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by ClaireJul 23, 2008
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31 May 2004

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Interview with Dan.


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Regis: He once again reprises now the role as the world’s most beloved wizard. Yes, Harry Potter is back in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Please welcome Relly award winner, Daniel Radcliffe!

(Lots of screams as Dan walks out in a pink shirt with jeans and a dark jacket.)

Regis: Daniel, nice to see you again! (Shakes hand)

Dan: Thank you.

(Dan and Kelly exchange kisses on each cheek.)

Regis: Look at Daniel growing up before our eyes!

Kelly: I’m telling you, you don’t understand. My daughter never… I mean…You know, she’s here all the time. This was the only… She had to go see Daniel, had to go see him. And when she saw you , what did she do? She buried her face in my shoulder; she couldn’t look at him!… (Awww and laughter from audience)… Smitten!

Regis: So Daniel, how old are you now?

Dan: I’m 14.

Regis: Fourteen.

Dan: Fifteen in July.

Regis: And you started doing this when you were what? Ten or eleven this series?

Dan: Yeah.

Kelly: You know what’s so great is that you started out, you know, as a small child and, you know, we watch Harry; we read the books and we watched the movies … Puberty has not wreaked havoc on you! You’re still handsome and gorgeous! Isn’t that great?!!

Dan: Thank you very much. (Dan looks embarrassed as the audience cheers.)

Regis: Daniel won the junior achiever award in our famed Relly series, our Relly awards. (Lots of cheers and applause) Yeah. Where is your Relly right now?

Dan: It’s on the mantle in my home.

Regis: Is it really? Well good!

Dan: Yeah.

Kelly: Be honest, it was the greatest moment of your life, wasn’t it? (Laughter)

Dan: Certainly.

Regis: So you’re 14. You’re still living in London?

Dan: Yeah

Regis: Do you have a place here in New York?

Dan: No.

Regis: Cause you’re here quite a bit. Do you like this city?

Dan: I love it!

Regis: Do you?

Dan: It’s fantastic. I have a really good time here. It’s absolutely amazing!

Kelly: Can you go anywhere in London? Can you walk out of your house like a normal person?

Dan: Yes, absolutely.

Kelly: Come on…

Dan: I kind of have to wear a baseball cap but…

Kelly: That’s it?

Dan: Yeah, that’s it.

Kelly: Do you kind of wish you had those magic powers to make people disappear that were like, you know … photographing you?

Regis: Like the two of us right now? (Laughter)

Dan: Not really, no.

Kelly: Now, you know, of all the Harry Potter books I’ve read, the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite.

Dan: Yeah, it is definitely.

Kelly: I think it’s the greatest one!

Dan: It’s thrilling.

Kelly: And was it the most fun to make?

Dan: Yeah, I mean, I think, what I love about the book is that it doesn’t …all the other books use Voldemort as the, kind of, main source of fear but the third one doesn’t. It’s really different and it’s, you know, it a really… it’s quite a scary film. But have you seen it?

Kelly: No, I haven’t seen the movie yet.

Dan: Oh, you’ll love it!

Kelly: You know I can’t wait! I’m very excited!

Dan: But not yet. So, yeah, no. It was great fun for me. It was awesome.

Regis: So, there are like five books, right?

Dan: Yeah, so far.

Regis: Will you make the fourth, do you think?

Dan: I’ve already started.

Regis: Oh, you’ve already started the fourth? Wow! And the fifth?

Dan: Oh that’s about a year away.

Regis: Aren’t we getting a little old to play little Harry Potter? (Dan laughs)

Kelly: No! He’s the same age! He is the same age as the character in the book.

Regis: Harry Potter was a little boy and suddenly he’s big Daniel Radcliffe, weight lifter! (More laughter) But it must be a thrill, huh, to get into a character like this? Wow.

Dan: Yeah. It’s great. It’s fantastic.

Regis: Now Richard Harris was the headmaster, right? And he passed on. So now you’ve got a wonderful actor in there. I’ve seen him on Broadway.

Dan: Michael Gambon

Regis: Is it Michael Gambone?

Dan: Michael Gambon (Correcting Regis’ pronounciation)

Regis: Gambon, yeah. Boy, he’s terrific!

Dan: Yeah. He’s fantastic!

Regis: Who are the other people in the movie?

Dan: You’ve got Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, um…Timothy Spall, Emma Thompson, I think are the main ones.

Regis: And Julie Christie too?

Dan: And Julie Christie also but I didn’t…

Regis: Wow, this is some cast you’ve got, huh?

Dan: Yeah, I know. They’re amazing.

Kelly: Oh, they’re an amazing cast, I mean, really.

Dan: Really to work with… I got, I was lucky enough to work with Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Timothy Spall and Emma all in the same room at the same time and it was just like the most amazing experience I ever had.

Kelly: Right

Dan: It was…other than the Relly awards, of course. (Kelly laughs)

Regis: That’s right. (Looking proud) Thank you so much for that! We’re gonna pause and come back with Daniel in a moment.

Commercial break.

Regis: Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter to you, got another new movie coming out. And all these stunts that you have to do, you know, for the plot. Anything ever really frighten you a little bit?

Dan: Not really. I mean, Quidditch isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, really but…it’s great fun and the stunt team who work on the films are amazing. They’re really really brilliant.

Regis: So they’ve got young fellows pinch hitting for you.

Dan: They’ve got David Holmes who’s 19. He’s a really amazing gymnast and he’s the same height as me. And then there’s Tolga who’s also like the nicest guy as well. And they’re sort of like stunt doubles to us. And anything that like they think I’m incapable of, which is a lot of things (Laughter), then either Tolga and David will do it.

Kelly: But is there any on set romances going on? Anything going on between you and Emma? Because we want to know! (Laughter)

Dan: Not really. Emma is like a sister to me really more than anything else. I mean, we’re just really really good friends.

Kelly: Oh come off it!

Dan: I know. That’s really boring. But, I know, it’s true.

Regis: You’re fourteen but Harry Potter has not had a on screen romance.

Dan: That’s the next film. That’s the fourth one.

Kelly: Yeah, I know. You can tell something’s going on. Something is going to happen.

Regis: Oh I bet you’re looking forward to that!

Dan: Absolutely! (Laughter)

Regis: Do you have a girlfriend?

Dan: No.

Regis: No?

Dan: Unfortunately no.

Regis: No. You don’t want a girlfriend! You’re too young right?

Dan: No!!! (Laughter)

Regis: But you’re ready.

Dan: Yeah, absolutely.

Kelly: He’s gotta narrow it down. You’ve got to play the field right now. You’ve got.. you know.

Dan: Okay. Great. Yeah.

Kelly: I was thinking a young royal. What do you think?

Dan: Um

Kelly: A young royal! That would be very nice.

Dan: I don’t know how the royal family would feel about that.

Regis: Oh, they’d love it!

Kelly: You’re a wizard, Harry! (Laughter)

Regis: Let’s take a look at a clip now from this latest movie. In this scene, you meet and ride a half eagle breed, known as a Hippogriff, is that right?

Dan: That’s right.

Regis: Take a look at this

Scene: Care of Magical Creatures Class – Harry meets and rides Buckbeak.

Regis: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban opens Friday June 4th in theatres everywhere. Daniel, so good to see you again. Take care of yourself and good luck to you. (Shakes Dan’s hand)

Kelly: Yes, great to see you! (Shakes Dan’s hand)

Regis: Daniel Radcliffe. We’ll be right back.

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