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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
Production Information

Channel (Country):

www.tvstar.ch (Switzerland)

Original Air Date:

July 2007

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:


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Online interview with Dan, promoting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



Transcribed by Estelle for DanRadcliffe.com.

Host: “Um, do you get, in the sense that do you get to read the next book ( Daniel starts to shake his head no) for instance before other people”

Daniel (smiling): “No”

Host: “how does that work”

Daniel: “Not at all, no, nothing like that ever occurs, we’re not given, um, we’re not given hints”

Host: “yeah”

Daniel: “we’re not, no nothing, we don’t, we’re not allowed to see the new book unfortunately”

Host: “but how is your relationship with JK Rowling in the sense that, um, do you have a friendship with her? Do you ever discuss the character with her at all?”

Daniel: “definitely, I mean, you know, I had a really great chat with her for about an hour on the fifth film when she came to the set one day and I was able to, you know, really talk to her about what I felt about Harry and you know, sorta say, ‘I feel this…’ and I was very cautious because sort of we, but, but, you know, ‘what do you think Jo’, because you know she did write him, so yeah, but no we have a very good relationship and she’s always been nothing but supportive to me personally and to the films.”

Host: “Absolutely, but being part of the Harry potter life can be overwhelming as I am sure you have felt in your life. How much do you in your personal life try to distance yourself from the information about Harry potter”

Daniel: “I don’t read anything. I don’t, if I, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of television interviews in these past few days, if I go home and put the telly, television on and if it’s on there I’ll just switch over immediately. You know, I just completely take, you know, while I’m at home I’m just me and I’m not anything to do with the films so I just, I completely just distance myself from anything that’s written. And cause that way, if you read what’s written about you, you can be seriously, um, troubled by it I think.”

Host: “Yes, its, its quite disturbing because the information is overwhelming. So who do you discuss your career choices with, like the theatre play Equus this year, etc, who’s the ”

Daniel: “well obviously my parents and my agent and um, but you know the choices I make are very much my own, you know, and I know I’ve got a fantastic group of people around me who will support me in what ever I do. You know, they will always be honest with me but, you know, in Equus they were totally supportive throughout the whole thing you know. And we were all confident with Equus and despite all the things in the press, all the people saying ‘oh, this is the end of his career, this is a huge mistake’, we sort of, you know, we had enough confidence to think, this is a really good idea and a really good thing to do so we didn’t particularly, you know, listen to them.”

(both laugh)

Host: “well this interview is also going to air on Canal Plus in France and they’ve asked me to ask you some questions that I was wondering about”

Daniel: “ok”

Host: “one is about the anti-Christian movement that some people think that Harry potter has a little bit of this anti-Christian feel.”

(Daniel half laughs half gasps at this comment)

Host: “Have you ever heard that there were this anti-potter movement

Daniel: “I dunno,”

Host: “that has to do with the religion”

Daniel: “well you know, I mean, personally, I think you know that anything that um, gets kids into reading is fantastic and uh which Harry potter has done without you know, there is no doubt that Harry potter has done that! Anything that has, you know been, I don’t see how people can say that it’s a bad thing, you know.

Host: “certainly”

Daniel: “It involves magic and it involves us fighting evil, you know, which is portrayed in this devilish creature of Voldemort. So you know, religion and Harry potter have nothing to do with each other in my mind. But um, you know if anything the messages that are coming out of it are supremely good and I don’t see how anybody could disagree with them personally.”

Host: “now too, I was very surprised and I started Googling it and there was this woman called Carrie Matriciano that has, she was on trial to keep the Harry potter books from being shown in the school of her children ”

Daniel: “really, that was her name Carrie Matriciano?”

Host: “yeah Matriciano something like that”

Daniel: “ok great!”

Host: “did you hear about that”

Daniel: “no I didn’t but I shall be very interested to Google that, yes”

Host: “it, it, it’s quite bazaar how people can interpret a book in a way. Were you ever asked about things like that? Were you ever approached and anything that occurred to you?”

Daniel: “Awhile ago on the first film there was a bit of mention of it and I actually, I was out of, I was just out, out one evening and somebody who I had known, and acquaintance I had sorta know really for a while started talking about it and she really, she felt that Harry potter did teach witch craft to people and I was just so on the point of saying ‘but its not real, it’s a film’ you know, I mean there are films all the time that come out with, you know, gratuitous violence and killing and all sorts of things and you know no one ever hears, you know, raise those sort of issues with them so I don’t know why you’d target Harry potter”

Host: “absolutely, I find it really bazaar. Moving on to your co-actors Emma and Rupert”

Daniel: “yes”

Host: “you guys spending so much time together, how does that translate into your personal life? Are you able to sustain a friendship or ”

Daniel: “oh yeah definitely”

Host: “or is the world of Harry potter too ”

Daniel: “oh no, no we get on me Rupert and Emma get on really, really well. You know, we don’t , we don’t see each other a huge amount in between films because we see each other so much when we’re doing the films, um, so yeah we get on really well and I think that does translate, there are specific scenes in this film where I really think you see that friendship translate onto the scene”

Host: “um absolutely, thank you so much Daniel”

Daniel shaking hands: “thank you very much indeed”

Host: “good to talk to you, thank you”

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