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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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syndicated (USA)

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10 November 2005

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:

Dan made a guest appearance on Martha Stewart’s talk show to promote Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Transcribed by Estelle for
Martha in standing in her kitchen side area with a boxed set of HP books beside her.

Martha: “…for bringing to life the lead character in JK Rowling’s outstanding series of novels (Martha puts her hand on the set of boxes) the Harry Potter stories and he’s back to work his magic on mottled audiences in the latest movie adaptation ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Now take a look at this, I hear it is the best movie”

(Cut to scene from Goblet of Fire where Malfoy is turned into a ferret.)

(Return to applause)

Martha: “Please welcome Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.”

(Applause and cheers as Daniel enters)

Martha (as Daniel walks over to her): “You have fans” (pointing to audience)

Martha shaking Daniel’s hand: “How are you?”

Daniel: “Very pleased to meet you”

Martha: “So great to meet you too, come over here”

Daniel: “Sit over here, yes fine”

Daniel points to something in audience that attracts his attention: “look at this, cool”

Martha: “Now, do you want some eggy bread”

Daniel: “Pardon?”

Martha: “eggy bread”

Daniel (looking around): “eggy bread, no, um, ok, what’s eggy bread. You’ll have to explain it to me?”

Martha: “See they told me that in your country, French toast is called eggy bread.”

Daniel: “OH! Right no, ok, croque-monsieur, type thing. Yes, ok, yes”

Martha: “Do you want some?”

Daniel (looking around): “Yeah why not!”

Martha: “Yeah, ok, (looking behind her) Angie, bring out a big platter”

Daniel: “I just came from France and we didn’t have some there so this will like making up for the eggy that we didn’t have.”

Martha: “So you’re running around like crazy”

Daniel: “YES!” (Very emphatically)

Martha: “You are making movies so fabulously”

Daniel: “Thank you”

Martha: “We are all, you have some fans (gesturing to the audience) all fans in the audience.”

(Applause as camera scans to a young girl who looks as though she is crying happy tears)

Martha: “And uh, (Martha laughs as crowd applauds) now, you are shaving now”

Daniel: “Yes” (audience laughs)

Martha: “You are” (laughing)

Daniel: “Yes, yes, it’s been a few years to get to this”

(Daniel looks off camera behind him as a plate of French toast is brought out)

Martha: “I see a bit of beard there.”

Daniel: “Do you? Thank you” (to the person who brought out the food)

(Plate is put in front of him)

Martha: “There you are” (pointing to the food)

Daniel: “You shouldn’t do, I thought I shaved quite well this morning.”

Martha: “Oh, ya but I can see some”

(Daniel lifts a piece of toast with his fingers to try)

Daniel: “My God, ah gee, I’m gonna get my hands and then see I’ll get it on my clothes” (he takes a bite)

(Martha moves the plate closer to him)

Martha calling out: “we need a napkin, a napkin!”

Daniel: “Oh, we have a napkin” (as he picks up the one on the counter)

Martha: “Oh there you have it, how’s it taste? Is it good?”

Daniel: “really nice”

Martha: “You must get hungry running around, right?”

Daniel: “Well I get food as well” (laughter)

Martha: “I mean, I hope you get food. But um, I really want to know about my favourite character.”

Daniel: “Who is?”

Martha: “I bet, I bet, that you would never guess in a million years who my favourite character is…H…”

Daniel: “Harry?”

Martha: “Hedwig”

Daniel: “Oh” (looks away deflated to the audience) (laughter)

(Camera shows a shot of the front row where we see what Daniel pointed to when he first sat down. A young man dressed up in a Harry potter costume.)

Martha: “Is Hedwig, has Hedwig been the same snowy owl since the very beginning?”

Daniel: “No, we’ve sorta had…”

Martha: “How many owls have you had?”

Daniel: “We’ve done 4 films now so we’ve had probably about 3, three owls. ‘Cause on the first one, on the first two films we had an owl called Gizmo.”

Martha: “ya”

Daniel: “um, Who was really cool! And the whole time Gizmo, there was another owl called Sprout and the whole time Gizmo was on camera Sprout would be just eyeing him with the most evil glare, really jealous.”

Martha: “He didn’t damage him did he?”

Daniel: “No, no,”

Martha: “Oh all right”

Daniel: “No he didn’t. But on the third film luckily you know, sprout got his moment to shine and then the fourth one I don’t know who it is.”

Martha: “You don’t know, oh”

Daniel: “So you know, they change them pretty much every year.”

Martha: “Do you play with them; like really hold them?”

Daniel: “No, um, I… not really”

Martha: “Are you afraid?”

Daniel: “Giz, the first owl Gizmo was really cool, they’re very, you know, they’re not really mean”

Martha: “They’re dangerous”

Daniel: “Only if you know, you’re a mouse. If you’re a mouse (laughter) they can, I’m…”

Martha: “I have held an owl and they are.”

Daniel: “Really”

Martha: “They have very sharp beaks and they’re very fast and they are beautiful.”

Daniel: “They are, they are, particularly snowy owls”

Martha: “Yes”

Daniel: “It has to be said”

Martha: “Yes”

Daniel: “But there’s this , owls sorta have this reputation for being very, very wise and very, very clever and, and they’re not really (laughter) it takes a long, long time just to teach them to fly from one place to another place”

Martha: “Well they’re wild animals! They don’t wanna fly, they don’t wanna be actors”

Daniel: “I know (very emphatically joking) well then their in the wrong business! Frankly” (laughter)

Martha: “They’re fabulous. They’re, all the characters are absolutely fantastic. Now, I also want to know now that you are the established Harry Potter, the one and only, does, um, the author, does she like tell you about the plots ahead of time, does she tell you about what secrets are coming up?”

Daniel: “No”

Martha: “Do you talk to her on a regular basis?”

Daniel: “No, no not at all. I mean she’s very, very secretive”

Martha: “No. Are you friends?”

Daniel: “She’s like… I’ve met her on about 5 occasions”

Martha: “That’s all!”

Daniel: “Yeah”

Martha: “Oh, I thought you would be sorta living with her” (laughter)

Daniel: “No”

Martha: “Like”

Daniel: “No um, that would be a very, sort of, strange, odd relationship but I mean”

Martha: “I don’t mean romantically, I-I mean”

Daniel: “No, she’s married; I’m not going to go there.”

Martha: “She’s a little old for you even though you have a beard”. (Huge laughter)

Daniel: “No she’s um, she, she’s really nice on the occasions that I’ve met her, and you know so, it’s a, but what’s great is she does, she’s really good, she, she just trusts us to make the film and she sorta appreciates that we can’t fit absolutely everything in the, that is in the books, we can’t fit it all into the films”

Martha: “Now you do your own stunts?”

Daniel: “Yes”

Martha: “Or many of them, what were the underwater scenes like that I hear are spectacular in this new one.”

Daniel: “um they’re, they’re good. I mean it was great to do because its, you were very tired at the end of the day ‘cause I trained for about 6 months every two weeks I’d have a diving session”

Martha: “yeah, In a pool?”

Daniel: “In a tank somewhere around London and, um, and then, so we got in there and we were in there for about 4 weeks and I think I was under water for about, like in terms of filming, for about 41 hours 23 minutes or some thing in total”

Martha: “Oh wow”

Daniel: “So it was great you know, and it w-was really hard work but it was gratifying”

Martha: “So now are you going down to Belize or Mesquite or some place and go diving for the winter?”

Daniel: “I actually did I went I went um, I went to Australia in the sorta summer holidays in July and um, I went diving the Great Barrier Reef there. So its amazing you know, to have got, its one of the things Harry Potter has given me is all these opportunities and one of the opportunities was to learn to dive and I can go off and use that in these exotic locations.”

Martha: “I know all these kids in the audience have lots of questions and when we come back Daniel is going to answer questions from some of his fans right here in our studio audience Ok, do you mind?”


Daniel: “No I don’t mind at all, oh yeah great”

(Commercial break)

Martha: “We’re back with the delightful Daniel Radcliffe who I’ve just met and he’s very talkative and, and very astute”

(Daniel gives a strange sort of ‘who me’ look)

Martha: “And he plays Harry Potter and he’s agreed to be part of our very special Ask Daniel segment”

(Daniel again gives a strange look to the audience)

Martha: “Where he’ll take questions from some of his young fans in our audience. Please raise your hand if you have any questions. And our first question comes from, ok right there next to Joey.”

(Young boy stands up)
“Hi my name is Alex, and it is scary, is it scary, the scary parts when you’re acting?”

Daniel: “um, are the like, are the, when we actually do it, is it scary to film?”

Alex: “yes”

Daniel: “um, its, normally, its not but Ray Fiennes is in this one and he plays Lord Voldemort, oooh”

(Martha laughs)

Daniel: “and um, and so he’s got these sorta very terrifying, scary mad wide eyes and they sort of draw you into them and it, you know, it makes you forget that there’s the crew there. So ya that’s pretty terrifying.”

Martha: “I love him as an actor”

Daniel: “yeah”

Martha: “Oh wow”

Daniel: “yeah and he’s brilliant in this.”

Martha: “Oh he is, Oh fantastic, another question”

(A young girl is standing)
“Hi my name is Mia, my question is, ‘What was it like entering platform 9 3/4?’”

Daniel: “It was very, very strange, ok, oh; this is how we did that. Um (Daniel laughs, he pantomimes with his hands the actions as he talks) what you do, I was standing there with the trolley and they had a camera go around me, right, when the camera was in front of me they took the platform bit, was a fake ‘n, and they took part of it away and so that when the camera got round to a second time I could push through and I looked like I had gone through a wall. That’s very badly explained (girl laughs) but that’s sort of how it happened.”

Martha: “But it’s very technical too”

Daniel: “Yes, so I don’t really pretend to understand how it worked”

Martha: “another question”

(Crew member says “right down in front here”)

Martha: “Ah! Our little Harry, our budding Harry”

(You hear a young child asking a question but the microphone is not to him yet)

Daniel: “pardon me?”

(Young boy in Harry Potter costume with way oversized glasses)
“Do you really do magic?”

Daniel: “Do I really do magic, well funny you should, I actually I-I there’s a guy on the third film who was uh, teaching all the kids on set all sorts of magic tricks and so he’s a, he’s a (camera shows young boy squiggling up his nose, laughter at this) member of the magic circle in Britain, which is like a club for magicians, and he’s been teaching me lots of card tricks and thing so I do, but no magic as cool as Harry does in the film unfortunately.”

Martha: “Can you uh, make the eggy, eggy bread go away?”

Daniel looking at the plate in front of him: “No, I wouldn’t want to.” (Looking at Martha)

Martha: “another question, ah Alexander, I know Alexander”

Alexander: “Hi”

Martha: “He’s the son of Lisa Wagner one of our producers here.”

Daniel: “Hello Alex”

Alexander: “What kind of movie roles are you looking forward to playing after Harry Potter?”

Daniel: “Well I mean sort of just anything that’s different and, and, and interesting. I mean I, there’s no sorta set role that I’d like to play. I mean I-I in about a week , its weird for the whole year that I’ve been doing interviews I’ve been says ‘oh I’m making another film at the end of the year’; and now I realise that I start making it next week. Um, so I’m actually I start.”

Martha: “Another Harry Potter?”

Daniel: “No, no”

Martha: “oh, oh”

Daniel: “A different film, yeah”

Martha: “Oh good”

Daniel: “an uh, in Australia which is really exciting. I’m playing an orphan again, but, a 16 year old (laughter) a 16 year old Australian kid who’s grown up in a Catholic orphanage in the outback. So it’s very different from Harry.”

Martha: “another question, ok”

(Young girl stands up)
“Um, I’m Madison and I was just wondering if there were any spells that you could do in the movie that you wish you could do in real life?”

Daniel: “Ah” (he cringes)

Martha: “Lots of them I bet.”

Daniel: “um, what’s the, some of the, well yeah all of them, you’d like to do all of them, I can’t remember what’s some of the ones there are. There’s the um, uh, (Daniel struggle to recall a favourite spell) the, the Wingardium Leviosa one which makes things float, which is quite cool.”

Martha: “I said that the other day.”

Daniel: “Did you?”

Martha: “Yes I did”

Daniel: “Did it work?”

Martha: “It worked perfectly”

Daniel: “Oh fantastic”

Martha: “The person turned into a little mole.”

Daniel: “Well that’s not what it’s supposed to do, but fine. (Huge laughter) and um, there’s the Reducto thing (as he makes the wand movement with his arm) which you do and then things explode. Which I think any boy would kind of like; (Laughter) because that’s a very male thing (raises his hands) ah bang make things explode; so yes.”

Martha: “another question, one more question.”

(Young girl stands)
“My name is Katie and out of the first four movies which one was the most exciting to act in?”

Daniel: “They get more and more, as I sorta get a bit better with each one and as Harry gets more complex to play it’s, um, gets more exciting for me. I mean, on the first one I was very much just sort of having a great time on a film set. Didn’t really know what I was doing and just having a really good time. And then on the fourth film now that I’m sorta taking it allot more seriously it actually becomes more exciting. So ya, the fourth one was probably the best to film.”

Martha: “Now do you think, do you think that Hogwarts is going to turn into a university as you get older?”

Daniel: “ooh” (bites his lip)

Martha: “and it will turn into some other place?”

Daniel: “Well, I suppose it could, I mean, I think, I dunno, ‘cause she says she’s only going to write 7 books. Which would say that it would, it would end but you never know. I mean she might sort of do a whole university series, or Harry go, Harry, I was asking people the other day ‘what do you think is gonna happen to Harry?’ and the most people said he’s gonna become headmaster of Hogwarts.”

Martha: “Ah”

Daniel: “and so, do we, (spreading his arms towards the audience) do ya think; that’s a good ending everyone? Yes (applause) OK! Fantastic.”

Martha: “Very good, thank you very much Daniel Radcliffe for coming to see us today.”

Daniel: “It’s great, thank you very much”

Martha: “It was fantastic. Be sure to look for him in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” opening in theatres on Nov 16. We’ll be right back.”

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