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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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23 March 2007

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Dan made a guest appearance on this talk show to talk about Equus, as well as his continuing role portraying Harry Potter.

CONTENT WARNING: Video clips and transcript contain adult humor and mild swearing.



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Jonathan: “Shall we see ladies and gentlemen, who is in my green room this evening? The first show of the series? Why don’t we have a look? My first guest is an actor. He was Harry Potter. Now he’s on stage wowing them in the West Wnd in Equus. It is Mr. Daniel Radcliffe.” (Looks over to the green room screen)

(Audience bursts into screams and applause as Daniel waves)

Daniel: “hello”

Jonathan: “Daniel and there’s a good looking fellow. You’re a good looking young man Daniel”

Daniel: “thank you Johnathan. You’re a very good looking old man”

Jonathan: “now, Daniel we might as well get this out of the way early, um, in Equus, as you may have read, Daniel has a full frontal nude scene. (gives Daniel a quizzical look) alright, now I have witnessed this and all I can say ladies is I can assure you it’s not only the Harry Potter books that have got longer as the years go by. (Huge laughter) I’m glad I was upstairs! Downstairs a woman came out holding her eye (he puts his hand over his eye) cause he flung ‘er out there. You want to be careful!”

Daniel: (laughing): “thank you very much, yes”

Jonathan: “My next guest is a very talented…” fade out…

Jonathan: “Should we get my first guest out?”

Audience: “YEAH!!!”

Jonathan: “Wonderful, why don’t we. He’s earned a fortune as Harry Potter. I hope he’s saved it up because I’ve had a word with J.K. Rowling and apparently she kills him off half way through the next one. (Laughter) Will you please welcome Daniel Radcliffe!”

Singers (as Daniel comes on stage); “he’s our man to take his clothes off, too have a good time, oh no, he just dance and party, all night, and drink some cherry wine, uh-uh.”

Daniel (turning to singers): “Thank You very much indeed, thank you.”

Jonathan: “Daniel welcome back, thank you very much for coming back on the program.”

Daniel: “Thank you no, it’s like a second home now it’s wonderful.”

Jonathan: “oh God bless ya. I rather like this look (rubbing his chin). Is this for the play. The beard thing you’ve grown here?”

Daniel: “it is, that’s very flattering on you to call it a beard. My friend texted me the other day and said ‘what’s that crap on your chin’ (laughter) I said it’s a beard actually”

Jonathan: “it’s, it’s nearly a beard isn’t it. It’s kind of a “

Daniel: “it’s getting there ya”

Jonathan: “a demi-beard”

Daniel: “no but it’s not bad for 17 (looking into the audience) you know! “

Jonathan: “that’s not bad for 17 at all (crowd applauds)

Daniel: “Thank you! That does deserve applause. You’re absolutely right. (Turning back to Johnathan) Yes.”

Jonathan; “I tried growing a beard many years ago and it cam out quite gingery (as he rubs along the sides of his jaw) as the sides, you know.”

Daniel: “I know. I was worried about that ‘cause my friend Will gets that, and he, he has a bit of (as he gestures to his jaw) and I was terrified of that happening because”

Jonathan: “are you gonna keep it do you think after the play finishes?”

Daniel: (making a “Jeez, I dunno” kinda face) “uh, I dunno. I think it looks a bit, I dunno how good it actually looks. It’s sorta like half there. Your hairs 4 inches apart on my top lip so its”

Jonathan: “no, you know what you should do is get a bit of mascara and put it in” (he gestures like he is putting on mascara on a moustache)

Daniel (looking at Jonathan like he’s mental): “you’ve done that”

Jonathan; “Yeah, (burst into laughter) Um, now listen Daniel delivers a terrific performance in Equus. I went over to see Equus in the West End this week. Congratulations it is a fabulous performance.”

Daniel: “thank you, thank you very much indeed”

Jonathan: “I imagine a lot of people go along and they, they know in advance, they know you of course for being Harry Potter, you know”

Daniel: “yep”

Jonathan: “its one of the most famous film series in the history of the cinema. Uh, some people probably go there to see you just for than reason. Other people, even if they’ve gone to see the play are aware of that, uh, within 2 minutes of you being out there on stage I think everyone’s forgotten that. It’s a. it’s a tremendous performance.”

Daniel; “oh thank you, I mean that’s the, its been a really positive thing because I mean lots of people who have seen it sorta come out saying, you know, even people I know well sort of forgot it was me. Which is great.”

Jonathan: “yeah”

Daniel: “if you can make people do that then your there, you know, its great”

Jonathan: “yeah, well it’s a, it’s a peculiar role. It’s a very challenging role.”

Daniel: “Yeah”

Jonathan: “did you choose it on purpose? ‘Cause it’s about as far away from Harry Potter as you could get”

Daniel; “yeah it is”

Jonathan: “was that part of the thinking?”

Daniel: “it was, uh, it’s not as much that I want to distance myself Harry Potter ‘cause I’m incredibly proud of them and I loved doing them and its great fun. And all that; It’s um, its was something that I to, to, the whole point about doing something different is to prove that you can do other stuff. And that you’re not just going to go on doing the same film until HP 97.”

Jonathan; “yep”

Daniel: “and so you know, hopefully it’s achieved that.”

Jonathan: “but did you say ‘I’m really looking for a part because the character that you play, I don’t wanna spoil the play, but he’s, he’s”

Daniel: “he’s deeply disturbed”

Jonathan: “a very deeply troubled young man. He’s molested animals due to some sort of weird”

Daniel: “not, not so much molested um, I’d like to make this distinction” (he and audience laughs)

Jonathan (giving a very ‘oh yeah kinda look’); “that’s what I got from the play that you were this, that you were a horse molester.” (Another ‘so there kinda look)

Daniel: “well he uh,”

Jonathan: “or maybe that just what I got from you, I dunno” (shaking his head laughter)

Daniel: “he rides them; he rides them naked and does get off on it.”

Jonathan; “yeah, ok and then”

Daniel; “yeah”

Jonathan; “and then he does something horrible to them at the end”

Daniel: “um, and he does something”

Jonathan; “I think that’s molestation” (with a determined look at Daniel)

Daniel; “yeah um, yeah alright I’ll, yeah fine”.

Jonathan: “right”

Daniel: “even have sources”

Jonathan: “By the way he has a, let’s call it, a strange relationship”

Daniel; “yeah”

Jonathan: “with animals”

Daniel; “yeah definitely” (as he squirms in his seat)

Jonathan: “but it, were you scared about doing it at all? Obviously we’ll get to some of the more obvious reasons why it was a challenge but certainly it’s a very demanding role. You’re on stage for a lot and it calls for a certain, um, level of acting ability and skill and you’re not known for your stage work previously so”

Daniel: “no not at all”

Jonathan: “were you intimidated by the part?”

Daniel: “I mean um, yeah, yeah I was. I was into, not so much by the part. I mean obviously it is as you said very challenging. It sorta just, the thing of going on stage and doing it and being able to. ‘Cause when you filming you sort get out there and do what you do how ever many takes. You sorta get breaks in between and it’s about that sustaining the energy for 2 ½, 2 ¼ hours or however long it is.”

Jonathan: “Does that make it easier in some ways thought because when you’re making a movie of course, and I’m sure most people know this, sometimes you’ll shoot the middle sequence right at the beginning”

Daniel; “yeah”

Jonathan: “the end at the third day, whereas here”

Daniel; “yeah, it does make it easier in terms of getting into the part, but I mean its weird ‘cause its one of those things where you come out on quite an intense note ‘cause basically the first time I’m come out in the play I scream television jingles at the psychiatrist. Which is quite a level to come in on um, ‘cause you got nothing before that really.”

Jonathan; “yeah”

Daniel; “but it was, um, you know, its going well.”

Jonathan: “now”

Daniel; “hopefully it will continue to.”

Jonathan: “we have a photograph. That’s not in the uh, the play so were not”

Daniel (as he turns to look at the scene behind him): “no”

(Picture is one of the promotional ones of Dan standing with his back to the horse arms outstretched)

Jonathan: “there’s no actual animals in the…”

Daniel; “I was (pointing at the picture) tensing my stomach muscle for about 2 hours, I almost fainted.”

(Audience laughs)

Jonathan: “well ok, lets deal with the uh, nudity on the, on stage, because I was told in advance that Daniel is completely naked on stage (Daniel is shaking his head yes) and I did, I did not see it.”

Daniel (leaning forward slightly and looking at him stunned): “What!?” (Laughter)

Johnathan: “When does it happen in the play?”

Daniel: “well, we, uh, it happens near the end me and Joanna both get our kits off.”

Jonathan: “was it when the girl gets her clothes off?”

Daniel: “AH! Right! “(Laughter)

Jonathan: “I see”

Daniel: “I do it at the same time”

Jonathan: “that was a, that was a treat. I didn’t know that was coming.”

Daniel; “yeah”

Jonathan: “I was muddied up”

Daniel: “I was um”

Jonathan: “she gets completely naked !”

Daniel: “she does yes, she does. Joanna’s great. Jo’s fantastic, She’s a real love, but it was one of those things I was thinking (shows the picture of Daniel sitting in the hay and Joanna standing in front of him) even though I am naked on stage and that’s going to be very scary I will have Joanna to distract myself with.”

Jonathan: “yeah but now”

Daniel: “which is a comfort (laughter), she’s great”

Jonathan: “are you not worried about distraction because (laughter – Dan is rubbing his temple and laughing)) when I was your age if there was another young person, young lady near by naked it wouldn’t have mattered where I was at the time (laughter) things would have been moving!”

Daniel:” I know, well this is the thing, was that it really, really doesn’t (laughter), when you’ve got 950 people staring at you, that was; I was really worried about it. But it really, (moving his hands across his front in a “nope nothing” gesture”) nothing, there’s, its so not even entering your head.”

Jonathan: “Well God bless ya, that was a great thing. Were you panicked the first night?”

Daniel; “yeah”

Jonathan: “did you”

Daniel: “we that the thing about me and Jo we, we sorta get on really well. If we were, if we were doing this scene with that level of intimacy with someone you really, really hated it would be awful.”

Jonathan: “yeah”

Daniel: “but we sorts get on really well which is great in the play so its fine.”

Jonathan: “have you said to her ‘we should have sex anyway’ just to, so its (huge laughter) so it’s not awkward when we’re out there together.”

Daniel: “I, I, I no. (Really huge laughter) Because she has very lovely and very big boyfriend.”

Jonathan: “fair enough, fair enough”

Daniel: “who um, would, would, I wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a fight with him.”

Jonathan: “Uh, I know you’re acting. You’re playing another person up on stage there but initially at least, I don’t want to give away what happens but you initially go through the motions of the, of the, uh, act of intercourse.”

Daniel; “yes”

Jonathan: “were you worried about”

Daniel: “With the horse or with the girl?”

Jonathan: “with the girl”

Daniel: “with the girl, ok, again another important distinction to make.” (Laughter)

Jonathan: “maybe the sequel you can get a horse.”

Daniel laughing: “yeah “

Jonathan: “um, were you concerned at all about people analysing you technique? Thinking…” (Makes a kinda thinker face)

Daniel laughing: “well there was, in the, in, in, during rehearsals, um, Thea our director, did say, did, was saying to me telling us what position to get into. She said ‘Dan I’m not criticizing your technique’ and I said ‘no it’s fine believe me many have’. (Huge laughter) um, it’s um, but she was exactly”

Jonathan: “Dan your 17 not that many have”

Daniel: “no, no, no fair enough”.

Jonathan: “yep, maybe 1 or 2”

Daniel; “no, but a few people have many times”

Jonathan: “ok,”

(Laughter and applause)

Jonathan: “uh, well, now I don’t know if you knew about my acting past, Daniel”

Daniel: “I didn’t! But tell me.”

Jonathan: “ok well, when I was at London University (as he straightens his tie unnecessarily) back in the day I uh, played Wiglaf in the university performance”

Daniel: “a what? (Laughing) sorry”

Jonathan: “I was Wiglaf in Beowulf the London university drama society”

Daniel: “oh, right ok”

Jonathan: “so it was quite a radical interpretation of, it was almost like Tarantinoff with Snape.”

Daniel: “have we got pictures of this” (he points to the screen behind)

Jonathan: “no, sadly not they’ve all be destroyed but I grew, that’s when I grew my beard ‘cause I was a Viking.”

Daniel: “oh, right ok”

Jonathan: “but we had to start ‘cause we wanted to shock the audience; we started with the ceremonial rape of a dead Viking’s wife.” (Pause) we were young, (laughter) we thought we’d stir things up. Now, here’s the thing; I’d only had sex with one person up to that point”

Daniel: “right”

Jonathan: “well 2 if your counting me (huge laughter) but with only one other person”

Daniel; “yeah, yeah”

Jonathan: “but we were, so I was quite tentative on stage especially in front of tourists so I just went and did my business (stand to demonstrate a brief encounter with his desk) and walked off” (laughter)

Daniel: “right yeah”

Jonathan: “mainly we were students performing and one bloke, we ran out of students, so a friend said ‘I’ve got a bloke, he’s a builder; he does a bit of acting’. We got this big strapping builder came in and he went in stage and he went, (again we get a much more Elvis like demonstration with the desk), he was on one arm (huge laughter) he was standing on one arm, doing all that here and all that.”

(Shows guests in green room – woman is laughing a lot)

Daniel: “I know, I did that early on but Thea said it just wasn’t appropriate.” (Huge laughter)

Jonathan: “I was intimidated! Uh, maybe on the last night you could try something interesting.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “flip her over”

Daniel: “yeah”

(Jonathan laughs along with audience)

Daniel: “I’m so sorry Joanna!”

Jonathan: “put a riding cap on (gives a little horse riding demo from chair), give her a treat”

(Audience just roars with laughter)

Jonathan: “that would be in keeping with the nature of the”

Daniel: “with Jo, yeah it would keep the theme going”

Jonathan: “yeah, horsy theme”

Daniel: “yeah absolutely”

Jonathan: “uh, but hats off to you. Here’s something once again it’s a, a bold thing and you know people are going to pay more attention to that than they would an actor who wasn’t so famous for”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “for work else where. And you’ve dealt with that I think, you know, admirably.”

Daniel: “thank you”

Jonathan: “because it must have been a little bit tiresome at first, knowing that I was going to go on about it but also I know people who snuck cameras in to take pictures for the newspapers.”

Daniel; “I know, I know it was very funny, there was it’s, the whole camera being inside the theatre was actually quite funny because they make stuff up always, constantly. There was one person that said that me and Richard Griffiths had, had to climb out of a window to get out of the theatre; which is just completely untrue!”

Jonathan: “I don’t think I’ve seen a window that Richard Griffiths could climb out of!” (Laughter)

Daniel; “well, well and that’s similar to what he said you know. He’s a big guy.”

Jonathan: “he’s a brilliantly talented actor but he’s “

Daniel; “he’s a big guy.”

Jonathan: “he’s a giant fellow”

Daniel: “yes”

Jonathan: “by the way before we go on congratulations, because really genuinely,”

Daniel: “oh thank you”

Jonathan:” I was really impressed with the play.”

Daniel: “oh well thank you very much. And do come and see it because there it this misconception going around, the producer called me before the show and saying ‘PLUG THE PLAY DAN’.”

Jonathan: “I thought it was sold out!”

Daniel: “no this is the thing. There are loads of tickets left”

Jonathan: “oh really?”

Daniel; “we, we, its going really well”

Jonathan: “hang on Daniel, Daniel don’t say loads”


Jonathan: “everyone’ll think you’re”

Daniel: “I’m not, were not desperate. I mean come if you want. (as he tries to be nonchalant), um.” (Laughter)

Jonathan: “yeah, there might be a couple left.”

Daniel: “ring up and see”

Jonathan: “call now just in case.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “you don’t want to sound needy.”

Daniel;” no exactly, it’s actually”

Jonathan: “no it’s a great play. I really enjoyed it. And it’s a tremendous piece of work you know, it’s a great team you have Jenny Agutter. “

Daniel: “yeah she’s great”

Jonathan: “but the main roles is you and Richard Griffiths or course. They’re the parts the play was for”

Daniel: “and Richard is fantastic. He is absolutely brilliant in it.”

(Daniel is absent-mindedly picking at the leather couch he is sitting on)

Daniel: “oh I’ve just, I, sh**, I’ve just picked a bit off this sofa (huge laughter). I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Jonathan: “you, you’re a couch molester as well!”

Daniel: “yeah” (laughter)

Jonathan: “let’s talk about Harry Potter”

Daniel: “ok”

Jonathan: “um, how do ya, how do you deal with the real hard core Harry Potter fans who know the books and know the films so well.”

Daniel:”I know, it’s terrifying”

Jonathan: “I would imagine you; you don’t have that kind of knowledge before”

Daniel: “don’t, no, not at all. I mean that’s what, well no (hears a noise from audience and looks out) I mean there incredible, they know everything I mean I, I did an interview awhile ago and they asked me about the prophecy that’s mentioned in the fifth film and I quoted something then I thought ’Oh God I’ve probably got that wrong’ and they just massacre me for it. Um, because they do, they know the books inside out and its, its terrifying”

Jonathan: “but its nice of you to join in like that because I know it must get (camera pans back and a picture of Harry patting Buckbeak is on the screen behind him) a little bit wearisome sometimes. Having people who just want to talk to you about that.”

Daniel: “it’s weird. It doesn’t actually happen very often. That’s, I mean, cause people are always, I don’t because particularly at the moment because I ’m just doing the play everyday. You meet the fans at the stage door but most of them, most of them have come to see the play so that’s what they are talking about.”

Jonathan: “yeah”

Daniel; “so I’ve at least had a little break from that for a while”

Jonathan: “well that’s nice; it’s a really good thing. When is the next movie out? You’ve already finished that film.”

Daniel; “I think it’s in July, I can’t wait for it “

Jonathan: “July”

Daniel: “but I’m not sure and it’s going to be really, really good.”

Jonathan: “this is number 5 of the films isn’t it?”

Daniel:” it is, yes”

Jonathan: “and there’s been the sixth book is already out.”

Daniel; “sixth book is out”

Jonathan: “the seventh book is this year”

Daniel:” it is yeah!”

Jonathan: “have you read the seventh book?”

Daniel: “I don’t think it’s finished yet is it? No, no it probably is actually, no I haven’t”

Jonathan: “do you know roughly what’s going to happen? I know you can’t tell us”

Daniel: “I didn’t, I don’t, I know details but nothing complete, nothing that’s particularly relevant probably. But I um, there was one day when JK Rowling, she actually came out to the set and it was a big day with lots of crowd and background people and I just said to them all ‘ya of course she told me the ending’. and they were all just pest, they all got really up in arms ‘WELL TELL US, TELL US,’ and I was like, ’no I couldn’t possibly, I couldn’t I really couldn’t.’ It was great (laughter) they got really wound up. It was very funny.”

Jonathan: “does it involve the words ‘it was all a dream’” (huge laughter)

Daniel: “that’s,” (laughing)

Jonathan: “‘cause that would be really disappointing “

Daniel: “it would be wouldn’t it? It would be terrible. I don’t think, I hope that’s not the case.”

Jonathan: “they’re great books of course, I’ve read them to my children, and I enjoyed reading them myself as well and she seems like (a picture is put up of JKR and a young Daniel from SS premier) such a nice woman. I haven’t met her”

Daniel (as they show they picture full screen) ”she is”

Jonathan: “she seems like a terribly nice woman.”

Daniel; “no, she is, she’s lovely, she’s and totally, you know, really supportive of the films. ‘Cause I know some authors who have had their books made into movies are very sort of protective and don’t want anything, and aren’t, aren’t. But she’s so accommodating that she just views them as 2 different”

Jonathan: “well they’ve made”

Daniel: “separate entities”

Jonathan: “they’ve made great films out of them. As well”

Daniel: “ya, no, um, um, ya”

Jonathan: “before we, we’ve got a trailer of the new movie, I’m not sure if it is in theatres at all”

Daniel (very excited): “Have you!!! I haven’t seen it yet.”

Jonathan: “oh, you see how excited he is now eh! (Huge laughter) uh, but before we do that let me just show you this picture. Do we have the picture of Daniel and Hermione and uh, (picture of the trio from Sorcerer’s Stone is put up full screen. audience ohhs and awws) look how young! Oh my good Lord. Look at you there.”

Daniel turns sideway on couch to look at screen: “Jeez”

Jonathan: “who would have thought you’d wind up stripping off and molesting horses in public (huge laughter) you seemed like such a nice young man back then.”

Daniel: “I know. It’s incredible isn’t it; what happened!”

Jonathan: “but what, it’s remarkable”

Daniel: “well, its meeting you”

Jonathan: “but that’s, what’s so weird (Johnathan laughs a Daniel’s remark) seeing how you guys have gone and it’s rare for us to follow you through the films where the character grow up and the same actor play them. (Picture of the trio from GOF cast picture is put onto the screen) and there you are just a few years back. I guess or 2 years”

Daniel: “yeah, that was the fourth one yes. Yeah cool, jeez, we even look different now to then.”

Jonathan; “yeah, well of course you’ll keep growing until you hit about 20.”

Daniel: “well I don’t think I will. This is the tragedy. Because um, my Mum’s, she’s back stage watching now probably so she won’t be very happy (laughter), but she’s very short and, and so I’m 5 foot 6 now I think. Me dad’s 5’9 so I think I’ve, I think this is about the level for me. So anybody thinks I’m going to get taller be very disappointed.”

Jonathan: “you know Daniel; I’ve met many of the world’s biggest movie stars. I’m talking actors and all, are they very rarely what you would consider tall. More often than not there”


Jonathan: “they are around 5’6, 5’7 or something like that.”

Daniel: “oh really, oh that’s good. That’s encouraging.”

Jonathan: “yeah I mean Tom Cruise is not a tall man as we all know. (Gesturing to the screen) Thandie [Newton, another guest] has worked, hey Thandie, you’ve worked with Tom haven’t ya.”

Thandie: “yeah”

Jonathan: “um how tall is he compared to Daniel do you think; about the same height; a bit taller?”

Thandie: “Daniel seems taller.”

Daniel: “AH! Wonderful!”

Jonathan: “what a wonderfully gifted man he is also. Did you see; have you seen him in Equus yet?”

Thandie: “no, I wanna go next week. Daniel’s going to get me tickets.”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “never mind that. You can get a preview around back if you want and ask nicely.” (Laughter)

Thandie raising her hand; “I’ll be Jo”

Jonathan: “I’ll be the horse.” (Huge laughter)

Daniel: “oh, right “

Jonathan (makes stabbing motions towards his eyes): “don’t actually do it”

Daniel looking at him suspiciously: “but I’d have to molest you Jonathan”

Jonathan: “yes”

Daniel: “so”

Jonathan: “my plans fall into place brilliantly. (Huge laughter), hey um, we’re gonna have a little bit of it now. I’m so excited about the movie I can’t wait to see it. My kids are really beside themselves. This is from the forthcoming Harry Potter movie (looking at Daniel) and what the actual title of this one?”

Daniel; “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

Jonathan: “Order of the Phoenix”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “check this out.”

(Cuts to full theatre trailer for the OOTP movie. return to great applause)

Daniel: “I’ve genuinely not seen that. COOL. It is isn’t it?”

Jonathan: “ah, has it got easier, uh, making it, ‘cause the special effects technology has moved on considerably in that period I would have thought. It is easier doing things like the flying scenes and some of the magic scenes or are they pretty much the same kind of work”

Daniel: “they did something wonderful on the fifth film which was to change the way we did the flying which was great! ‘Cause it means there is now a slim chance now that I may be able to have children.” (Laughter)

Jonathan; “so was it a thing before”

Daniel; “yeah it was”

Jonathan: “a harness”

Daniel: “it was a harness but it was on a bike saddle. So if anyone has a bicycle, not with them obviously that would be awful, but um, (Daniel comes forward in the couch to demonstrate how they had to sit to shoot the flying scenes before) but if you sit on the bike and then just let your legs hang and don’t put, and then lean forward. Its different for men and it has to be said.”

Jonathan: “I think I saw a German sex film involving something like that. Accidentally! Um,”

Daniel: “yeah”

Jonathan: “so now it’s different”

Daniel: “so now it’s a wider seat so it’s cool.”

Jonathan: “we don’t want to give away the magic but it must be, they must be the days you dreaded them ‘cause”

Daniel: “yeah, yeah it is actually”

Jonathan: “it’s hard working”

Daniel:” it is much harder work”

Jonathan: “but Harry, it’s incredible to be involved in so many movies that have been so important to so many people, is really quite something.”

Daniel: “exactly that’s the great thing. And also if they, if they, they’ve been one of those things, some of them get such a long series of films that the quality of the film decreases with each one. And I think, I genuinely think these ones get better and better.”

Jonathan: “I think they have. No disrespect to the early ones but”

Daniel: “I think, yeah”

Jonathan: “kinda given it their personality.”

Daniel: “and David Yates who’s directed this one is just brilliant.”

Jonathan: “I can’t wait to see the new movie as I’ve said and, and once again I‘ve very much enjoyed you in Equus I thought it was a tremendous performance.”

Daniel: ”Thank you very much”

Jonathan: “if your thinking of going to see Daniel in Equus, I thought it was sold out as well, its weird that that seems to be the”

Daniel: “not its not, it is it is the conception but its not generally so”

Jonathan: “it’s not sold out, yes. so get yourself in while you can ‘cause you’re only there until June aren’t you?”

Daniel: “June 9, yes”

Jonathan: “ok, so if you are a fan of theatre or if you just want to see Harry Potter’s c*** (huge laughter) (Daniel shakes his head and gives the thumbs up) get yourself down there.”

Daniel: “or both! (laughter), um”

Jonathan: “it’s a useful selling point”

Daniel: “yeah, selling point, yeah”

Jonathan: “lovely to see you again, hey thanks for coming on”

Daniel: “not at all, thank you very much for having me here”

Jonathan: “good luck with the, everything this year; Daniel Radcliffe ladies and gentlemen.”

(Large applause)

Daniel: “thank you very much indeed everyone. Thank you. (to Jonathan) do I go back? “

Jonathan: “yep you go back there with them.”

Daniel: “thank you very much it was nice seeing you again.”

Jonathan: “we’ll have a chat afterwards, say hello to your Mum as well, Daniel Radcliffe. (Dan waves) Now before we move on we’ve still got as you know, the lovely Thandie Newton, of course Ricky Hatton; Ricky you all right?”

Ricky: ”not bad.”

Jonathan: “hey didn’t, didn’t he look fit, Daniel looked pretty buff there.”

Ricky: “yeah, he’s filled out since he was Harry Potter, filled out. (camera picks up on Daniel coming into the green room) a bit yeah.”

Jonathan: “because to be honest with you there, oh there is he is. (Daniel rejoins others seated in green room) ‘cause looking at you two, if we had to choose the one who was the boxing champ it would Daniel not old lardy over there (laughter) look at him”

Daniel: “oh come on, don’t say that, I’m sitting right next to him, he might hit me.”

Ricky: “behave yourself “

Laughter – fade out
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