19th Birthday Project Wrap Up


dan19thbday_thumb.jpgIt is time to wrap up the birthday festivities today with our final tally for the fund-raiser reaching a fabulous £1761.54!

Thank you so much to propecia online pharmacy canada everyone that donated, especially now when times are tight for many of us. The birthday project page has been updated with many film quotes and canadianp harmacy you can mosey on over there and check those out.

For some strange reason, many of you seem to have made an eerie congregation toward quotes from the film Dead Poets Society.

A lot of donators chose not to send in movie lines, so there were actually many more donations than movie lines posted. And that’s OK. The important thing is that we all took the cheepest generic viagra time to donate to a wonderful place, and Dan appreciates that most of all.

Demelza even added their own line on the page to wish Daniel a happy birthday as well (Well…OK…it isn’t a “movie” line).

Thanks to everyone that participated — ALL of your efforts are very much appreciated!

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