An Amplified Guide to Summer

Production Information

Channel (Country):

FUSE Music Channel (USA)

Original Air Date:

28 July 2004

Daniel Radcliffe appears as:

Interview with Dan, also featured clips from Harry Potter and viagra online france the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Announcer: One of the most anticipated movies this summer is the third Harry Potter movie. Word on the street is that this one’s going to viagra online fedex overnight shipping be a little bit scarier and even better than the first two. Alright, let’s check it out.

Scene: Snape entering the classroom.

Dan: In the third book, Harry finds out a lot of things about his parents.

Scene: Harry and Lupin on the bridge.

Dan: And Harry’s basically becoming a teenager. All teenagers kind of have a lot of problems but Harry is usa online pharmacies viagra majorly screwed up in this one.

Scene: Harry and Snape in the brand viagra classroom.

Dan: He starts off almost in the same state of mind as he did in the second, of being very self-assured, but that gradually kind of vanishes: he faints when he sees something called a Dementor.

Assorted scenes from trailer.

Dan: The third film is incredibly intense emotionally. It’s a lot darker and he’s a lot angrier in this film as well I think, definitely.

Assorted scenes from trailer and behind the scenes.

Announcer: That Daniel Radcliffe is such a cutie

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