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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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1 June 2004

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Interview with Dan.


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Introduction (Harry Smith): Everyone’s favorite boy wizard is back on the big screen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Daniel Radcliffe returns as Harry who is beginning his third year of sorcerer studies.

Scene: Harry practices the Expecto Patronum spell under the supervision of Professor Lupin.

Harry Smith: Mmm. And that comes into play in a much more serious way a little bit later on in the film. Good morning. Welcome.

Daniel: Good morning. How are you?

Harry Smith: I’m well. I have to say of the three movies, I think I really liked this one best of all.

Daniel: Thank you. I think, I really do think they’re just gonna kind of keep getting better and better with each film. I think just ’cause the books get better and better, I think and I think the fourth is gonna be even better than the third just ’cause the story progresses even more and you get more into the characters.

Harry Smith: Right. Is it… It’s a little darker. I mean, there’s no question about that.

Daniel: Yeah.

Harry Smith: And when I saw it at the premiere in New York, there were thousands of people. There were a lot of little kids. I think there’s some controversy over whether little kids are going to be disturbed but I didn’t see anyone running out of the movie theatre screaming.

Daniel: The only one… the reason I think it’s gonna be fine for younger kids to see is cause the scariest aspect to it is psychological. It’s like a psychological thriller. Like, the six and seven year olds aren’t gonna connect with it in the same way. The werewolf stuff will probably be slightly more scary but if it wasn’t scary then it would be a really useless werewolf.

Harry Smith: That’s right. If you’re gonna be a werewolf, we might as well be afraid of him.

Daniel: Yeah.

Harry Smith: As it turns out, there are so many great twists and turns in this film. And one of them is the prisoner of Azkaban is this escaped convict who is played by Gary Oldman, who is one of your idols, right?

Daniel: Idols. Yeah!

Harry Smith: What was it like to work with him?

Daniel: It was amazing. It was just like … it was… ‘Cause ever since I started playing in Harry Potter films, I’ve been really getting into cinema and I’ve watched so many of his films and I’ve kind of…. Basically for me, he kind of steals the film without even trying. I think he’s just the most amazing actor and to work with him was such a privilege!

Harry Smith: Does it seem more real to you as you’re coming of age and your character comes of age? Does the acting seem more genuine to you? Is it easier to get your hands on?

Daniel: You probably have to do less acting really ’cause I mean, it’s just the same age. You still have to focus very hard obviously but I mean it’s a lot easier because you’re feeling the same emotions at the same time cause you’re going through the… you’re the same age as the character pretty much. I’m a bit older than Harry, like by a couple months really.

Harry Smith: In this one, it’s sort of Harry is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it any more.

Daniel: No. He kind of snaps in this one, I think.

Harry Smith: Yeah! It’s good!

Daniel: Yeah, I know. It’s great! I really like playing that! (Harry Smith laughs)

Harry Smith: Of course there was all the great magical stuff and amazing special effects and we’re want to take a look at a clip here of this thing that is sort of half eagle and half horse. Take a look at this.

Scene: Care of Magical Creatures Class – Harry meets and rides Buckbeak.

Harry Smith: As this thing takes off and it’s just amazing… the most amazing visuals and my fourteen year old turned to me and said ‘Where is that? I wanna go to wherever that is!’

Daniel: That was filmed in Virginia Water and Scotland. The actual flying stuff was filmed over Scotland and in a studio as well. It’s quite complicated. I don’t know quite how it went.

Harry Smith: Yeah, that’s quite all right. Is this all turning out the way you dreamed it would?

Daniel: Yeah. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s just the most amazing opportunity to play the most fantastic part basically. It’s brilliant. And it’s… Harry’s such a….What I love about playing Harry is that he’s a really real character. Because he’s really complicated but he’s very accessible. He’s not… ‘Cause in some films you get kind of quite broadly drawn characters that are kind of one dimensional. But in the Harry Potter series I think all the characters are really kind of… there’s so many different sides to all of them.

Harry Smith: Multidimensional.

Daniel: Yeah. That’s the one! Thank you.

Harry Smith: That’s quite all right. You can use that later.

Daniel: Thank you! (Laughing)

Harry Smith: The other thing… you’re shooting the fourth one already?

Daniel: Yeah

Harry Smith: And you have a love interest on this one?

Daniel: Yes! (Dan smiles)

Harry Smith: Harry! We knew you when you were just a wee lad! Now there you go….. Daniel, thank you so much. (Shakes Dan’s hand)

Daniel: Thank you very much indeed. Nice to see you again.

Harry Smith: We do appreciate it….. All right, we’re gonna be right back. You’re watching the Early Show on CBS.

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