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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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9 July 2007

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Interview with Dan to promote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



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Jay Leno: “Alright, my first guest is the star of the Harry Potter movies. The fifth film in the series is called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It comes out this Wednesday July 11. Please welcome Daniel Radcliffe!”

(audience goes into an actual screaming frenzy which lasts almost a full minute!)

Jay (over audience screams and whistles): “Well welcome”

Daniel: “Thank you very much”

Jay: “Did you expect all this?”

Daniel: “No its wonderful”

Jay: “They’ve waited a long time for you ”

Daniel: “oh really, thank you, thank you very much indeed”

Jay: “Now obviously you have a lot of fans and most people know where you’re from; but now you were born where and raised where?”

Daniel: “Um, I was born in St. Charlotte’s Hospital in London (laughter)”

Jay: “in London”

Daniel: “yes, that was the main thing you were asking, the city rather than the exact hospital.”

Jay: “right, right” (more laughter)

Daniel: “um, yeah London all my life really”

Jay: “ok”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “now big family, small family”

Daniel: “small family”

Jay: “ok”

Daniel: “it’s me, my mum, my dad and 2 dogs which are essentially family. ”

Jay: “yep, that would be family”

Daniel: “I’ve essentially got cousins, aunts, uncles”

Jay: “right”

Daniel: “but in our immediate family no brothers or sisters”

Jay: “no, but the dogs, in England ”

Daniel: “they’re like people”

Jay: “animals are very important, dogs then cousins”

Daniel: “(laughing) no, no , no, no I wouldn’t put it”

Jay: “be honest, be honest”

Daniel: “I am being honest. I would say my cousins come before my dogs but it’s a, it’s a close thing I suppose. I see my dogs more than my cousins.” (laughter)

Jay: “ok, so dogs second cousins?”

Daniel: “dogs would be second cousins alright I, ok fine yes.” (laughter)

Jay: “alright”

Daniel: “I’m glad we’ve established that”

Jay: “now are your parents in show business?”

Daniel: “not, I mean, I suppose yes in a way. My dad was a literary agent ”

Jay: “ok”

Daniel: “so he was an agent for writers and directors but then he, he gave that up to chaperone me”

Jay: “ok”

Daniel: “and look after me on the set. And my Mum is still a casting director but she didn’t cast Harry Potter” (laughter)

Jay: “no, ok”

Daniel: “I’d like to make that perfectly clear”

Jay: “see what they say in Hollywood, ‘My Mom was a casting director but I had to audition like everyone else and got the part.”

Daniel: “oh alright yeah”

Jay: “see that’s what they say here”

Daniel: “should I try that now?”

Jay: “try that now, yeah”

Daniel very seriously: “My Mum is a casting director but I had to audition like everyone else and I got the part”

Jay: “there, excellent, excellent” (audience breaks into loud applause)

Daniel: “now that’s acting, that’s acting”

Jay: “yes that is acting, that was quite, I actually believed you”

Daniel laughing: “excellent, good, fantastic”

Jay: “now you turn 18 soon”

Daniel: “2 weeks yeah”

(audience begins to hoot again)

Jay: “wow, so now, wow so that’s” (someone in audience screams)

Daniel looking into audience: “thank you”

Jay: “is 18 like 21 is here?

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “How old do you have to be to drink in England?”

Daniel: “18”

Jay: “OH, 18, so now you gonna get Brittany and Lindsey and every body and just go crazy.”

Daniel: “Oh yeah man, we’re like that (as he holds up his crossed fingers), um, ”

Jay: “very well”

Daniel: “um, no, I mean I met Lindsay Lohan once, she seemed fine”

Jay: “of course she is”

Daniel: “I dunno, but um, but, but it’s um, I dunno hopefully my party isn’t something anyone will be reading about”

Jay: “right”

Daniel: “um, you know”

Jay: “something quiet”

Daniel: “something quiet”

Jay: “just the dogs and the cousins”

Daniel: “just the dogs and the cousins, (laughing) yeah”

Jay: “now you vote at 18 in England?”

Daniel: “you can vote at 18 as well yes, ”

Jay: “ok”

Daniel: “which is terribly exciting as you can imagine (said not so convincingly as everyone laughs)”

Jay: “are you gonna splurge? Are you gonna do something for yourself? Are you gonna just take a huge ton of dough and do some, buy a yacht”

Daniel: “dough, buy, make loads of bread?” (everyone laughs)

Jay: “no not that kinda dough.”

Daniel: “ok” (as everyone continues to laugh)

Jay: “here in America a load of dough would mean a lot of money”

Daniel: “oh, alright”

Jay: “a lot of cash”

Daniel: “ok, I’m with you now”

Jay: “a wad”

Daniel: “ok, cool, um yeah, no probably not. That’s the incredibly boring thing about me”

Jay: “really”

Daniel: “its one of the many boring things about me, is um, is I just, I don’t really do that kinda thing. Now if you’d had Rupert on here , I’m sorry you’ve missed out on that because he has a much better answer to that question because he’s bought an ice-cream van.”

Jay: “he bought an ice-cream van!”

Daniel: “yeah, which I think is the coolest purchase.”

Jay: “why? So you have ice-cream when ever you want it?”

Daniel: “well, no he does but he’s gonna bring it on to the set on the fourth film.”

Jay: “oh I see”

Daniel: “FOURTH FILM!!!! We’ve done five DAN!!!” (audience howls with laughter)

Jay: “that’s right”

Daniel: “jeez, that’s terrible”

Jay: “now do you have a car yourself?”

Daniel: “I don’t know, I’m uh, now that you mention, this is probably really going to offend you ‘cause I know you are really into cars”

Jay: “naw, I won’t be offended. It just leaves more cars for me” (laughter)

Daniel: “um, no I’ve not got a car. There was a rumour in one of the BASTION of truth in the newspapers, um, that we have in England um, which is the London Lite, which is a free paper and you really do get what you don’t pay for ” (laughter)

Jay: “right, right, The London Lite. I’ve never even heard of that one”

Daniel: “They actually had the most brilliant thing; one of the headline things actually, they said, they have on there it says ‘The ink will no longer come off on your fingers’ (he is laughing as he says this) at the top of the newspaper ‘cause that was what it use to be famous for. (looking out into the audience) OK, it wasn’t quite the funniest of the headlines give me a break here.”

Jay: “that’s right, but that works”

Daniel: “but um, they reported that I was getting a Fiat Punto. ”

Jay: “oh the little tiny ones”

Daniel: “yeah, and they also said that I’d been working with Fiat in order to find the perfect shade of environmentally friendly green. Now I don’t know how a color can be environmentally friendly. But yeah, and then they almost issued the same story apparently with another member of the cast. That was just ‘cause no one believed it.”

Jay: “oh, very well, but the ice-cream van I like”

Daniel: “the ice-cream van is really cool”

Jay: “yeah ”

Daniel: “I could get one of them”

Jay: “could you drive around ”

Daniel: “what we should do actually is all the people who are in Harry potter and work on it should all get our own ice-cream vans and just start a company” (he says this very seriously)

Jay: “ice-cream” (audience starts to laugh)

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “Hogwarts ice-cream”

Daniel: “yeah exactly. I’m sure we could think of a name, a better name, um”

(audience roars again)

Daniel : “but none the less”

Jay: “it’s a cool idea anyway. Look we’ll take a break. More with Daniel right after this”

(break for commercial)

Jay: “Welcome back, we’re talking with Daniel Radcliffe, better known as Harry Potter. Now you had a big day today.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “did you get your hands and feet in the in the Grauman’s Chinese”

Daniel: “it was amazing, it was really , it was just like, I don’t think any of us realized how big a deal it was until we actually got out there and saw the other names, it was like, John Wayne and Douglas Fairbanks, it was, it was like, it was incredible and it was actually one of those things where, you know we do a lot of promotions for the films and things but suddenly it became something completely different and we were all suddenly aware of how incredible this actually was and how lucky we were and it was , no it was a really amazing, it was slightly emotional; not that I’m anything but 100% macho but (laughter)”

Jay: “right”

Daniel: “um, but”

Jay: “I think it goes without saying”

Daniel: “exactly you know, but I , but I, it was, I, I, it was really amazing”

Jay while mimicking hands into cement: “you put your wands in as well?”

Daniel: “the wands yes, yes, that’s a dangerous innuendo”

(audience begins to scream as picture of Daniel, Rupert, Emma putting their hands into the walk of fame is shown on screen)

Jay: “oh there you are there.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “now I want to ask you about doing Equus. You were doing that in London. Show that photo now.” (audience erupts into screams again as one of the promo shots is shown)

Daniel: “yeah”

Jay: “now did you sorta do that with the nude scene to kind of counter act the Harry Potter image? Was that the thinking”

Daniel: “No, no”

Jay: “I mean it’s pretty risky to do”

Daniel: “yeah, that’s what everyone kept telling me.” (laughter)

Jay: “yeah”

Daniel: “um but no, it was one of those things where I think any 17 year old boy with aspirations of, to act for the rest of their lives um, if they were offered that part in that production being directed by Thea Sharrock and next to Richard Griffiths, you’ d be really stupid to say no! and um, its an amazing play and that was the reason for it. I don’t want to distance myself from Harry ‘cause I’m really proud of the films”

Jay: “yeah, yeah, no, no”

Daniel: “but yeah”

Jay: “but people might think”

Daniel: “yeah totally”

Jay: “at a young age a lot of guy might go ‘I don’t know if I’m ready for that’. I think you are the youngest almost to ever play it on stage. Most guys are in their twenties when they’re”

Daniel: “really are they!? Well that’s cool.”

Jay: “and was the theatre cold? I’m curious” (laughter)

Daniel: “it was very, very cold, um yes (Daniel give an upraised eye brow to the audience) um, but I talked, the person I talked to about that was actually Gary Oldman um, because, sorry I just dropped that name, ”

Jay: “yeah”

Daniel: “um, because I knew that he’d been naked on stage and so I said to him um, you know, what’s it like? And he said for the first night you’ll be terrified and the second night you’ll be terrified and after that you really won’t care.”

Jay: “oh yeah”

Daniel: “and you don’t. You become very easy about it, very quickly.”

Jay: “now was the paparazzi a problem at all?”

Daniel: “um, they were outside the theatre every single night.”

Jay: “yeah”

Daniel: “um, BUT! We came up with quite a cunning ruse, now you don’t hear that word on American television very much so treasure it! (laughter)”

Jay: “I’m willing to guess (pointing to the audience) they don’t know what it means” (huge laughter)

Daniel: “we, we, basically what we would do was um, I would wear the same outfit every single time with different t-shirts underneath but I’d wear the same jacket zip it up so they couldn’t see what I was wearing underneath and the same hat, so even, they could take photos for 6 months but it would look like the same day”

Jay: “oh I see”

Daniel: “um, so they became unpublishable; which was hilarious because there is nothing better than seeing paparazzi get really frustrated.” (laughter)

Jay: “would they yell at you, ‘wear something different’. ”

Daniel: “yeah, no, they did and there was actually one hysterical moment when I ended up, my ‘stage door outfit” as it was called ended up on one of the fashion bits in a newspaper. It was like an old dirty hat and a really, a jacket that had not been washed in ages and somehow it got me there. I was very proud ”

Jay: “well there you go, Now tell us about this movie, tell us what this one is about?”

Daniel: “this is, there are loads of things in this one actually, I’ll just give a vaguer answer next time, sorry. Um, no this is a film that I’m the most proud of , of all of the films we’ve actually done I, I, David Yates I think, to come into a franchise four films in having had 3 previous directors do them and suddenly to make it you’re own thing but also retain that continuity a remarkable achievement he’s done it, an amazing job and he’s back for 6 which is amazing.”

Jay: “oh cool, you also get your first kiss in this one.”

Daniel: “yeah, um, yeah, the first on screen kiss will be seen, yeah”

Jay: “will that be like being naked on stage or which of the two were more nervous”

Daniel: “no, no, no, no being naked on stage is much more terrifying”

Jay: “yeah” (audience awes)

Daniel: “I’m sorry its, the thing is about kissing every body expects them to be steamy and sexy and they’re just not, you know, its, its like doing any other scene, no matter, I mean Katie’s beautiful but its like you still gotta hit your marks and make sure you’re in the right light and do all of that stuff so”

Jay: “right”

Daniel: “it’s less exciting than people would imagine”

Jay: “but its better than making fish and chips”

Daniel: “YEAH!, yeah it is definitely ”

Jay: “yeah exactly, exactly”

Daniel: “yeah, yeah, I’m not complaining”

Jay: “its not all work, it can’t be all just drudgery kissing this woman”

Daniel: “oh my god I have to kiss so many beautiful women its such a hardship, um”

(a flat screen TV comes up behind them)

Jay: “Now tell us”

Daniel (surprised by the TV’s appearance): “Oh my God” (huge laughter)

Jay: “never seen this before? Welcome to America look at that eh! The age we live in!”

(Jay pushes the buttons again to make the TV go up and down. Everyone howls with laughter)

Daniel: “can I do that once?”

Jay: “well there you are, yeah, go ahead feel free to press the button”

Daniel: “now what do I do,”

Jay: “just flip that switch”

Daniel: “flip this switch, yeah?”

Jay: “my God its magic Harry thank you very much!”

Daniel: “yes”

Jay: “now flip it the other way”

Daniel: “YES”

Jay: “there you go that’s Harry potter magic” (audience howls through entire bit)

Daniel: “oh”

Jay: “yes, there we go”

Daniel: “there we go, yes”

(on screen a scene from OOTP)

Jay: “now explain what’s happening”

Daniel: “that’s very cool, explain what’s happening. Now this, ”

Jay: “yes”

Daniel: “this is a television” (laughter)

Jay: “yes, thank you very much”

Daniel: “no, this, this is a scene in which Harry has become the leader, I’m doing a really strange face, (he mimics the stop acting picture on screen) um, Harry, Harry is at this point the leader of Dumbledore’s Army and the analogy David Yates was using was um, that Dumbledore’s army was sort of like the French resistance and Umbridge and that lot were the Nazis.”

Jay: “right”

Daniel: “and um, and that’s sort of again one of the things this film, this is me doing my Henry the fifth trying to be inspirational as a leader.”

Jay: “lets take a look”

(run scene from OOTP where Harry is teaching everyone how to cast a patronus charm)

Jay: “opens this Wednesday. Daniel thank you my friend” (audience begins to scream again)

Daniel: “thank you so much”

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