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Test Match Special

by ClaireJul 22, 2008

Dan at Lords Cricket Ground

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Channel (Country): BBC Radio Five Live (UK)

Original Air Date: 23 July 2007


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Dan spent his 18th birthday at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, watching the Test Match between England and India.  He was invited to appear on the View from the Boundary segment of the BBC’s Test Match Special broadcast, where the commentators interview celebrity guests who are at the match on that day.  Interviewer: Jonathon Agnew.


Transcribed by Estelle for

Commentator: “ Now lets go and see who Jonathon has conjured up for a lunch time guest”

Jonathon: “well you’ve given them a few clues Chris, well we all have of course. You haven’t mentioned that the ground staff for out there in the middle are sweeping up the pitch with what could be a witch’s broomstick. It’s redundant at the moment sitting there but it’s tremendous and a real thrill for everyone, and what timing to congratulate Shilpa not least for wearing down Daniel Radcliffe, uh, also known as Harry Potter. Happy birthday first of all, Daniel”

Daniel: “Thank you very much indeed. Yes 18 today, very excited.”

Jonathon: “well it’s, it’s, it’s great, I mean Shilpa she did, I’m so sorry; we let her loose on you and you’re not, you haven’t been sitting in a posh box or anything like that. Where have you been sitting for all five days I hasten to add?”

Daniel: “um, we were at the, we’ve spent a lot of time in the Compton stand and a little bit in the Edrich stand and no its been fantastic. I have to tell you the best time we’ve had was when we were surrounded by the Indian fans on day 2 because the competition and the banter was so much more exciting!”

Jonathon: “did they know who you were? Were they Harry Potter fans?”

Daniel: “um well, I think they guessed when a kid came up to me and asked me to sign his book. So I think that was the big giveaway.”

Jonathon: “yeah, you must be signing hundreds of those at the moment aren’t you? Although directly I suppose it has nothing to do with you, it’sall JK Rowling, but um, you’re swept into it aren’t you?”

Daniel: “absolutely, yes it uh, no I’ve had, uh, every other pace you take you see another copy of the seventh book obviously just released, so, everyone, um, Potter fever is fever pitch right at the moment. Yeah”

Jonathon: “Amazing, could I actually… about the glasses? I wouldn’t have necessarily got to you without the owlish sort of glasses. They’re a bit of a giveaway with Harry Potter aren’t they?”

Daniel: “well yeah I know, I mean, I know, I tend not to wear them when I’m out and about. That and the cape tend to tip people the wink that way”

Jonathon: “and the broom stick no doubt”

Daniel: “yeah exactly”

Jonathon: “this must be something, I guess not many 18 year olds get to spend a day at Lords for their birthday I suppose?”

Daniel: “I know, exactly, this is the thing, its sorta, everyone, the tabloids especially, expected me to have some massive extravagant bash with lots of celebrities and that’s so not my thing. So just to come here for a day was just a bit of a dream really cause I’ve never been to a cricket match before.”

Jonathon: “you’ve been following cricket though haven’t you?”

Daniel: “yeah absolutely, no I’ve been, I got into it… actually, most people got into it when the Ashes we won and I got into it when the Ashes we were whitewashed, ’cause Paul Collingwood’s double hundred at Adelaide, which is the reason he’s also my favourite player as well. I’m very excited to see, unfortunately he hasn’t been not done so well in this test but he did take a very good catch as well”

Jonathon: “ok well maybe as a birthday treat, just maybe, I could conjure up a bit of magic and arrange for you to meet him. Would that be good?”

Daniel: “that would be absolutely amazing, so far I’ve got Andrew Strauss’ autograph and Sachin Tendulkar. so um, I didn’t get RP Singh’s cause I wasn’t far enough to the front, um”

Jonathon: “were they aware of who was asking them for their autograph I wonder?”

Daniel: “No they weren’t. they were doing the thing that I do when I’m in a crowd of people which is to just keep your head down and keep moving as you sign so I don’t think any of them saw me.”

Jonathon: “Well this is rather odd cause I’ve got behind me, I’ve got to confess, is a book from Andrew Strauss”

Daniel: “oh really”

Jonathon: “for you to sign for his child”

Daniel: “excellent, good”

Jonathon: “that’s all rather bizarre”

Daniel: “yes, it’s irony”

Jonathon: “now come on how did you get into cricket then? If this is your first game that you’ve been to and you got into the game by watching England get so thrashed last time, how did that happen?”

Daniel: “I don’t know, it was something about, also, there’s something about being in Australia, the Australians they just, I mean I love Australia and I love Australians apart from when they talk about cricket because they love to gloat. And something in, something… the patriotic side of me was stirred. So I just suddenly became incredibly, this obsessive cricket fan and wanted of us to beat them which we didn’t but we will next time.”

Jonathon: “and Collingwood’s innings in particularly you watched on the telly in Australia. Where were you?”

Daniel: “I was in Melbourne but I was watching Adelaide.”

Jonathon: “and what was it about that really?”

Daniel: “it was the celebration. First of all it was the relationship that started to, you know, between him and K. P. which was lovely to see. They were really spurring each other on. And then that final celebration when he got his double hundred was so just impassioned that is was, you know, it was really inspirational. It was great.”

Jonathon: “he gave a great cry didn’t he?”

Daniel: “yeah it was quite primeval and scary in a way but I liked it all the same”

Jonathon: “and apart from Paul Collingwood then which other players are grabbing your attention, Pietersen presumably”

Daniel: “Pietersen obviously, yes and he waved at us earlier, um, Ryan Sidebottom as well. I just think he’s great ”

Jonathon: “with his hair!”

Daniel: “with his hair”

Jonathon: “he could have been in a Harry Potter film couldn’t he”

Daniel: “he could absolutely and then actually I really like Ravi Bopara. He’s not obviously in the test squad this time around but I think he’s fantastic. He’s really, really good for the future.”

Jonathon: “yeah”

Daniel: “he’s great yeah. And actually Matt Prior, I really like him”

Jonathon: “you didn’t mention Monty on the list. I thought he’d be on the list”

Daniel: “Oh Monty’s on everybody’s list. Monty just has to block a shot and he gets a roar from the crowd as if he’d scored his hundredth 100.”

Jonathon: “yes, I know”

Daniel: “it’s fantastic”

Jonathon: “this is your first live game then Daniel. How have you taken to the way in which people behave in the cricket grounds. I mean there’s a has it surprised you, a certain etiquette. But what have you learned about watching cricket in the various stands that you’ve been in?”

Daniel: “I’ve learnt that the Edrich stand is encumbered by children so that was a mistake we didn’t make again. And um, and then I think in the, um, like today we had to move cause we were in a very, very rowdy crowd and I didn’t want to think, I didn’t want to be near, want England players, to think I was part of that! But the best man we’ve met so far was a very, very, VERY, drunk MCC member yesterday which was very very funny.”

Jonathon: “where was that, in the stand?”

Daniel: “that was at the Compton stand again, yeah”

Jonathon: “and what was he up to?”

Daniel: “I dunno, I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. I kept asking a, his friend to translate for us.”

Jonathon: “they get every where those MCC members then. Well now actually you’ve just met Stephen Fry, um, no you’ve met CB Charles. I always get his name wrong. Charles Fry whose the chairman of MCC and you put the two together as CB Fry”

Daniel: “Yes, I did! I was really pleased with myself as well, but also I liked John Betjeman poems and CB Fry’s mentioned in one of them so; I mean the name, Fry is quite a distinctive name anyway. It’s an easy one to remember.”

Jonathon: “it’s good knowledge.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathon: “so what about the game then is doing it for you Daniel? What do you, ok Collingwood’s batting but what do you like about the game itself?”

Daniel: “I love the fact that, I love the fact that it’s a very specific sport. It’s not as, its not like football where everybody seems to be into it. It’s also the fact that there are so many rules and complications and some of them not quite necessary but I just enjoy them. I enjoy the sort of pedantry of cricket as well as the play.”

Jonathon: “cause your game is Quidditch isn’t it”

Daniel: “oh yeah”

Jonathon: “it seems quite complicated”

Daniel: “it is, I don’t know the rules fully, I probably, I was asked the other day on television um, some technicality and I didn’t know and I got laughed at by the presenter, it was horrible.”

Jonathon: “sort of football and hockey on broomsticks is it?”

Daniel: “a combination of that and basketball. And lots of, um, apparently in sorta Harry Potter convention they had in America they worked out a way of doing this sort of grounded version of Quidditch”

Jonathon: “oh did they”

Daniel: “which I would not pay to see, but I just don’t know how it could possible work”

Jonathon: “how’d you film it ”

Daniel: “oh, I couldn’t possibly reveal that information. Um, no, it’s its, no it’s, it’s very, very, very clever computer generated stuff and they put me on a pole on a broom. To be honest it’s incredibly painful to film. If anybody’s ever sat on a bicycle and had their, um, legs sort of, feet taken off the pedals and lent forward, it’s…”

Jonathon: “quite nasty”

Daniel: “yeah it is, yeah quite”

Jonathon: “and it probably happens quite often does it?”

Daniel: “uh, not so much any more cause she stopped writing it. I think, I think I’m probably the only child in the whole of the UK who is pleased not to have Quidditch in the Harry Potter books.”

Jonathon: “hey, you’re 18 now you can stop saying child.”

Daniel: “I can! You’re absolutely right.. I forgot I was 18 when I woke up this morning but then I opened the presents. Which was great”

Jonathon: “Are you kind of an obsessive sort of fellow? You got so quickly into cricket are you some one who googles a lot? Will you be into the history of cricket and things?”

Daniel: “oh yeah absolutely. I mean that’s other great thing about cricket is, it’s a, it’s a pretty old sport and there is so much history to it. So many long standing rivalries and the histories between the various players let alone the teams. And so no its, that’s another thing that attracts me to it I suppose, yeah ”

Jonathon: “how about the one day stuff? Are you going to try and get yourself into that do you think, Twenty20?”

Daniel: “I’d love to go to a Twenty20 match, absolutely. I think it, I, um, you hear a lot of people saying oh well its not right and its not proper and that kind of I think it would be exciting. And also in a way it, it , its not just smash it and run there are allot of tactics in it as well which I think you know particularly Leicestershire, the team I love watching cause they got poor Nixon”

Jonathon: “well hey thank you . that’s my old county.”

Daniel: “really, oh right ok, well poor”

Jonathon: “you can’t be that young, you can’t, you didn’t know that did you?”

Daniel: “no, I didn’t ”

Jonathon: “OH Daniel you let me down badly”

Daniel: “sorry, sorry ”

Jonathon: “that was my old county for 15 years”

Daniel: “did you ”

Jonathon: “yeah”

Daniel: “oh well I didn’t know that I’m so sorry ”

Jonathon: “never mind I’ll forgive you that ”

Daniel: “Could I just quickly say Hello to Tony O’Sullivan who’s my English teach who’s listening now and Hello Tony, I hope you’re very well. Thank you very much, I had to get that in, um”

Jonathon: “Well you’ve more or less covered one of my next questions. What on earth sort of a life do you have Daniel? I mean here we’ve got one of our shaggy haired photographers who’s leaning over the fence here to take a picture of you. I mean is it constantly like this these days? Are you still at school?”

Daniel: “I’ve, I’ve actually left school last year but, um, apparently there are quite a few paparazzi around right at the moment but um hopefully I mean I think the story is that they’re just trying to you know, Daniel Radcliffe celebrates his 18th. Which I don’t think is the biggest news headline in the world. I don’t think its that surprising but ”

Jonathon: “uh, probably not when its compared to the floods and people stuck in that”

Daniel: “well exactly. My friends are actually in Cheltenham at the moment and they’ve filled up the bath and all the pans to help save on water. ”

Jonathon: “well that’s that. Well what are you going to do? I mean its not going to be a huge glitzy bash. I mean you do come into a few quid today.”

Daniel: “no um (laughing), I don’t think I’m going to go in for the big spender ball. That’s really not my thing and any kind of extravagance is not for me to be quite honest.”

Jonathon: “come on, actually this sort of school side of things Daniel, I mean, its, you’ve obviously been acting for a long time, is it difficult to compare the two?”

Daniel: “it was. I mean the thing when I was at school I didn’t, my, my marks were alright but they weren’t great but then when I was filming because I was tutored one on one on the set my grades got so much better that um, yeah it was never that hard to juggle it in a way cause I sort of for along time it’s all I’ve know. So I, you sort of get use to it after the first few months, really”

Jonathon: “yeah, I know I was amazed by the kids that you see in Les Miserables or any sort of West End Show where these real young kids are coming on and its quite late a night. What sort of life do they have? How would they juggle all of that?”

Daniel: “well obviously I could never, I couldn’t speak from experience for that because by the time I did the play earlier in the year I was no longer in school. So um, I don’t know, as long as they’re enjoying it then that’s fine and obviously its not getting in the way of their lives then it shouldn’t be a problem. I mean there’s allot made of this sort of child star thing but I think if you’ve got good people around you who are gonna be honest with you, um, treat you as a kid rather than an actor then you’ll be alright. And also everyone, no one ever told to me, like Christian Bale and Jodie Foster who started acting really young and have made it really brilliantly. They always focus on the negatives.”

Jonathon: “like Macauley Culkin for instance and the problems that he may or may not have had”

Daniel: “he’s sort of starting, he’s sort of come out on the other side of that now and is, is doing really well. So it’s, it’s possibly just tougher time for some people than it is for others.”

Jonathon: “yeah, I guess it means you gotta grow up pretty quickly then”

Daniel: “I think its just something that happens. Because when you’re on set and you’re surrounded by adults, when you’re a kid I think most of the only relationships you have with adults is teachers or your parents. Whereas suddenly you’re working along side them so I suppose you do tend to mature slightly faster.”

Jonathon: “was this always something you wanted to do? Can you remember you first wanted to do? Was it a school play or something? What fired you up”

Daniel: “the school play”

Jonathon: “your parents were involved in theatricals weren’t they”

Daniel: “my, they were both actors when they were younger and my dad is a literary agent so he looks after writer and directors and my mum’s a… I mean he actually isn’t any more he now chaperones me on set but my mum’s a casting director and I hasten to add she’s never cast me in anything! It’s not how I got the role. And um, so um, yeah I, I , I dunno, I suppose yeah because you spend so much time around adults you get use to it very quickly and you learn how to handle yourself around them.”

Jonathon: “makes you grow up yeah.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathon: “Now going back to, presumably when you first auditioned for this role you were what, so young you possibly didn’t even know what it was all about did you at the time?”

Daniel: “No not at all. I had no idea what the significance of, significance of it to be honest, and um, but it was only on my third film that I thought, you know, wow, I’m really enjoying this and, cause I was always enjoying it but this was the first time I thought this is something I want to pursue and go on to do when I’m older. So hopefully if people will still work with me then um, then I will be able to do that.”

Jonathon: “Can you remember that first audition? How old were you about 10 or something?”

Daniel: “I think I was about, I think I was just 11 and uh, yeah, I remember it very, very vaguely actually. I remember there was just, I remember being quite nervous but more about meeting the people than not getting the part cause I was you know, you walk into a room and its full of adults and directors and producers and even then you’re sort of intimidated. But that was the great thing about Chris Columbus who directed the first 2 movies. He was so easy to get on with and he made everybody feel very relaxed as soon as he met them.”

Jonathon: “yeah, What did you have to do?”

Daniel: “um”

Jonathon: “you have to sit on a broom stick or something?”

Daniel: “no um , I think I had to do one of the scenes with Hagrid, um, I think I had to read one of those scenes. And um, luckily I have these sort of freakishly large eyes which apparently looked mournful. So uh, that was essentially how I got it I think. And also they started filming a month or two after, you know, I think they only had a month left before they started filming. So it was probably a mixture of desperation among other things.”

Jonathon: “I’m presuming if you had known what a huge job opportunity or opportunistic chance this was going to be you, you’d have probably been very nervous ahead of time.”

Daniel: “yeah well I think that’s the brilliant thing about being 11 in a way, nothing like that phases you. You’re unnaturally confident because you just, um its harder to take in the bigger picture of something so you sort of go into it all guns blazing.”

Jonathon: “yeah”

Daniel: “and you’re a lot less inhibited then cause you’re not, you haven’t done the whole puberty thing.”

Jonathon: “indeed you had done that on the set probably”

Daniel: “yeah I had done a lot of the puberty things on set. NO that sounds wrong I’m sorry. But yes I have grown up on set. ”

Jonathon: “Ok, um, take us onto the set um, Daniel. Of course they’re all different but what, what’s it like for a really young kid first of all, as you were for that first film, to go in and be with all of this. I mean were you prepared for it in any way?”

Daniel: “um, yeah I think I was just cause my parents have been absolutely fantastic and uh, and because as you said because they were both in the business they, they were very good at preparing me for what I had to do when I got on set and to be focused and you know but also to have a good time. And so it think it, that they sort of helped me to prepare for that. Um, I remember the first day we went on set on the call sheets we got everyday there was only four people on it. Only four of the cast members on it, myself, Emma, who plays Hermione, Rupert, who plays Ron, and Robbie Coltrane playing Hagrid. So I thought alright that’s not too bad. That’s hardly anybody, I can do that. And then on the next page it told me how many extras were going to be there and it was about 350! So it was um, it was mildly intimidating but then again Chris Columbus was so good with all the kids on the set, you know. He managed to, he did the films for two years and he got these, and its 10 months we do to film one so its quite a long haul.”

Jonathon: “Unbelievable!”

Daniel: “and um, he was brilliant at getting us enthusiastic everyday we came on set, so yeah”

Jonathon: “literally! 10 months non-stop working?”

Daniel: “oh yeah, they’re pretty much, I mean the second film was actually longer it was 11. but mostly they say the next one’s going to be 8 or 9 but I can’t believe that for a moment.”

Jonathon: “Uh, where are you living in London? Where are you in a hotel? ”

Daniel: “still at home with my parents, yeah, I haven’t moved out yet”

Jonathon: “no but when you’re on the set where do you?”

Daniel: “oh right, well ’cause we film at Leavesden, in Leavesden Studios; I just live at home all the time so I never have to go very far each day. Unlike poor old Emma, I think she comes from Oxford every day.”

Jonathon: “right, and who of the other characters have been really good to you. Your old friend Roger Lloyd Pack who I know was actually learning his lines for which ever film he was in”

Daniel: “the fourth one”

Jonathon: “the fourth one ok, at Headingley when he was doing what you are doing here with me”

Daniel: “oh fantastic”

Jonathon: “he went off and sat somewhere and um, in one of the stands and learned his lines.”

Daniel: “Roger had some big speeches. Um no and it was, um I dunno, um, I suppose Matt Lewis who plays Neville in the films is just great he’s, I really, really get on with Matt. To be honest I get on really well with every body. My best friend on set is a guy called Will who works in costume and we, he’s been there since the very beginning so we, you know, we’re great mates and um obviously Rupert and Emma, we’ve been together so long now we all get on really well”

Jonathon: “like a family”

Daniel: “yeah pretty well, the whole set it there, cause the crew has barely changed over the last five movies, so, we’re all really, really close. They’re really not much, not too much tension at all which you would probably expect on a shoot that long”

Jonathon: “yeah, mistakes? There must have been a few laughs on there were there?”

Daniel: “oh I think everyone assumes that because the films are quite big budget that they’re just foolproof to work on and there is never any cock-ups of any kind and of course they happen constantly, um, but you know, not um, I’ve got a lot better at not laughing mid-take and um I still have”

Jonathon: “you’re a giggler are you?”

Daniel: “oh, I used to be terrible. Me and Rupert Grint, we used to be absolutely appalling together about just laughing all the time. But we, to be fair to us, we have got a lot better. We haven’t, we manage to control ourselves a lot more now.”

Jonathon: “Is it the feeling, like when I make a mistake or what ever on live radio or television it doesn’t really matter its gone but if you make a mistake on these huge budget films do you think OH, there’s another million dollars down the tank. I think we’ll have to re-shoot the whole thing.”

Daniel: “um, I try not to think about that but also I try not to make mistakes any more but yes that is a terrifying thought isn’t it.”

Jonathon: “well JK herself, um, what’s your relationship with her for a start?”

Daniel: “um, really, really good. I mean Jo’s lovely and we get on really well. She hasn’t given me any hints as to any of the books ever and I still haven’t read the seventh one, um, ”

Jonathon: “haven’t you yet?”

Daniel: “no, I’ve been here so I haven’t read it yet but I will”

Jonathon: “have you got it somewhere?”

Daniel: “I have got it at home. I started it last night and um, yeah but, um we’re really she’s lovely to us all; everybody on set, and um, if you ever do have a question about a particular choice you’ve made with the character you know she can always say yes that’s good or no never do that again.”

Jonathon: “so she’s very hands on in fact for the films?”

Daniel: “oh yeah, I mean she’s not, she will only, she’ll never come in and criticize. She’s always very, you know, she views the films as totally separate things from the books which they are. And um, you know, she, she totally understands that things do have to be cut and things do have to be lost in order for, to make a two and a half hour film. If you did the whole book it would be about 6 hours long. So um, no she’s very, very good. If you do ask for her help she’s more than willing.”

Jonathon: “yeah, I must ask you in a second how you sort of created the character of Harry Potter but first of all lets have a reminder here at lunch, India 207 for 5 and we’ve still got our fingers crossed about the weather here. I’m in the MCC presidents box with Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter is 18 today and he’s celebrating here watching the cricket and we’re hoping, he’s hoping for an England victory so its great to have you here. But um, how did you sort of create that character. I mean I know a lot of its written down for you but actually it’s the actors job to make the person isn’t it?”

Daniel: “I mean I think when I started out because I was so young it was more the, uh, I wasn’t thinking I suppose so much about the character as just say the lines and say them well and remember them and um, so to be honest I was probably playing me at eleven in the first 2 films really ”

Jonathon: “really?”

Daniel: “but then after I started to get more into the technical side and the, the really getting into acting as a way of expressing yourself I guess, that sounds really pretentious I suppose what I’m trying to say and um, I then started to think more deeply about the differences between myself and Harry and, and so I don’t end up just playing myself in all the films and as you say most of its written down. That’s all the advise you really need. Its so detailed the character in the book. ”

Jonathon: “so do you feel that you bring more of you into Harry Potter the character now than obviously when you were so young?”

Daniel: “I suppose I’m drawing more on things that have happened to me in my life but um, the character still remains very separate from who I am.”

Jonathon: “Enough Harry Potter for now cause I’m sure you’re absolutely bored of that. What about taking your kit off on stage? That caused a bit of a stir didn’t it?”

Daniel: “It did a bit yeah. I was, I found all that to be quite funny to be honest with you because I sort of expected there to be a bit of um, not outcry but a bit of shock and um, but the thing is most of the people who were criticizing and there were more than a few of them, apparently haven’t read the play. Cause if they had read the play they’d have known it was totally, it was important in the play. It wasn’t just gratuitous nudity. Um, you know they did actually have a point to it. No pun intended. And so uh, yeah it was, it wasn’t really a surprise but I did find it rather funny.”

Jonathon: “and what sort of nudity was it? Were you just sort of lying around there quietly just keeping out of the way or was it parading around full frontal nudity?”

Daniel: “it was blinding horses naked. So it was quite, uh, physical nudity.”

Jonathon: “we’re back to the pain factor again are we?”

Daniel: “yes, um, it was, I was quite nervous the first two times I did it but after that you actually stop caring ”

Jonathon: “yeah, was that something you felt you had to do just to break away. There was probably a lot of shock/horror factor wasn’t there?”

Daniel: “there was a bit but it was, um, I, I didn’t just do it for the sake of shocking people. It was the fact that it’s an amazing play. And it’s, you know, it’s the first revival in the West End in 30 years and its such an honour to be involved in it that, that was the reason for doing it. It, but also it did have that added bonus that it started to make people see me as an actor rather than just Harry Potter.”

Jonathon: “yeah, that’s what I was coming to . that’s got to be the big goal in your life hasn’t it? I mean you’ve been part of something really special and will continue to for a while. Although we now know there is a definitive end to al of this. What comes next for you?”

Daniel: “Um, yeah I mean to be honest I think there will always be a certain amount of people who view me as Harry Potter but to be honest that’s more their problem than mine. Because that won’t stop me doing other things. I’m just going to continue working hopefully and doing other hopefully interesting jobs. And um, its sort of up to them whether they want to see me as an actor or whether they want to see me as Harry.”

Jonathon: “yeah, but I mean you’re young enough presumably to shake Harry off aren’t you?”

Daniel: “yeah, I’ve got time so, certainly times on my side for a little while yet, touch wood. Um yeah”

Jonathon: “yeah, lets talk about your 18th. What are you going to do today? You can’t just sit here with your mate, who’s sitting here with his arms folded enjoying himself. What are you going to do today?”

Daniel: “Um, I’m going to meet up with some friends in the evening and just have, you know, I don’t particularly want to be anything up in any kind of newspapers. Although I’m sure they’ll probably get something on me. But um, you know, hopefully they won’t. But um, hopefully I’ll be able to have just a good relaxed 18th.”

Jonathon: “great! Well I hope you do. And um, cricket wise Daniel, I mean I hope this is a start of a long love affair for you.”

Daniel: “oh absolutely. I can see it changing to be honest. I mean I’m now waiting for the 2009 Ashes is the next one for me.”

Jonathon: “Brilliant. Well look we’ve got one or two things for you here cause it is your birthday”

Daniel: “oh”

Jonathon: “Shilpa’s been busy cause I think even Shilpa feels guilty about hounding you down. But she with her binoculars went around 29,000 people at the track and here we go. That’s a copy of our book that’s come out this summer.”

Daniel: “we’ll get it signed”

Jonathon: “it’s already signed”

Daniel: “oh”

Jonathon: “it’s done here some where inside”

Daniel: “oh wonderful”

Jonathon: “oh here we go”

Daniel: “oh fantastic”

Jonathon: “Happy 18th, have a memorable day at Lords. Blowers is there, Angus Fraser, Chris Martin-Jenkins, Bill Frindle, ”

Daniel: “oh wonderful”

Jonathon: “they’re all there so um, read that rather than Harry Potter tonight I suggest.”

Daniel: “alright I shall do.”

Jonathon: “and there we go, you enjoy that. Shilpa’s got a cake somewhere but I think she’s forgotten it.”

Female voice off microphone: No I didn’t

Jonathon: “(laughing) she’s got it here. While we find that, let’s nip off to Kevin Howells who’s got some county scores for us. (break) Welcome back to the presidents box while Daniel’s busy opening his presents. Last question for you. I’ve read some where that you had a bad dream about Andrew Strauss? I mean he seems featured a couple of times in this interview. What was it this about?”

Daniel: “It was basically I can’t remember the details of it, um, but it was, I just remember him chasing me with a cricket bat and it was during the West Indies series where he wasn’t in the greatest of form and I mentioned it in an interview and I heard this Australian voice in the back of the room saying don’t worry mate he wouldn’t be able to hit you if he did catch you. Which I thought wasn’t the most generous of comments.”

Jonathon: “That is a bit harsh but then I guess he’s asking for it. He’s another one you’re going to try and meet this afternoon.”

Daniel: “yes absolutely I would love to meet him especially after his knock on Thursday. ”

Jonathon: “Well alright,. You keep your phone on. If we get some bad light or rain we’ll fix it. Thank you for being a lovely guest. Really fantastic Daniel. Happy birthday ”

Daniel: “thank you”

Jonathon: “Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter. A lovely guest and probably our youngest for View from the Boundary I would think”

Daniel: “oh yes”

Jonathon: “Have a great day today.”

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