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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
Production Information

Channel (Country):

syndicated (USA)

Original Air Date:

10 November 2005

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:

Dan made a guest appearance on this talk show to promote Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Transcribed by Estelle for

Meredith Vieira: “The next instalment of the Harry Potter Series tells the story of Harry’s battle against older rivals in a Triwizard Tournament, a confrontation with his old nemesis Lord Voldemort and his first crush.”

(Cut to scene of Harry asking Cho to the ball)

Meredith: “AW, Daniel Radcliffe, Good Morning Daniel”

Daniel Radcliffe: “Good Morning”

Meredith: “It’s nice to see you again!”

Daniel: “It’s nice to see you too”

(as camera pans back we see 4 people sitting at a table. Daniel on the left, on his left a young boy. Across from Daniel the host. To her right 2 young girls)

Meredith: “It’s great to have you here. We’re also excited, we have three big Harry Potter fans; Marissa who’s 10.”

Marissa: “Hi”

Daniel: “Hello”

Meredith: “Emma who’s 9”

Emma only waves

Meredith: “and Luke who is 7 years old. And they’re going to be able to ask some questions of you”

Daniel: “Cool”

Meredith: “But first it’s my turn. Is that ok you guys?”

Kids: “yeah”

Meredith: “This is kinda cool isn’t it? Sitting next to Daniel slash Harry Potter. So first of all let me ask you about this move because as with the book, this is probably darker”

Daniel: “Yeah”

Meredith: “darker than ones in the past, um, this is rated PG-13”

(everyone looks behind them at a sound off camera)

Meredith: “Oh a candle wax just dropped. Oohhhh, (kids laugh) Pg-13 rather than PG. How do you think Harry Potter fans will respond to that? Are you worried about alienating some of the younger fans Daniel?”

Daniel: “Not really, the thing is, let me get something straight, PG-13 means that they can see it with an adult right?”

Meredith: “Right”

Daniel; “Is that right?”

Meredith: “Right, yes, yes, Parental Guidance Recommended of kids over 13”

Daniel: “OH!”

Meredith: “or under 13 rather”

Daniel: “with kids in England if you’re under 12 you have to have a parent with you so ultimately it’s up to the parent and I think some kids, you know, at the age of 5, 6 or 7 will be able to cope with it fine. (looking over to Luke) I’m sure, you look pretty tough, I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

Meredith: “As do my friends over on this side of the table”

Daniel: “(gesturing to the girls) and you as well. We’re all tough around this table. But there will be some kids who are maybe 10 who would not be quite so resilient and so they’d be slightly more sensitive. I was a very sensitive child and I got scared in Jumanji. (laughter) So you know I would have been frightened by them. It is a scary film but I think, you know, the hard core Harry Potter fans would have been really, really angry I think if we hadn’t got as PG-13

Meredith: “Right”

Daniel: “because, um, It would have meant we wouldn’t have”

Meredith: “Right, it is dark”

Daniel: “Right, exactly”

Meredith: “and it should be darker in the movie version”

Daniel: “right so we’re just being faithful to that.”

Meredith: “Tell me a little, I mean, your character; it’s so fun for me because I was interviewing you when you first came on board as Harry Potter and it’s fun to watch you; all of you, Rupert and Emma and you kinda grow up kinda before our eyes. In a way is that kinda, tell us, is that tough for you at all Daniel? Because now you’re 16 years old”

Daniel: “yeah”

Meredith: “You were how old when you began this odyssey”

Daniel: “11”

Meredith: “11, so um, as people what you mature, is it challenging for you or is it, I guess it must be perfectly fine because Harry matures during the course of the books. ”

Daniel: “Yeah, no, I mean in a way its actually ‘cause I’m slightly older than Harry is in the, the, the films I’m doing. I’m 16, when I started the fourth film I was 14 but now I am 16 so it gave me a quite good perspective on the character. I can look back on what I was like when I was 14 because, you know, you change allot from 14 to 16, so I can look back on how I was then and use some of that for a more objective view.”

Meredith: “and are you going through some of the things Harry’s going through? I mean”

Daniel: “Oh, not quite so horrible”

Meredith: “I mean he’s interested in girls”

Daniel: “Oh yes, obviously, yeah of course. (Daniel starts to stammer as he looks away) You know any, you know, I, I ,I would be, its um, yeah, I think any”

Meredith (laughing): “You just start talking about girls and you’re flustered”

Daniel: “yeah I know (laughter) you see you’ve thrown me. But any boy who goes from sorta 11 to 16 goes through loads of the changes that happen, that Harry goes through. (show scene of asking Cho to the ball) I mean obviously Harry has it allot harder than everyone else does in the world pretty much ‘cause he has to, you know, people are constantly trying to kill him.”

Meredith: “I took my girls and I think that this movie visually is just so sensational and gorgeous and it was a bit scary but I thought it was fantastic”

Daniel: “how old are your… 14 and”

Meredith: “9, well my 14 year old has a total crush on you, so she is like (rolls her eyes and looks to camera) sorry Ellie, she’s at school thankfully and my 9 year old actually tolerated it quite well.”

Daniel: “oh well cool.”

Meredith: “but enough about me and (putting arms around Marissa) my kids. Marissa what was you’re question for Daniel?”

Marissa: “well um, in the graveyard in the fourth book that’s a pretty scary scene”

Daniel: “yeah”

Marissa: “ Do you ever get scare when you’re making the movies?”

Daniel: “Well you see normally it’s fine because normally you always see the, the crews there and you’re always reminding yourself that it’s just a film. But Ralph Fiennes, who’s the man who plays Voldemort, has these mad scary eyes”

Meredith: “Oh, I know they are really creepy”

Daniel: “and they sort of draw you into his eyes and just make you think that it is just you and him and he’s gonna try and murder you. (camera shows Marissa’s surprised look) So it’s very, very scarry”

Meredith: “and Emma we’re almost out of time, I liked Emma’s sign outside. It said, ‘Daniel inspires me’”

Daniel: “Oh fantastic”

Meredith: “What was your question real quick”

Emma: “Did you have fun with the new actors that weren’t in the other movies?”

Daniel: “Yeah it was great having, because it keeps us all, you know, it keeps the films fresh and it keeps us all, you know, it just, when new people come on board like with a new director it all livens it up so, no, its great fun”

Meredith: “Well and um, Luke you’re gonna talk to him about, ah Daniel, about the tree, the willow and how that was made”

Daniel: “oh”

Meredith: “but you’re going to have to do that during the commercial. Is that ok?”

Luke shrugging: “yeah OK”

(everyone laughs)

Daniel: “I’ll still tell you everything”

Meredith: “Yeas, exactly. Well Daniel Radcliffe so great to see you”

Daniel: “Thank you very much (as he extends his hand to shake the host’s) it was nice to see you again”

Meredith: “thanks for coming by”

Meredith: “and kids thank you for your assistance this morning”

Daniel shake hands with each kid: “thanks guys”

Meredith: “by the way ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ opens in theatres a week from Friday”

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