Ace of Cakes

Daniel Radcliffe on Ace of CakesUS food program Ace of Cakes had a special feature this week showing how baker Duff Goldman and cheap viagra in india his team from Charm City Cakes, Baltimore, MD, made a Hogwarts Castle cake for the LA premiere of viagra delivery two days Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in July 2007.

Channel (Country): Food Network (USA)

Original Air Date: 24 January 2008


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Ace of Cakes Screen Captures


Video clip shows the Ace of Cakes team at the premiere and short interviews with Dan and Rupert Grint.

Video clip: Windows Media (7.3 MB)

Video clip: Real Media (3.0 MB)


Transcribed by allo for  Partial transcript only.
(On the red carpet)

Reporter: If Ron had to make a cake, do you think he’d use a cake spell?

Rupert Grint: I don’t think any cake spells really come up in the [stories], but he’d definitely enjoy eating it, because he’s quite fond of his food, Ron.

Daniel Radcliffe: Icingus Icingus!  Or something like that!  I don’t know, there must be a word for cake in Latin?!

(At the afterparty)

Daniel: Sir, very nice to meet you indeed.  How are you?

Duff: Nice to meet you too.

Daniel: This is very impressive.

Duff: You like the cake?  You think it’s cool?

Daniel: Yeah!  I was just saying that when we do the wide shots of Hogwarts in the film, we use a model about that size.  So in reality, you could probably just use the cake for the next movie!

Duff: It’s yours, take it!

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