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by ClaireJul 22, 2008
Production Information

Channel (Country): (USA)

Original Air Date:

June 2007

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:


Interview with Dan to promote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



Transcribed by Estelle for
(we jump right in with Daniel and the male host talking sports to start with)

Daniel: “who was that? Pittsburgh…”

Host: “Steelers”

Daniel: “Pittsburgh Steelers, cool alright”

Host: “they’re the greatest football team known to man”

Daniel: “they’ve won then?”

Host: “We’ve won super bowl four times”

Daniel: “oh really”

Host: “We’ve been kinda sucking lately but I’m sure they’re gonna come around”

Daniel: “sure”

Host: “and I’m convinced if you root for them now we’ll be good cause I see your passion fro the game”

Daniel: “here we go Pittsburgh Steelers, yes. Was Pittsburgh a steel making town then?”

Host: “It was a long time ago yes. ”

Daniel: “Oh, ok, cool”

Host: “not any more though”

Daniel: “cool. Then I’ll have to root for them when I’m in American then”

Host: “You should! And will!”

Daniel: “will absolutely”

Host: “so uh, is it a passion for you, Cricket?”

Daniel: “Yes. It is absolutely, yeah”

Host: “Are you one of those, do you go to the games or do you just yell at the TV?”

Daniel: “No, I, I yell at the TV allot but when I will be going to my first game later this year so I’ve very, very excited”

Host: “Why haven’t you been to one yet?”
Daniel: “Cause I only got into it like a year ago and I’ve been so busy that I didn’t get a chance. So I’m very excited now, yeah”

Host: “Do you have like a jersey and everything?”

Daniel: “I have one I made myself. Which is really basically just a white t-shirt form GAP with writing on it. (laughing)”

Host: “That’s pretty sad! You need to go out and get and official”

Daniel: “That’s depressing! It’s not sad!”

Host: “You should just make a phone call and say you know I’m Daniel Radcliffe”

Daniel: “I’m 12 and one of the judges now”

Host: “I demand a jersey”

Daniel: “If the players could wear the jersey’s with my name on them that would be excellent. Um, anyway…”

Host: “Well this is my first Harry Potter, um uh, junket”

Daniel: “ok”

Host: “and I’m very excited. I’ve wanted to all this time and it’s like, my expectations of you have always been I’ve only known you as Harry. Then I saw you on Extras.”

Daniel: “(laughing) oh right”

Host: “Then I’m like (give two thumbs up). Anyone that can make fun of themselves like that.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Host: “I know is gonna be a cool person.”

Daniel: “Well the thing is, you know, everyone does expect me to be like that so I well why don’t I just give it to them and they can laugh at me. Cause that’s how everybody does, I think have an image of what the child star is and um, as I’m sorta trying to move away from that I thought it would be fun to parodit, um, parody it on the way.”

Host: “yeah, was that one of the reasons for doing Equus too?”

Daniel: “That was, that was, um, just to, to Equus, anybody who got the chance to be in Equus, um, along side Richard Griffiths, directed by Thea Sharrock, um, is, it would be very stupid to turn that down as a 16 year old actor that I was. Sorry 17 year old actor as I was when I started it’s um, it’s, it’s an amazing experience for me”

Host: “Now of all the Harry Potter books this is the one I liked the least but I liked the movie the most. It’s really different. I didn’t like Harry in the book but yet Harry was a lot less, uh, more likeable I think in the movie. Was there any talk about making him more darker in this one than he was?”

Daniel: “um, there, there, there was, uh, there was talk, I mean we all new this was gonna be a darker film because the book is darker and we all, we wanted to as well as getting the anger in there, and there’s a lot of anger in the book and rightly so, but, but also there’s, there’s uh, a lot of real sadness and I think a lot of the anger comes from not understanding why he’s sad or lonely or in pain. I think that’s where a lot of the anger comes form. I think, you know, me and David thought it might be just as interesting to focus sort of more on the, the, the reflective side of the anger rather than the out and out shouting.”

Host: “Is it difficult to have a new director come in? Cause you’ve already pretty much established how everything works with the character because you are Harry Potter.”

Daniel: “Right but also, I mean, it’s not difficult, I mean, I think it’s fantastic. I think it keeps the films fresh. It stops us all from getting complacent. I think its all a really brilliant thing, a luxury to have these brilliant directors come in and working with us. And I mean, ’cause you know, obviously we’ve been established now for four or five years in these parts, there’s so much room for improvement and growth in there that each time, you know, a new director comes on he will spur some more of that growth. Particularly with David. He’s got such enthusiasm and vigour for life. He’s just a brilliant man and a brilliant director, you know. He um, he really spurs us all on to get better and to improve which is fantastic.”

Host: “We were talking about how obsessive we are with sports and so forth. There are people out there who are just as obsessive with these books and movies!”

Daniel: “Oh more so.”

Host: “So what’s it like. Are you a super star when you go out onto the street”

Daniel: “um, no not really. I do sometimes get recognised and stopped but most of the time the people that do it are actually generally really nice and friendly and none of them have ever been particularly nasty or anything. The only times it’s got a little bit hectic was, well there’s been a couple, but most recently I was in Spain. This was a while ago, probably a year and a half ago or something, but I um, I was in a science museum and I’m a bit geeky like that I’d been really excited about going to the science museum. So when I got there everything was in Spanish so I don’t understand it, and then this girl recognised me and if I had been recognised by a sorta shy Spanish girl it would have been fine but I got, I got recognised by the loudest 12 year old girl in Spain. As so as she saw me she started shouting and screaming and in the end I pushing past people on the escalator just to dash out of the science museum. But at that moment, you know, though stuff like that is very weird, it’s actually very, very funny.”

Host: “I would think that they would want to yell spells at you or something as you are walking by.”

Daniel: “They, no, no that has never happened and I hope it doesn’t happen now that you’ve given them the idea.”

Host: “(looking into camera) Ask him! He wants you to do a patronus spell. He’s begging you to do it!”

Daniel: “please”

Host: “so if you see him on the street Daniel Radcliffe and say…, lets end with the big Go Steelers!”

Daniel: “(raising his arms in a loud cheer) GO STEELERS!”

Host: “YES, thank you so much”

Daniel: “(shaking hands) thank you very much indeed”

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