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Pop quiz for Dan's Birthday

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

by ClaireJul 23, 2008

Today is Daniel Radcliffe’s 19th birthday! We at would like to wish him a very happy day. Soon he will be embarking on his Broadway journey; and Half-Blood Prince will hit the theaters before we know it. Lots of great things are on the horizon for the remainder of this year!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank him very much for his generosity, understanding and patience with us (the fans), as we fans can well be a handful (even if we do have the best intentions)!  Embarassed

Today I am introducing a new site design; one that is lighter and faster (or should be) for everyone. This grand opening is only the beginning to what will follow later this year. With this release, readers will actually be able to become a “member” of the website — giving them member profiles, private messaging abilities and more. To read more about how to do this, and what that means, click on the read more link below.

I hope you all enjoy the new site, and will continue to enjoy it as we grow and add on to our existing features for all of you. Thanks very much to Tania for helping out with the banner. And, as always, thanks very much to everyone for your support over the years. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Tomorrow I will be posting the birthday project with the final tally and updates, so stay tuned for that!

P.S. I forgot to mention a few other “new” things in this design — like the new, very powerful search capabilities, some inner page face-lifts (like the Bio page) and features, RSS Feed upgrade, drop down menu system up top, a much better cataloging system for all news (which was painstakingly moved over from the old system page by page and broken apart), and the new commenting system that allows you to keep track of news post comment updates via e-mail update or RSS feed — and you can vote on other comments (you can comment without being a “member” if you wish BTW).

So you want to be a Member, eh? What does that really mean though?

After you have created an account by clicking on the customer login button on the top right corner of the site, you need to make sure you check your e-mail and/or SPAM folder. Before your account will be active you must click on the activation link.

Once you are an active member of you can login any time, or click on the remember me button to stay logged in (unless you clear your cookies — then you have to login again).

What if you forget your username or password?

No problem. Just click on either the “Forgot username” or “Forgot password” links in the login box and the system will automatically e-mail your username or password.

So what now? I am a member — what does that mean?

Becoming a member entitles you to special content, features and promotions that only registered members have access to. You also have an additional menu section below our main navigation that will only display when you are logged in. You will also be able to see how many other people are on the site and which members are logged in (currently – at this moment – there are exactly 402 visitors — this changes every minute).

These menus will contain all of the extra features for our members. If at any time you forget how something works you can always refer back to our Member FAQ page, which has a link in the Member Menu that you can access once logged into the system.

Member Profile

All members have their own “Member Profile”. Here you can change your password, e-mail, name, and time zone. Soon we will be adding more functionality to this profile page – so keep a watch out!

Commenting System

Members will be automatically logged into our newly coded commenting system, which will save time when entering comments. Members also have the ability to track comments via e-mail when they want to know if someone has commented on a certain news item. Your e-mail address is never shown to anyone. You have the option to follow a news item’s comments or not. Not only that, our new system allows you to vote on other people’s comments as well!

Private Messaging System

All members also have the ability to Private Message other registered members here at This is great for those of you who like to discuss news topics posted here when you’d rather take things “offline” from the actual comments and just have a conversation amongst yourselves. PMs are not moderated – please be aware.

You can access the PM system in the Member Messaging section navigation once you have logged in. To see your messages click on the Inbox link. To send a message click on the “send a new message” link. You may also send new messages, delete or view sent messages from within the Inbox area.

Please play nice. Members who abuse their privileges will be banned if this feature is used inappropriately. In other words — do unto others…or we’ll do unto you.

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