Bravo visits the Harry Potter Set

Source: Bravo (Germany), April 2003.

World exclusive: To the DVD-start of “Harry Potter and low price cialis the chamber of secrets”, Bravo takes a secret look at the filming of the 3rd movie –and reveals some secrets.

So must James Bond feel: Under strictest safety measures I get into a car in London. Destination: unknown! I only know that I will meet Daniel Radcliffe (13)! After one hour I get there: the Leavesden studios, about 30 kilometers outside London. Everywhere there are black suited security-people. They’re extremely nervous; all the time their transmitters are beeping. Reason for this excitement: Today the viagra online without prescription overnight DVD of “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” will be presented. But during the other journalists can only take one look at the main actor Daniel Radcliffe, I meet him personally behind the scenes. His face brightens up when he recognizes me. He remembers that I gave him the silver Otto in the Category “best male actor 2001” half a year ago. Now he pursues avery of canadian rx viagra my grips until I finally pick up the silver Otto 2002 out of my bag. “You won’t believe it” he tells me “but this night I have dreamt that I will get the silver Otto from you again!” Happily he takes the prize. “I’m really happy that the German fans also liked the second movie so much” Daniel says. Then he grips my arm: ”Now I’ll show you something that no journalist has seen before you – The set of “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”!” We make our way to online prescription cialis the holy halls of the Leavesden studios, companied by the nervous looks of the security-people. Only as the Producer David Heyman gives the OK with an expression, their dark faces brighten up.

It’s dark in here, everywhere are black curtains on the walls, the floor is full of wood shavings. I gaze a pot with Mandrakes – and can’t deny: I have to “reap” them. For my luck I survive it. Amazed. Daniel tells me about the filming for the third movie, that shall start in June 2004: “Until now we have filmed the scenes with the Dursleys, the ride on the Hogwarts-Express an the Knight Bus. But the best will be: A quidditch match in which the special effects will put everything in the shade – It’s called: Quidditch in Lightning and thunder!” I say goodbye to Daniel and Producer Heyman turns to me: “I’ve got good news for you: It’s 90% sure that Daniel will play Harry Potter in the 4th movie!”

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