Production Information

Channel (Country):

Cartoon Network (USA)

Original Air Date:

4 June 2004

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:


Interviews with HP cast, also featured coverage from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premiere in New York City.

The funny faces are from a segment entitled “Emotion Wizard”, where Dan had to change his expressions to match different moods of music played on a soundtrack



Nzinga: Does Harry have any other scars?

Tommy: Yeah, he has like a lightning scar (points to forehead)

Nzinga: …bolt, yeah…

Dan: Mental scars? Or physical scars?

Nzinga: Oh, that’s a good one! Hey… that’s a good point, huh?

Dan: His parents died very young, so that scarred him. Other scars… I don’t think so. But he should, you know, really he should because…

Tommy: He falls a lot.

Dan: …he falls a lot, exactly. But on the fourth film he does actually get some because on the fourth film, he gets beaten up by a dragon – we’ve already done this bit actually – but basically, the dragon in the first task, the tail cuts into his shoulder and he gets – the scars are AWESOME! – and I get one there, one there, one there (points to places on his left shoulder) and two on my back as well and it looks amazing.

Nzinga: Do you have any scars that you’d like to talk about?

Rupert: No, but I did that on the plane (points to a cut on his hand).

Nzinga: Ow!

Rupert: It’s not really that impressive…

Nzinga: But it’s cool!

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