New HBP Article in Studio Magazine France

There is a new article on Studio Magazine France‘s website about their visit to Leavesden Studios during the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and, aside from the usual awe at the sight of the amazingly detailed sets, the reporter had this to say about Dan


“But even more surprising is Daniel Radcliffe. Any teenager would have gone mad when blessed with so much money and fame. Not him. Simple, down to earth, he’s even one of the only ones who still appreciates the enclosed atmosphere at Leavesden Studios, where he sometimes spends up to 6 months in a row. On the set, he adds nuance to the part of Harry. He emphasizes the cold by stuffing his hands in his pockets. For the next take, he favours the feeling of impatience by moving his legs. The director nods, smiling. It’s like he was on a mission, like his character. And what if it was the key of the success of the Harry Potter movie saga: three Heaven-sent teenagers who bring legendary written characters to life.”

Un grand merci to Sassy for the tip and the translation. Enjoy!

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