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New Interview with Dan in Allocine

by ClaireAug 1, 2008

There is an interesting new interview with Dan at, a French entertainment magazine website, and we are pleased to offer you the English version of the interview courtesy of our French translator, Simon. Just click on ‘read more’ and enjoy!

Many thanks to Jessie and Suruchi for the tip!

On The Set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince…

Source:, 31 July 2008

AlloCiné : So, happy to be back?
Daniel Radcliffe : I am really delighted to be coming back to Hogwarts.  But in reality, we started working again several weeks ago, always with David Yates as director.  And we have a very good professional relationship.  He’s someone who’s also very friendly.  What I really liked about these past few weeks was to find myself alone with Michael Gambon, for all those scenes where Harry and Dumbledore are alone together.  And he’s someone who is very interesting, very fascinating: we talked about piloting, history…Fascinating.

What is Harry’s state of mind in this sixth movie ?
In this sixth movie, Harry is a lot more organised, focused on his task.  He has been talking of confronting Voldemort for five years , but now, it’s the first time he and Dumbledore are taking concrete steps about it.  Harry sees himself as Dumbledore’s best soldier in this war and he wants to help him accomplish this mission.

Have you filmed THE final scene, with Dumbledore and Draco ?
I believe we will be shooting that scene in a few weeks.  I don’t really think about it…It will be interesting, I think.  I don’t quite know what to expect because usually, the stronger scenes in a movie, the most epic, are not necessarily the most impressive when experienced from the set.  After, our job is to deliver the best possible performance, but I don’t really know how we are going to live this scene.  The atmosphere will no doubt be a little peculiar on that day…

And the kissing scene with Ginny ?
It was strange.  When Katie Leung came along for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it was to play the role of Cho, Harry’s first love interest.  We knew it, so there were no worries.  Bonnie Wright, however, I met her when she was 9 years old!  And thus it was very strange, now that she’s 17 years old… But in the end it went very well.

Tell us about the new girl, Jessie Cave…
Jessie is great in the role of Lavender!  She is really very funny!  It’s far from being easy, because it’s a part that will only work for someone who’s totally committed to it.  And she goes totally into it in every scene.  This is the character who brings a bit of levity to the movie, as the relationship between Harry and Ginny is more complicated.

Did you feel a change in Alan Rickman’s performance, now that the saga is concluded and we know more about Rogue? (Snape’s name in French)
I think it is possible that Alan Rickman has learned some things about Rogue’s (Snape’s) past before the book came out. He receives information directly from J.K. Rowling, who tells him what he needs to know. I haven’t shot anything with Alan yet, for this sixth film, but I believe he knows everything about the character from the beginning and so he may not necessarily change anything in the way he approaches it…

And what did you think of the seventh novel?
I loved it a great deal!  I survive and I defeat the bad guy… It’s the best ending anyone can wish for! (laughs) More seriously though, it was quite strange, because I finished the novel while I was on my way, for the first time, to the set of the sixth movie.  It was very strange… I found it very moving: not only because of the story, but also because it was really the end, the end of something.  I was becoming aware of where I had to bring this character to.

What does one feel, seeing oneself so young in the first movies?
I had forgotten how young I was!  I had issues about seeing myself when I was 13 years old.  But today, I find it strange and moving to see myself so young in the first one.  It’s strange because there are not too many franchises where we can follow a character across 6 or 7 movies, while watching him grow.  But at the same time, it’s the audience’s point of view, not mine, because I did not see myself “grow up on screen”.  I saw myself grow up in real life.  On the other hand, showing this movie to my children will feel really strange… It does that to me when I see pictures of my father when he was a child: it’s very weird to see one’s parents so young.  So then, the Harry Potter saga, it will be a good way to scare my children!

Which actors brought you the most on these movies?
Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman and Imelda Staunton.  It’s not an exhaustive list of course! (laughs)Michael is wonderful because he never takes himself seriously.  He his very laid back, but as soon as he hears action, he’s all in, instantly.  Imelda is impressive for the number of variations that she can offer and the way she can manage to convey the entire essence of a character in the merest and smallest of scenes.  She has this skill which allows her to instill very important elements in these scenes.  As for Gary Oldman, he is a phenomenal actor who taught me just how much we can immerse ourselves in a character.  His parts are always incredible…

And what did you learn from your theater experience?
Nothing on Harry Potter directly, but I think that your experiences as an actor inevitably end up having an impact on your work.  For Equus, I learned to maintain a high level of concentration over a rather long period of time, while setting aside everything else around me.  In the medium of theater, all kinds of things can happen to you : once, I almost fell off the stage!  Theater teaches you to stay focused and stay within the context of a scene, whatever happens. Equus taught me that and it’s useful on a huge production like Harry Potter, where there are so many things to do… like this interview!  I’m now able to regain my focus when I must start shooting.

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