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by ClaireJul 23, 2008
Production Information

Channel (Country):

E! (USA)

Original Air Date:

28 May 2004

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:

Interview with Dan.


Transcribed by Joy for

Female Announcer: Muggles are back for a third go-‘round in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Male Announcer: Our Jodi Ross goes one-on-one . . . with Harry.

Jodi: Do you get to have a life in all this, Daniel? Is there time?

Dan: Yes, absolutely.

Jodi: Yes?

Dan: Yeah. It’s really not . . . I mean, people think that my life will have changed loads, but it really hasn’t. It’s really kind of like what it was before, pretty much—but with a bit more attention. I mean . . . It’s really no big deal at all.

(shot of Dan at New York PoA premiere with lots of screaming fans)

Announcer: Oh, but what a big deal it is! Daniel Radcliffe, the 14 year-old brainchild behind Harry’s specs is a superstar in London, and everywhere else for that matter. He’s Britain’s second richest teenager….  His favorite t.v. show is The Simpsons. (shot of The Simpsons)… He likes to jam to U2 and REM (shot of both bands)… and aside from all that cash, it’s typical stuff for a not-so-typical teenager. (more premiere shots)

Jodi: And what about school and just doing normal, you know, 14-year-old things?

Dan: Yeah. I still go to school. I go to school between movies, and then when I’m on set, I do 3 hours of tutoring max. Ah, no . . if only it was 3 hours a day maximum . . . it’s 3 hours a day minimum, 5 hours a day maximum.

Jodi: Do you get time to, you know, play ball . . . or read . . .

Dan: Yeah . . . I’m getting to be a quite big reader now.  I don’t, um . . . I’m a bit bad at sports. I can run—I can run like hell! But I’m not really good at sports. My coordination’s awful.

(shot of Cuaron directing a scene)

Jodi: Is it physically exhausting, mentally exhausting to play Harry?

(various behind-the-scenes shots from PoA)

Dan: Not really . . . After 11 months you kind of start to get a bit tired, but, you know, for the most part, I have got quite a lot of, an abnormal amount of energy.

(shot of Harry taking off on Buckbeak)

Announcer: Daniel puts plenty of energy into playing Harry—a character he has come to really understand over the years.

Jodi: Do you find that he is similar to the way your life changed between 12 and 13?

Dan: It’s the way everyone’s life changes between 12 and 13. They all go through similar emotions—everyone does, I think. I think I’ve gone through the same emotions as absolutely everyone has when they’re 12 and 13—Harry included.

(shot of Harry trying to learn the Patronus Charm)

Harry: Expecto Patronum!

Male Announcer: All that, and it’s fun to see.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban opens next week

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