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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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9 July 2007

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Interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint to promote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

NOTE: Transcript below reflects Dan’s portion of the interview only.



Transcribed by Estelle for

Daniel: “Hello everybody I’m Daniel Radcliffe.  I’m here in London England promoting the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

Male fan: “ I want to ask Daniel, this new movie the trailer looks like there’s a lot of fight scenes, a lot of action. I want to know what kind of training did you have to go through to get ready for your parts?”

Daniel: “It wasn’t too tough for me. I keep fit and healthy and the fight sequence at the end of the film is absolutely phenomenal. It’s the fight sequence that everybody has sort of wanted to see between Dumbledore and Voldemort”

Female fan: “I was just wondering what the Department of Mysteries is gonna look like on film because it was really awesome in the book.”

Daniel: “the Department of Mysteries is really cool because if you think of it, particularly the Hall of Prophecies there was absolutely nothing there. In reality there was this floor and the rest of it was green screen. So when you look a that set and realise the whole thing is visual effects its absolutely amazing.”

Female fan: “Daniel, I know you had your first on screen kiss in the Order of the Phoenix, can you tell us a little bit about it?”

Daniel: “people, you know, all those fantastic sort of kissing scenes you see in films must always be very sexy to film, but they’re really not. They’re quite clinically done. It’s not as exciting as what you would imagine.”

Daniel: “I hope you enjoy the film when you see it.”

Host: “thank you to Dan for answering those questions. They’re gonna answer more questions as I’m sure you’ve got a lot more questions on the mind”

Male fan: “ In Harry Potter who’s got the best dressing room?”

Daniel: “The best of all the dressing rooms goes to Rupert. It’s sorta like a games room. (he’s gotta a pool table, a ping pong table) and a dart board (and he has loads of video games) an x-box a play station as well (a big screen TV and he’s always got really good food) I think his win definitely hands down”

Female fan: “Hello Daniel, Emma and Rupert. I was just wondering which one of you is going to get down and boogie at the premier party?””

Daniel: “(the premiere party is gonna be pretty cool, I dunno if I’ll get on the dance floor…occasionally I might persuade Dan to come on the dance floor) I can’t see Rupert dancing and I certainly can’t see myself dancing. Emma’s probably good at the kind of dancing that’s popular now (she’s kinda had lessons in dancing…the stunt guys on the set want me to like body puff and body riff; do you wanna see it (Emma give a dance example))”

Host: “We asked: why should people go and see the new movie?; check it out”

Daniel: “I think people should go and see this film because it has fantastic action fights in it, the effects are incredible in this film (it’s a lot darker, it’s a lot more of an intense thing…if you like being scared then this is the film you wanna go and see) everybody has taken a step up in terms of the acting (we have some new characters…we have Gwarp, brand new character never seen before…Umbridge) I personally think this film has taken a big leap forward from the others and is a film that stands on its own right rather than just being a good companion piece to the book (and you’ve got Harry Potter’s first kiss, that’s why everyone wants to see it, that’s why everyone gonna go)”

Hostess: “of course we’ve been talking about Harry Potter on TRL and when that hits theatres on Wednesday the mania will have officially begun. The cast was in LA last night working the red carpet. Now they’ve already held premiere in Japan and London making this the biggest global Harry Potter roll out ever and what’s so special this time out? Well the cast tells us it’s the story and that everyone’s all grown up, take a look”

Red carpet interview: “(you’d think by number 5 people would be like ‘Oh yeah another Harry Potter film who cares but it’s just bigger) It’s allot darker (more intense, more complex, more real….its allot more grown up as well) one of the main issues is the performances. A lot of people have taken a big step up in this one and I think people will really, I hope they’ll really, really respond to that. “

David Yates: “it’s a world everyone feels they know but it was time to grow it up a bit. To mature it. I think the audience will be ready for that because, you know, they’ve gotten older as the movies have gotten older and so it’s time to take a few darker turns with these stories.”

Daniel: “they’re brilliant stories and they’re told well (its my favourite of the five, Azkaban was my favourite but now this one is….these movies are juggernauts)”

Host: “anyway, that’s all the news for today”

Daniel TRL exclusive: “Hello everybody watching on TRL. I’m Daniel Radcliffe and I’m here to present you with a clip you’ve all been waiting for Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix. It doesn’t come out for another couple of days but I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.”

(sneak peek scene is the one where Dudley goats on Harry and then the Dementors show up)
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