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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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11 July 2007

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Interview with Dan to promote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


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Conan O’Brien: “My first guest stars as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films. The latest Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opens today. Please welcome Daniel Radcliffe”

Daniel Radcliffe: “Hello everybody!”

Conan: “Wow, (audience continues to roar and scream) That’s nice eh.”

Daniel: “That’s a friendly welcome”

Conan: “No, no it’s you it’s you”

Daniel: “Oh wonderful, good.”

Conan: “That should feel good”

Daniel: “That feels very good. Thank you very much indeed for that lovely welcome”

Conan: “You’re so polite, you’re such a, you’ve been here of course before.”

Daniel: “yes”

Conan: “You’re such a nice person”

Daniel: “Oh thank you very much but it’s all acting. I’ve been throwing things back stage.”

Conan: “I heard you trashed your dressing room.”

Daniel: “yes” (laughter)

Conan: “I understand you’re excited today because you’re very excited about our musical guest today. Art Brut, is that right?”

Daniel: “oh yeah, that’s right. I’ve just met them back stage actually and their very, very cool. And I saw them at Reading two years ago and I’ve said all this to them so they’ll be watching back stage going we’ve heard this.”

Conan: “right”

Daniel: “I saw them at Reading two years ago and I hadn’t really heard much of their stuff and I saw them and they were the most entertaining thing of the whole weekend. They were great.”

Conan: “So this is a big festival this Reading?”

Daniel: “Reading is a big music festival in England.”

Conan: “I would think, now a music festival there’s thousands and thousands of people and you’re not separated. Don’t you get hassled at something like that? Do people recognise you and bothering you?”

Daniel: “Surprisingly little really. It doesn’t happen often. Its amazing at what states people can be in when they do recognise you because there was one guy; I was actually walking through this array of slumped bodies on the grass. They weren’t dead! They were sleeping. ”

Conan: “They were sleeping it off (huge laughter)”

Daniel: “Yes, exactly. But then there was this one guy who woke up and he was clearly totally out of it and he was like “Harry Potter” (in a very slurred type speech) and then just (mimes collapsing back to sleep) (huge laughter again) My feet don’t touch the ground in this chair. That’s very depressing.”

Conan: “We’ll get you another chair don’t worry about it.”

Daniel: “I’ll sit slightly forward.”

Conan: “No that’s fine. Now can you, these movies, you are the face of the most recognisable character in books and in film in the last ten years. Can you lead a normal life?”

Daniel: “Yeah, I can actually, surprisingly so. I mean people sort of expect that I’m mobbed all the time. But it doesn’t generally happen. Possibly it might change when I’m 18 the paparazzi might get more aggressive but I’m ready for that. That’ll be fine. Generally it’s absolutely fine, yeah.”

Conan: “And do you find that when people do stop you they’re probably very nice about it.”

Daniel: “They’re all very nice. That’s the thing, you get some celebrities whining on about being recognised in the street and things and actually they’re not throwing stuff at you! They’re actually being very nice.”

Conan: “That’s your experience. ”

Daniel: “You’ve had a different experience have you.”

Conan: “I’m constantly beaten”

Daniel: “Excellent”

Conan: “Beaten within an inch; people will be walking down the streets of New York ‘Where’s O’Brien’! Now that’s my experience. Now I’m glad to hear you’re having a more pleasing time of it”

Daniel: “yeah, ok”

Conan: “Now, I noticed this before but didn’t say anything but you’re eyes are quite large (audience laughs). This is good for film. Very good. It’s a good thing. They’re luminous. You have large luminous eyes that are hypnotising me at this very moment”

Daniel: “well, you have beautiful hair. (audience hoots loudly)”

Conan: “Thank you Daniel.”

Daniel: “That’s the thing. Chris Columbus who directed the first two movies said I had quite melancholy eyes”

Conan: “yeah”

Daniel: “Which is I think because they are quite large. Freakishly so some would say.”

Conan: “No, you could just look right into that camera right there and hypnotise people.”

Daniel: “That light’s gone off. Oh he’s back.”

Conan: “See look at those eyes right there. (as Daniel stares into the camera and it zooms in) Look at that everyone is falling under your spell right now.”

Daniel: “Oh my God, I could hypnotise the whole nation.”

Conan: “Yes you could right now. You could change the course of the United States history right now. You’re very lucky to have that.”

Daniel: “Oh thank you.”

Conan: “I have very suspicious squirrelly eyes. ”

Daniel: “Yes, you do.”

Conan: “Little beady rat eyes.”

Daniel: “The thing is you’re doing that with your hands at the same time doesn’t help.”

Conan: “Yeah I know it doesn’t help”

Daniel: “It creates that sort of vermin image.”

Conan: “Yeah I know”

Daniel: “Sorry, I said the word vermin about you and I didn’t mean to.”

Conan: “It’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in quite a while. You know what I want to do. We have so much to talk about lets take a break. More with Daniel Radcliffe in just a second so stick around.”

Daniel: “yes”

Conan: “welcome back. We’re sitting here with Daniel Radcliffe. You are going to turn 18 in two weeks is that right?”

Daniel: “Two weeks time yes”

Conan: “Do you have big plans. Eighteenth birthday that’s a big one.”

Daniel: “( scream from audience) thank you one person. Not anything big planned because I don’t want people to read about it. ”

Conan: “right. Well it’s funny cause you know other young celebrities whenever they have an eighteenth birthday; some of them have been on this show talking about when they turn 18 it’s always I’m going to Vegas, we’re renting out a giant party space and we’re gonna blow everything up. (audience is laughing) Party space, yeah, it’s clear I get out a lot. One of those party bubbles. Some elixir will be served. But you know, they’re always talking about some crazy scheme and you’re not gonna do that are you?”

Daniel: “No. Because, I dunno, that just doesn’t appeal to me particularly. I think just friends and a room. So yeah a party space is all I’m after really.”

Conan: “You condescending…”

Daniel: “sorry, all I meant, I just meant to patronize you, it’s really good cause you’re a lot older than me. ”

Conan: “yes Conan, thanks a lot pal. ”

Daniel: “this is going worse”

Conan: “he’s this old carrot headed man in America who thought ‘party space’ was the word for it.”

Daniel: “yes”

Conan: “You’ve been, when I was 18 I hadn’t done anything yet. I mean NOTHING. I had been in a room with a comic book. I’d never seen sunlight until I was in my early thirties. And you have done so much by the age of 18. Do you ever feel like you’re older than you really are?”

Daniel: “My friend actually did once say, My best friend is a guy called Will (laughter)and he’s like, that wasn’t funny. That was just a sentence. My best friend’s a guy called Will. He’s worked on all the Harry Potter films. I think he’s 40 or 41 and he’s great. I did once heard him say ‘God I hate young people’ and I said ‘but I’m a young person’. He said ‘no you’re not Dan. You’re an old person in a young person’s husk’. Which I thought was quite weird.”

Conan: “Probably because you’ve lived so much.”

Daniel: “Yeah, I’ve spent a lot of time around adults from quite a young age so I suppose that meant I had to grown up fast I guess.”

Conan: “I was thinking about this today. You were 11 years old when you did the first Harry Potter.”

(cute picture on screen of 11 year old Daniel as Harry, everyone ‘awhhs’)

Daniel: “11 yeah, oh now that was unnecessary!”

Conan: “It is kinda unnecessary. You’re 11 years old when you do the first one; now most of us, and I’ll just talk about myself. I’m so glad my adolescence isn’t on film. That would be a travesty. Do you ever find yourself flipping around the channels at night and suddenly you come across an early Harry Potter film…”

Daniel: “Oh yes! It’s horrible!”

Conan: “and look at yourself. It’s horrible?”

Daniel: “Terrible, yes! ”

Conan: “really!”

Daniel: “I was once flicking around the film channels and I came across the first film and it was just horrendous! I was just shocked by myself and how young I was. It was, I genuinely, I was totally sincerely thought something was wrong with the sound because my voice was so high. I thought I couldn’t possibly, no one would have taken me seriously. ”

Conan: “right”

Daniel: “But evidently I did.”

Conan: “That’s clearly just your reaction. No one else feels that way.”

Daniel: “Well that’s, I hope not.”

Conan: “yeah, at least you’re voice is going down. My voice never did that. (in a very high pitch voice) ‘High America how are ya, lets have a party in a party space’. I know you’re passionate about music.”

Daniel: “yes”

Conan: “What else are you passionate about. Just to get a feel for…”

Daniel: “I like reading and things like that. That’s a very vague answer for you. But also a passion of mine which is a completely alien concept to anyone born in this country is cricket.”

Conan: “Cricket!”

Daniel: “Shout out if anybodies ever been to a cricket match? (hoots from the audience) YES, that’s excellent news.”

Conan: “That’s great.”

Daniel: “yes”

Conan: “So those are cricket bats they are carry here to hurt me. I’ve watched some cricket.”

Daniel: “Have you?”

Conan: “And I, well when I travelled I’ve watched some of it on television. And I don’t understand it at all! It doesn’t look like anything’s happening.”

Daniel: “Well that’s the thing, it is a sport, I’m quite a pedantic person. So I enjoy sports with loads of unnecessary rules and complications. Which is essentially what cricket is. ”

Conan: “Yes”

Daniel: “It frustrates a lot of people because some times you can play for five days and still be a draw at the end.”

Conan: “YES! A game can go on for like a week or something.”

Daniel: “Years.”

Conan: “Yeah”

Daniel: “I mean there’s matches playing now. The teams have to get new players cause they’re just dying. (huge laughter)”

Conan: “game called on account of old age. (more huge laughter)”

Daniel: “It is something that I absolutely love. But as I say I don’t expect you all to ; no actually I do expect you all to get into it now that I’ve told you about it. (more laughter)”

Conan: “That’s the power you have now”

Daniel: “I can look in to the camera”

Conan: “Hypnotise America, Watch cricket, Love cricket. We have a clip here from the latest Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So what do we need to know to appreciate this clip?”

Daniel: “I’ve forgotten which one it is.”

Conan: “Well, I think you’re magic”

Daniel: “oh right”

Conan: “and you’re with your pals”

Daniel: “Oh do you mean about the film in general?”

Conan: “yes”

Daniel: “I thought you meant about the clip specifically. Basically, ”

Conan: “well the clip specifically but some one here has to tell us what the clip is.”

(off-camera, someone says Alan Rickman)

Daniel: “Oh, it’s Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape, thank you very much Frank. ”

Conan: “That’s even a guy who doesn’t work for our show. Some one just ran out of the crowd ‘Alan Rickman’”

Daniel: “He might be wrong”

Conan: “yeah”

Daniel: “It’s him infiltrating my mind. And that’s essentially it. So it’s a happy clip.”

Conan: “Lets take a look at this clip from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”

(cuts to clip of Harry’s first Occlumency lesson with Snape)

Conan: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is in theatres and IMax now. And you know Daniel you’re one of my favourite people to talk to. You’re a very nice person and very talented and I wish you all the best.”

Daniel: (shaking hands)“thank you very much indeed.”

Conan: “That’s Daniel Radcliffe.”

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