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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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11 July 2007

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:


Interview with Dan to promote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



Transcribed by Estelle for DanRadcliffe.com.

Regis: “OK, it’s Harry Potter time again”

Kelly: “um-hummmm”

Regis as scenes from OOTP show: “Yes sir. Our next guest stars as Harry Potter. Everyone’s favorite wizard in the fifth instalment of the popular series which opens today. And here’s Daniel Radcliffe!”

Audience erupts into applause and screams

Regis: “HI Daniel how are you?”

Kelly: “Lovely to see you”

Daniel to Regis: “love your trousers”

Regis: “yeah, really? Kick it up a little baby. My God I can’t take my eyes off of him. It’s like looking at Galvin”

Kelly: “I know, it is Galvin”

Regis: “How you doing?”

Kelly: “Do you know who Galvin is?”

Daniel: “I think we just met”

Kelly: “He’s right there”

Daniel: “yes, yes, yes”

Regis: “Do you think you look like him a little bit?”

Daniel: “very much indeed, yeah”

Regis: “absolutely”

Daniel: “it’s uncanny”

Kelly: “how does that make you feel? Do you feel anxious inside?”

Daniel: “I think it’s like looking into the future” (huge laughter)

Kelly: “the distant future”

Daniel: “yes”

Regis: “Oh Daniel, it’s all ahead of you Daniel. Incidentally Daniel’s got a birthday coming up on July 23 and he’s gonna be 18”

Daniel: “yes, 18 (audience hoots and applauds) thank you very much”

Regis: “You must have been acting all your life huh”

Daniel: “I’ve been acting since I was, I started David Copperfield, my first thing, when I was about 9.”

Regis: “oh 9”

Daniel: “yeah, yeah”

Regis: “so half your life”

Kelly: “ and when did you start the first Harry potter?”

Daniel: “I think I was 11”

Kelly: “11 wow”

Daniel: “so yeah, its been good for a while”

Regis: “boy what a run you’ve had”

Daniel: “yeah”

Kelly: “you’ve grown up on that set”

Daniel: “yes essentially”

Regis: “so how you gonna celebrate your 18th?”

Daniel: “um, its not gonna be as exciting as everybody would probably, cause the thing is when ever somebody has a really big party and gets roaring drunk they always end up in the papers and I just don’t want that (laughter) so its gonna be just like, it’s gonna be a party with some very, very close really good friends I think. Nothing particularly extravagant”

Regis: “really, no kidding. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Daniel: “not at the moment, no”

Regis: “meaning you had a girlfriend”

Daniel: “I have had girlfriends, yes” (laughter)

Regis: “and what happened?”

Daniel: “well, I’m not gonna tell you that!”
Kelly: “it must be very difficult though cause the paparazzi must chase you every where, your girlfriend at the time every where”

Daniel: “it was, it was sort of alright. I mean possibly it will change when I do turn 18. They might get more aggressive but for now it’s sort of been ok so far. Yeah”

Kelly: “right”

Daniel: “we came up with a good way to trick them actually or just make their jobs pointless because um, when I was doing Equus earlier in the year they were at the stage door every night. And when we would come out they would be taking photos. So what we ended up doing was wearing the same jacket and hat every night so they could take pictures for four months and it would look like the same day.” (laughter)

Kelly: “oh the same, oh very smart”

Daniel: “yeah”

Regis: “Equus, you played the young boy of course in Equus”

Daniel: “yes, not the old psychiatrist”

Regis: “no, but there’s a nudity scene in Equus”

Daniel: “yes, there is yes.”

Regis: “total nudity”

Daniel: “yes, I also blind 6 horses which I think is a bigger deal.. But no one else seemed to agree with me at the time.”

Kelly: “you mean you blind them with your nudity?” (laughter)

Daniel: “no, yes, oh my God (as he mimes looking away in horror) no, um, no, its”

Regis: “He’s back!”

Daniel: “no, its um, I blind them with a hoof pick.”

Kelly: “oh right”

Host: “well I mean did it bother you to expose yourself like that?”

Daniel: “um, not really, I mean, I, I suppose”

Regis: “what are you proud of yourself” (laughter)

Daniel: “I didn’t mind, I sort of, I spoke to Gary Oldman about it, who plays Sirius in the films, because I know he’s been naked on stage hundreds of times. So I just said to him, I said you know ‘what’s it like?’ and he said ‘it’s terrifying the first time you do it and it’s terrifying the second time and after that you really won’t care’. And you don’t. You get use to it surprisingly quickly, yeah ”

Regis: “was it difficult for you to go on from Harry Potter to, you know, total nudity.”

Daniel: “yeah, that wasn’t, that was, Jo Rowling actually came and saw the, the play and at the end of it said that ‘right you’re gonna be naked in seven all the time’ (laughter) but um, I don’t, I think she was lying, I hope. No, I don’t think it was, the part it was challenging to play that character but the nudity thing was just part of it, you know”

Regis: “and it’s a great play”

Daniel: “it’s a very great play”

Regis: “we’re gonna pause, take a break. When we come back we’re gonna talk about Daniel’s new movie in just a moment.”

Kelly: “you know I just wanna go back, I just wanna go back for a minute with the nudity. One last nudity thing”

Regis: “again with the nudity!”

Kelly: “yes, I can’t get my mind”

Regis: “can’t get it outta your mind”

Kelly: “I thought about it, where have I seen nudity before. I’ve scene nudity before. You’re not the only one whose done nudity around here.

Daniel: “oh, ok”

Kelly: “we’ve done nudity on this show”

Daniel: “oh ok”

Kelly (cuts to a picture of supposedly Regis nude): “yes (audience roars)”

Daniel: “Regis!”

Kelly: “yes, Regis right there, heavily pixelated, heavily! Yes, oh right that was on vacation (shows video of golfing nude)”

Daniel: “lucky man”

Kelly: “I remember that well (as more video shows)”

Daniel: “oh, no”

Kelly: “yes”
Regis: “where was that Porto Rico?”

Daniel: “I loved the woman who was going (mimes covering his eyes and looking away)”

Kelly: “yes, shielding her eyes”

Regis: “she couldn’t handle it”

Kelly: “ you blinded the horse, he blinded the tourists”

Regis: “anyway Harry, (holding up a copy of Details magazine) how did you like the

Daniel: “Daniel!”

Regis: “Daniel”

Daniel: “come on man (laughter then pointing to magazine cover) It says it right there!”

Regis: “I know, it says “from sissy sorcerer to dirty Harry”

Daniel: “yes”

Regis: “whoa details! Alright so listen. Lets talk about this movie. What is, this is a darker more complex look at Harry Potter right?”

Daniel: “yeah”

Regis: “and the world he lives in”

Daniel: “definitely, I mean we say it every year but it is um, darker, it, it is, it’s really genuinely scary in parts. It’s really gonna have people on the edge of their seats I hope. So you know, I’m really, really proud of it.”

Regis: “oh yeah”

Kelly: “how is it for you, do you read the book and then read the script and then you know”

Daniel: “yeah, um I sort of will generally reread the book before I go.
And also sometimes, like on the plane coming to new yor the other day, David Yates whose directed the fifth film and is also directing the sixth, was sitting on the plane with the script in one hand and the book in the other. Just sort of going over them and you know, comparing them and trying”

Regis: “interesting”

Daniel: “yeah, so that’s how it works. You sorta use them in conjunction with each other”

Kelly: “and have you read the final book yet? Do you get ”

Daniel: “no, I’m not one of the ten”

Kelly: “no kidding!”

Regis: “now they say that this is the last; the absolutely last”

Daniel: “it is”

Regis: “the last Harry Potter book”

Daniel: “yes”

Regis: “now how do you think the end should come for Harry Potter? Should he live happily ever after?”

Daniel: “No. (laughter) That would be ridiculous, um , and Jo’s not that kind of um, writer I don’t think”

Regis: “but on the other hand are you saying that Harry might die?”

Daniel: “he might too! I think, I think”

Regis: “isn’t that kinda a sad way to end a sorta glorious life?”

Daniel: “I know at least 2 people are going to die, major characters; JK Rowling has said, so one of them could be Harry. I don’t think, I think Harry will ultimately live, um but I think he will have to pay some terrible price, probably. There’s gonna be a really happy read folks! (laughter) No, it will be, I mean I can’t wait. I’m incredibly excited.”

Regis: “this is also like the finally of the Soprano’s”

Kelly: “yeah”

Daniel: “that’s been compared so many times that’s been said to me”

Regis: “yeah”

Kelly; “oh that would be interesting if she ended the book by tearing the last page out (laughter) and you guys would be like (mimes a ‘what’ kind of look)

Daniel: “yeah, that would be”

Regis: “well something to look forward to anyway. But here lets take a look at this latest movie”

Daniel: “yeah”

Regis: “which opens what , today”

Daniel: “yeah, I think its already opened actually at midnight”

Regis: “oh that’s right the kids all flooded the theatres.”

Kelly: “ some must have been sleeping outside of the theatres.”

Regis: “in this particular clip you’re teaching the other wizards how to defend themselves against the dark arts”

Daniel: “yes”

(shows clip from OOTP of Harry teaching the Patronus charm)

Regis: “training other wizards”

Kelly: “it’s just like the book”

Regis: “well this one is called ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’, it opens today. And Daniel thank you.”

Kelly: “thank you and happy birthday”

Daniel: “thank you so much”


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