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by ClaireJul 23, 2008

Daniel guest-starred on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly earlier this morning to promote December Boys.

Channel (Country): NBC (USA)

Original Air Date: 4 September 2007


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Transcribed by Estelle for DanRadcliffe.com

Regis: “Now here he comes, best known as everybody’s favourite wizard Harry Potter. Now starring in the new film December Boys opening September 14, here’s Daniel Radcliffe”

Regis amongst screaming audience: “Daniel how are you? Good to see you.”

Daniel: “Good to see you too.”

Kelly amongst still screaming audience: “Hello, how are you?”

Daniel: “Very well thank you”

Kelly: “Daniel I like the hair cut.”

Daniel: “Thanks very much”

Kelly: “It looks good”

Regis: “Well by God Daniel looks more and more like when I found Gellman thirty years ago. Just like him.”

Kelly: “IT is a very interesting transformation happening before our very eyes.”

Regis: “yeah, We just had Daniel on the show a couple of months ago”

Kelly: “Yeah of course.”

Regis: “And since then you’ve turned 18 years of age. How did we celebrate that monumental birthday?”

Daniel: “Well actually I did something that will interest nobody here, in that I went to a cricket match. And I was there, now just put your hand up if you know what that is!”

(Kelly and several audience members raise their hands)

Kelly: “I know what cricket is”

Daniel: “Ok, great, very good, excellent. And so I was just there with a guy I’ve known since I was five years old”

Kelly: “But cricket matches don’t they last days on end”

Daniel: “Some do. Some you can play for five days and don’t get a result.”

Regis: “You know I played my first game of cricket this summer”

Daniel: “Oh really”

Regis: “Out on Long Island at Henry Slates house”

Kelly: “That was croquette”

Regis: “Oh croquette, OLD, OLD”

(Regis is referring to the birthday card he showed earlier someone sent to him that said the word OLD in large letters)

Kelly: “I’ll tell you why you made that mistake. I’m going to tell you right now and this means that you are young, young. I told you that Waukeem played a game called cricket-croquette and that’s where you put it in your head.”

Regis: “Is that right!”

Kelly: “That’s correct SIR! You are a genius.”

Regis: “Yeah but I’ve got another question for you. Who’s Waukeem?”

(turning back to Daniel)

Regis: “So you played cricket.”

Daniel: “No I haven’t played”

Kelly: “He watched”

Regis: “No you went to a match. Yes, of course.”

Daniel: “So I watched that and then in the evening I just went out with some friends and had a party”

Regis: “Uh-huh. In England or here?”

Daniel: “In England. Yeah, I was back in England for my birthday.”

Regis: “Fine, so the last time you were here you didn’t know the outcome of the final Harry Potter book.”

Daniel: “No”

Regis: “Now of course it’s been released and can we mention that?”

Daniel: “Well I don’t think so. I mean I don’t think it’s a good idea to say what happens.”

Kelly: “Yeah cause not everyone’s read it yet”

Daniel: “Not everyone’s read it yet, I have.”

Kelly: “But what did you think?”

Daniel: “I loved it. I don’t know how we’re going to make it into a film. It’s massive but that’s the challenge. I think it should be really exciting to do.”

Kelly: “And what’s the fan feedback?”

Daniel: “So far it’s been great. I tried not to talk about it with any body until I’d read it. Because I was out at the cricket I really didn’t get a chance to start reading it until later.”

Regis: “How long was that cricket?”

Daniel: “Five days.”

Regis: “Oh, ok. FIVE DAYS !!!”

Daniel: “Yeah”

Regis: “Oh wow!”

Daniel: “Yeah so I didn’t get, I was just terrified cause after the second day the book came out and every where you looked some one had a copy of it. And I was just constantly running away from people in case some one told me the ending.”

Regis: “Yeah, sure, sure.”

Kelly: “I gave the book to my son as a present because we got our hands on a copy and it’s such a rare thing to actually get one. And I woke up that morning to him reading; he’d skipped through the entire book and just read the last chapter.”

Regis: “Oh no.”

Daniel: “No”

Kelly: “Can you imagine! ”

Daniel: “That’s terrible. My Grandmother does that and I think it’s disgusting.”

Kelly: “It’s awful. It’s the worst thing. I said you cheated yourself out of the entire book.”

Daniel: “Yeah, although I mean that’s the great thing about the book, particularly the ending and I’m not going to give anything away, if you just read the last chapter it really doesn’t give much away. I think that was part of the purpose of the last chapter was to foil the plan of the people who turn to the back of the books first.”

Regis (in a very poor British accent): “I just love the way he talks. We’ll be back in just a moment.”

(commercial break)

(comes back from commercial to a clip of Daniels’ first appearance on the show:

Regis: There are more Harry Potter films coming out, right? How many more?

Daniel: “Basically I’m just doing the first two for now and we’ll see how it goes from there.”

Regis: “Very smart… What, are they gonna up with another Harry”)

Regis: “Daniel Radcliffe, way back in November 23, 2001. And that was 6 years, 7 years, no six years ago.”

Daniel: “6 years, yeah”

Kelly: “12 years old”

Regis: “12 years old he was then and now of course 18. ”

Kelly: “More importantly who was the librarian seated to your left?”

Regis: “I don’t know?”

Kelly: “That was me!”

Regis: “that was you?”

Kelly: “Yes, any ways, never mind”

Regis: “Boy have you changed. Uh, done alright for yourself. Ok, so now listen this is the first movie I think you’ve made since…”

Daniel: “since starting Harry it’s the first one I’ve done”

Regis: “Gosh, it’s been years since you’ve been able to play another person.”

Daniel: “Yeah”

Kelly: “I wonder was that scary walking onto a set maybe with crew members you didn’t know, actors you didn’t know. That you weren’t as familiar with.”

Daniel: “Yeah, it was scary in as much as you always feel that there’s a certain stereotype that surrounds people who start acting when they are younger. And you just think, Oh God everyone’s expecting this sort of petulant teenage brat. And hopefully he didn’t arrive. But it was just one of those thing where you sort of feel, Oh God I wonder what they’re thinking of me before I’ve got there. But that was what was great about the crew, they didn’t seem to have any of those preconceptions. Which I’m thankful for that.”

Regis: “Well it’s called December Boys. It’s about four orphan boys who are competing during one summer.”

Daniel: “Yep”

Regis: “So they can stay permanently with this particular couple.”

Daniel: “With the family yeah.”

Regis: “So you felt good in this?”

Daniel: “Yeah!”

Regis: “You liked it. A nice departure for you.”

Daniel: “It was. It was a weird thing because Harry’s someone who always wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s all about his emotion and the plot is communicated through his dialogue. But with Maps, he doesn’t talk much for like the first 25 minutes of the film. He doesn’t actually say a great deal. And so the challenge was just to be able to communicate the same amount but by saying less which was quite a lot of fun. I also got to film in Australia which was great.”

Kelly: “Hey yeah, beautiful.”

Regis: “Here’s a clip we have now. You and the other boys are gonna find out which one of you may get adopted.”

(cut to movie clip:
Maps: “It’s time to come clean”
Misty: “Get off me! My arm can’t break”
Spark: “Tell us all or we’ll flag ya”
Maps: “Devon, I wouldn’t want anything coming out of Spits mouth landing on my face”
Misty: “I’ll tell you. The McAnsh are going to adopt one of us. I swear”
Maps: “Let him up”
Spit: “Where, when?”
Misty: “I dunno. Before we leave. They’re gonna choose which one of us they like best.”
Maps: “Why would they want us? We’re too old.”
Spark: “Speak for yourself.”
Spit: “We’re not as old as you are.”)

Regis: “December Boys opens on September 14. Daniel thank you very much. Good luck with everything.”

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