Daniel :: “No, my voice broke in very few days and I was lucky enough to not undergo the little derailments you’re talking about. If it had been like that, I think the filming of “The Chamber of Secrets” might have been a martyrdom for me.”

Do you still want to be a director?

Daniel :: “Yes, it’s still one of my goals. Chris Colombus gave me the virus. By watching him work on the first two movies, I told myself that directing was a wonderful job. I would like to write too. In fact, I imagine myself writing a movie, directing it, and being the main character. This way, I will be able to control my project from the beginning until the end. Nevertheless, I have a lot of things to learn before I do that.”

About Chris Colombus, are you disappointed that he’s not directing the third movie?

Daniel :: “I would certainly have been very happy if we had been able to continue the adventure with him, but I’m also charmed to have met Alfonso Cuaron [the new director]. I’m sure he will not disappoint us. And you know, Chris has not completely disappeared. He comes very often on the set and gives us advices.”

In the futures years, are you not too afraid that the “Harry Potter” image will stick to you a little too much? Are you afraid you will be stereotyped?

Daniel :: “I’m aware of that problem, but I’m not too worried about it. I think I’ll be able to play other parts in the coming years. In any case, one thing is sure, I will never be ashamed of having been Harry Potter. This part gave me so much and I will always be proud of it.”

A while ago, you said you would have to go to therapy about learning to detach yourself from the character of Harry Potter. It this still an actuality?

Daniel :: “No, not really. Finally, I think I fixed it myself. [laughing]. Nevertheless, it was true at a certain time, I felt myself so close to Harry’s personality that I had the impression we were one. The more I read the books, the more I found similarities. It was very disturbing.”

What kind of similarities?

Daniel :: “Things like curiosity, honesty, the need for justice, but also, what is less appreciated, a certain gift to attract trouble.. Like Harry, I’m a true trouble magnet.”

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