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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

by ClaireJul 22, 2008
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4 November 2005

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Dan made a guest appearance on this talk show to promote Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Transcribed by Carly and Estelle for
(Singers have just finished singing as we come in.)

Jonathan Ross (to singers): “you see, you make magic. Lets have a look and see who’s on the show shall we have this evening. We have a fantastic line up of guests and I am delighted to say that my first guest tonight is the one and only Harry bloody Potter Daniel Radcliffe.”

(We see Daniel in the green room waving)

Daniel Radcliffe: “Hello everybody”

JR: “Wow, Daniel thanks so much for coming on”

DR: “not at all it’s a pleasure to be here Johnny” (laughter)

JR: “well thank you (surprised pause) alright, Danny!? We’re so lucky to have Daniel here, we really are because not only is he currently one of the most in demand actors in the world but also its gone half past ten and that is way after his bed time” (laughter)

DR: “oh that’s silly, that’s cheap. Come on you can do better than that.”

JR: “Blimey, these youngsters are fiery these days aren’t they? My next guest…”


JR: “Before we meet my final guest let’s remember the first time we fell in love with the magic of Harry Potter.”

(The Wingardium Leviosa troll clip is played from Sorcerer’s Stone.).

JR: “better get him, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe”

Singers: “Daniel my brother, you are older than me, Daniel you’re a star; with a place in the sky, Daniel you’re a star.”

JR: “Nicely done. Well, Daniel Welcome to the show!”

DR: “Thank you very much”

JR: “And congratulations you’re our youngest guest ever on the program!”

DR: “Really?”

JR: “You’re 16 years old”

DR: “That’s quite an achievement. This is fantastic, I didn’t have to do anything, I just have to be young! I didn’t have to do anything then and everyone applauded! It’s fantastic! I might be rubbish, you never know!” (Laughter)

JR: “Hang on. You’ve got too much energy for me!” (Laughter)

DR: “I’m just trying to prove to you that it’s not past my bedtime!”

JR: “Well no, I can see, obviously, you’re full of the vim and vigour of life. When were you 16? When’s your birthday?”

DR: “July 23rd”

JR: “So you’re now coming up to 16 and a half?”

DR: “Well… yeah”.

JR: “Ok, what can you do at 16 you can’t do at other ages? You can’t legally drive yet, can you?”

DR: “No, 17. So, Rupert, boy that plays Ron, is having lessons at the moment, yeah.”

JR: “Wow, and are you a bit jealous about that?”

DR: “Not at all, I’m gonna be the worst driver in the world, because my dad’s a really bad driver and I think I’ve got his genes rather than my mum’s who’s an amazing driver, but my dad’s terrible, I’ll, I’ll going down that road”. (Laughter)

JR: “OK. You are old enough that you could get married, I believe, if you wanted to with your parents consent.”

DR: “I could… I probably won’t (cat calls from audience) …just cause…not yet, I mean.”

JR: “Hey, play the field for a little bit longer, “

DR: “Yeah why not”

JR: “take it easy! Um, you can’t vote yet?”

DR: “No”

JR: “You can’t drink alcohol yet?”

DR: “No”

JR: “So you’ve never tried alcohol?”

DR: “No”

JR: “No” (gives the audience a disbelieving look)

DR: “It’s not actually a moral thing, I just tried a sip of wine once and I didn’t like the taste very much.”

JR: “Yeah”

DR: “I think it’s something you get when you’re about 18… And suddenly you start to like it.” (Laughter)

JR:“well yep, yep”

DR: “I’ll probably try it, ‘cause you know, a lot of people do it so there must be something in it. (Laughter) I mean cause I don’t, I haven’t yet no”

JR: “and you don’t, I’m assuming you don’t smoke at all.”

DR: “No”

JR: “Good, good, that’s sensible. Do you know any adult jokes… at all…?”

DR: “… Do you?” (Huge laughter and applause)

JR: “maybe not”

JR: “Your eyes are quite large. You’ve got quite large eyes.”

DR: “do I”

JR: “You look a bit like you could have been in Lord of the Rings you’ve got the big eyes like the fella has from that film”

DR: “Oh ok.”

JR: “Yeah”

DR: “Yours are lovely eyes as well, Jonathan”

JR: “thank you”

DR:“Um, I don’t know”

(They shake hands)

JR: “Youngest guest, most polite guest as well!”

DR: “Um, no I mean, I’ve sort of grown up with them so I don’t really notice.”

JR: “Of course”

(Audience laugh and cheers loudly).

DR: “This is fantastic!!! If I say so, YES!!!! (Raises his arms) Brilliant! Fantastic! Thank you!”

(More hoots and howls)

JR: (to audience) “Hold on, don’t get him too excited, alright?”

Some one from audience: “Harry!”

JR: “Never mind shoutin’ Harry! He isn’t actually Harry Potter!”

DR: “it’s not real”

JR: “He’s an actor!”

(Audience coo over a picture of Daniel in HPPS appears on screen)

JR:” Oh look, they’ve all got a look at that little,”

DR: “Oh my”

JR: “oh my goodness.”

DR: “Great, time to show the photo!”

JR: “How old were you when you did the first film?”

DR: “as he turns to look at the picture again: I was 11 and”

JR: “Wow look at that.”

DR: “Oh gosh, That’s the first time, when you showed it that I’ve actually seen the, the first film pretty much since I did it. “

Jonathan; “yeah, yeah”

DR: “and it’s weird”

JR: “you haven’t gone back and watched it?”

DR: “No, I sorta was flicking through channels cause there was nothing on and they were showing the first film and I was listening, and I thought, I sorta got up to adjust the sound on the TV, it was just cause our voices hadn’t broken! and so I was listening and I just sounded ridiculously high!”

JR: “But it’s so, when you look back now; but it looks so sweet. I’ve, I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies and I’m lucky enough to have seen the next one, but you’re all proper grown ups now.”

DR: “Yes!”

JR: “And it is so weird now seeing that clip and seeing these sweet little kids (new picture of Harry, Ron and Hermione looking scared at the Quidditch World Cup is on screen ) I mean there’s the photograph of you from the new movie – what are you doing to Hermione?! What ever it is she don’t like it!”

DR: “I don’t know! I’m being very, very protective… I think. Or that’s the excuse I’m giving.”

JR: “When you, when you got the part, there was a huge from people. Everyone was curious as to who would get to play Harry Potter cause the books were already been remarkably successful. The audition process, I believe, was quite long and quite a big deal.”

DR: “yeah”

JR: “How many people auditioned? Do you know how many people auditioned?”

DR: “I actually have no idea”

JR: “it was in the thousands, I believe”

DR: “I think so, yeah, but I sort of was quite lucky because I sort of skipped allot of that which was quite nice because I sort of came in about a month before we start filming or something, you know, ridiculously short time close to filming really”

Jonathan; “right”

DR: “and so I was sort of cast at the eleventh hour so I don’t, I’d only been to about four auditions.”

JR: “So that was a nice thing for you”

DR: “Oh great yeah!”

JR: “So what did they ask you to do at the audition? Did they ask how you to demonstrate how you would hold a wand or what you would do, presumably, well now seriously (laughter) ‘cause there’s stuff you gotta do and it’s gotta look convincing. You can’t just (he is waving his arms about) I imagine some sort of wand-based technique!”

Daniel (making hand movement); “it’s in the swish and flick thing”

JR: “Wingardium Leviosa!”

DR: “Um yeah no, I was in the audition and I sort of actually remember Chris Columbus, who directed the first film, cracking an egg at one point and let the yolk go on the script and I don’t… looking back I have no idea what relevance that had to anything!”

JR: “Was he hungry?”

Daniel; “Um, I don’t know”

JR: “Well hold it, Do you think he brought it in on purpose?”

DR: “He might of to try and throw me and see how I reacted”

JR: “So he got an egg out…?”

DR: “Yeah and he cracked it… I’m sure there was a reason, it has something to do with the scene in the first one where we’re in Hagrid’s hut and they have the dragon egg. It’s something to do with that, I don’t know what, looking back. But then in the end, I think it was partly out of desperation and partly of you know, being – being – being… um, I dunno know, not an attention seeker but something along those lines, and um, that I actually played the Match of the Day theme tune on my cheeks, with my, slapping my hands. A bit like a primitive version of playing the spoons, but like…”

JR: (blank look) “Hang on, hang on, (laughter) I’m finding this really quite hard to follow now. We started out with the audition and the wand, then there was an egg, then you played match of the day on your cheeks?”

DR: “Yes, it makes perfect sense somehow!”

JR:” It actually happened this way or have you”

DR: “it was in that order”

JR: “been doing art recently and you breathed in the fumes…”

DR: “No, I dropped art, this is true!”

JR: “So can you still do match of the day theme on your cheeks?”

DR: “I don’t know! I mean I’m sort of…”

JR: “I think we’d like to hear this!”

Audience: “YEAH, WOO!”

JR: “I don’t think you can’t tease us with a story as juicy as that without delivering!”

DR: “I can try! I’m not guaranteeing a perfect thing of it. I mean like, Gary Lineker’s not going to popping up afterwards, it’s not gonna be that good!”

JR: “If he did that be great?!”

DR: “That would be, that would be a cool thing!”

JR: “what if he’s, ‘cause we’re at the BBC, what if he’s in the building, he hears it (looking at his watch) “I’m late”, and runs in We would all then think you actually had magical powers! Maybe you do, let’s give it a try, “

DR: “Ok”

JR: “here we go!”

(Dan proceeds to play the “Match of the Day” theme tune on his cheeks, pausing momentarily to laugh at the look on Jonathan’s face. The audience cheers)

DR: “Wait! Hold on; hold on, there’s more! There’s a duh-duh-duh da-duh duh-duh bit!”

(Dan finishes the song to more applause)

DR: “there we go!”

(Jonathan shakes Daniel’s hand)

DR: “thank you”

JR: “I wish I could say it was a first but David Attenborough did the same thing when he was here. (Laughter) That’s great; presumably you’re a football fan then, are you?”

DR: “No”

JR: “It will all make perfect sense somewhere!”

DR: “I think I probably was at the time but I’m not anymore. But Chris Columbus at the end of that… (Starts to laugh) sorry I was just thinking about the eggs! Um, he said ‘well if that doesn’t get you the part, nothing will!” and it did!”

JR: “Yeah, so you think that’s what swung it for you?”

DR: “JK Rowling saw that and thought that’s my Harry’.”

JR: “That’s my Harry, anyone who can play match of the day on his cheeks!” Ah, they’re great fun books, they’re a lovely read. Ok, now there are seven in total when its completed?”

DR: “Yep”

JR: “six so far released, ok. I think I’ve read the first four; I don’t think I finished the fifth”

DR: (very high pitched) “Oh God, don’t..?!”

JR: “… Was that your voice breaking?” (Huge laughter)

DR: “Sorry, Yeah!”

JR: “Wouldn’t that be great moment to happen right here on TV?”

DR: “On TV, that would be horrible.”

JR: “you’re voice isn’t gonna, I mean it’s already”

DR: “My voice is already broken!” (Laughter)

JR: “I think it will still get a bit deeper, alright”

DR: “That would be good actually. Cause I heard, you know, it’s not, be good to get deeper and taller would be good. But my Mum, my mum’s quite short and so I don’t know if those genes, you know but they’re not good.”

JR: “Well you might shoot up, but you know, as long as, you know, you’re comfortable in your skin I don’t think it makes a big deal.”

DR: “I know but I’d like to be taller!”

JR: “I know, well we could possibly get you some big shoes or something”

DR: “Leg extenders. Or a very small person to stand on” (laughter)

JR: “Ok, well look, Let’s talk about when you’re making the movies, Like any of the Harry Potter movies of course, it’s important , a great story, we’re following the lead character Harry, he’s going through a great journey”

DR: “yeah”

JR: “which we’re very involved in, but also one of the great things in the books and the films is the magic, the special effects help you see what’s going on and they seem to get better with every film and every book. Um, she’s a tremendous writer with a tremendous imagination and this is the film I was most looking forward to because it’s got the big sequences where and the other people are in this Triwizard Championship “

DR: “yeah”

JR: “and have to take on dragons.”

DR: “Yeah”

JR: “But when you’re filming this of course, unless I’m very much mistaken, they don’t actually have dragons there.”

DR: “NO, cause they’re not mean, dragons don’t, they’re not real”

JR “very quietly: Who told you? How old are you?”

DR: “16”

JR: “who told you that?” (Laughter)

DR: “It well, no, I just assumed it was because instead of having a really cool and terrifying dragon there, there was the special effect guy with a flame thrower”

JR: “Is that all you get? That can be scary in itself.”

DR: “well it’s a flame thrower! What do you mean is that all! It was pretty cool.”

JR: “and what about the scenes where you don’t have someone like that to work with, presumably there are some scenes where there’s nothing there and you have to act against that.”

DR: “I mean, It’s ok actually, ‘cause I, because I sort of started doing the films when I was eleven, you know, it’s quite easy to do that kinda stuff ‘cause it’s all I’ve ever really known. I mean, I’ve did David Copperfield and Tailor of Panama before, but in terms of the most time I’ve spent its obviously been on Harry Potter and um, you know, so its sort of all I’ve known so I’ve got used to it really.”

JR: “And presumably, if things go according to plan and I can say, you know, without any fear of being contradicted down the road that this film’s gonna be a huge success. So you’ve got four hit movies, I would have thought that they’re going to make all seven, cause if they hadn’t worked of course they wouldn’t have filmed them all I guess.”

DR: “right”

JR: “as it is now, and we’re all looking forward to the ending, cause the ending of course… ooh, I forgotten how do the books end again?”

DR “smiles slyly: I don’t know, honestly she doesn’t say it to anybody!”

JR: “She hasn’t told you?”

Daniel; “no, no”

JR: “I was trying to trick you out there”

DR: “No, no, no but you’re very good, if I had known, I would’ve, you know… you should do interrogation!” (Laughter)

JR:” I thought Hermione got married to Harry in the end, isn’t that what they told you?”

DR very exasperated : “No! Have you not been watching the films?! She’s like, her and Ron!”

JR: “Listen fella”

Audience “yeah”

DR (looking into audience):“thank you”

JR: “Listen son, listen up, listen, a lady play hard-to-get for a little while all right, that’s all she’s doing but then she’ll come round!”

DR: “What’ll happen to Ron ?”

JR: “Who cares? (Huge laughter) The film isn’t called “Ron and the Goblet of Fire”, is it? (More laughter) He’s a lovely bloke, but we’re not as interested as you with the old zip-zip (does lightening bolt shape on his forehead with his hand), Leviosa… Wingardium… Voldemort (makes a wand motion)… ooh Voldemort. (Dan is laughing) Um, What are you laughing at?!”

DR: “I’m sorry… but you’re funny! (Huge laughter) In a good way!”

JR: “I wasn’t trying to be funny! I was trying to be serious!”

DR: (still giggling) “This was funny! No it’s very funny, no, its great, it’s fun doing this!”

JR: “You know I could send you to bed, don’t you. (Laughter) You know your dad said I could do that if you got out of line.”

DR: “Yep!”

JR: “Um when, inevitably, Harry Potter ends, because it must end of course, what do you have planned? I mean presumably you enjoy acting; you’d like to stay in movies?”

DR: “yeah”

JR: “Do you have any plans? Do you have any thoughts as to what sort of films, or what kind of, of career you’d like to map out for yourself?”

DR: “Well, I’m definitely, I’m actually filming something at the end of the year in Australia, in Adelaide which is incredibly exciting, it’s very different, it’s a five and a half week shoot and not a blue screen in sight, which is very different from Harry Potter.”

JR: “so it’s a different kind of acting experience.”

DR: “And it’s really different. We do a six day a week and its like proper hard, really, you know, even tougher days than we do at Leavesden, so its like a wake up call I think. But also, I’d definitely like to carry on acting, without a doubt, the thing is, what kinda role I would like to do, it’s hard… anything that’s interesting, and different from Harry Potter cause I don’t want to be going…”

JR: “Would you sign on though for another series of films which became a franchise? For example if they would offer you a part which was going to be repeated you take on that again? Because here’s something really I suspect it’s not really that hard for you to shed Harry Potter at all when you want to because you are a different person,”

DR: “you’re the only interview that’s said that.”

Jonathan : “I don’t think you’re gonna be typecast, I think you’ll be clear from that but at the same time sometimes actors do get, but would you go back to that kind of thing if you were offered?”

DR: “I mean, (pause) the part would have to be amazing and it would have to be one of those things where I’d be really stupid to turn down”

JR: “Ok, let’s imagine you got offered Bond in five years time”
(Audience laugh)

JR: “Oh hold on, what are you laughing at! Say you got offered…”

DR: “that’s a perfectly reasonable thing, I’m suave!” (Huge laughter)

JR: “You get the part of Bond alright; say you got offered that, which would be to many actors British actors, you know you’ve arrived to be even mentioned in the same company as people who play Bond. Would you consider doing that?”

DR: “It would be weird because I’ve done these for five years at this point and I haven’t done any other films at all and so doing this other one is fantastic. I’m not sure if I would want to do any series, even if it was James Bond for a – for a – you know, for a – for a – (He starts to laugh. Cut to Jonathon doing crazy persuasive eyebrows) If something was gonna sway me that would be it though!” (Huge laughter)

JR: “Mr Bond…I see you’ve had”

DR: “You’d make en exceptionally good Bond villain actually, if you had a white pussycat!”

JR: (In a Russian accent pretending to pet a cat) “Mr. Potter”

DR: “That’s the thing, that’s what, get a crossover!”

JR: “Bond versus Potter”

DR: “No, not versus, we’d be both on the same side cause we’re both cool, and we’d fight Voldemort, and… you know… one of the other ones.”

JR: “Yeah, but you know what would happen in the end, you’d be looking around for Hermione; Bond’s got her in a pod! (Laughter and applause) Lets have a look at our clip from the film, I’m telling you this without any need, I’m not saying this because Daniel’s here and he’s been a lovely guest, but genuinely I saw the film with my family and we loved it, we thought it was the best one so far and it’s just fabulous, it’s gonna be huge, and you guys are great in it, so congratulations.”

DR: “thank you very much indeed”

JR: “the film is called Harry Potter, and there’s a goblet involved in there somewhere…(laughter) you’ll be able to figure it out it’ll be on all the posters. Here it is.”

(They play the forest clip of Hagrid taking Harry to see the dragons)

JR: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens all over the country I believe on November 18th, which, coincidentally, is the day after my birthday.”

DR: “Well happy birthday for November 17th!”

JR: “Yeah. Any idea what you’re gonna get me yet? (Huge laughter) Just keep making movies. That’ll be good enough”

DR: “ya, ok”

JR: “Daniel, it’s been a pleasure having you on the show”

DR: “oh cool, well thank you very much”

JR: “what a lovely guest! Congratulations on the movies and congratulations on being such a charming and level-headed young fellow.”

Daniel; “thank you”

JR: “ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Radcliffe!”

DR: “Thank you very much!”

JR: “thank you Daniel”.

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