More HQ HBP Photos

We have a few more fabulous HQ Half-Blood Prince photos featuring Dan as Harry to share with you today, courtesy of Warner Bros. These are larger versions of the pictures that have been popping up in various magazines lately. Enjoy!

Harry and find cheapest cialis McGonagall, Sombre Harry, Harry with assorted Gryffindors, Harry and Slughorn, Dan, Rupert, Bonnie and David Yates

I’ve been trying (but failing quite miserably) to keep a straight face after being confronted with the HQ version of Ron’s Quidditch helmet; I… I… Bwahahaha… Sorry *snork*… It’s just me, I know, I’m sorry! It’s a great helmet! I now wonder (with just a small frisson of cheap levitra online pharmacy apprehension) whether Harry has one too but is just too polite to wear it to the breakfast table! toung.gif

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HQ HBP Photos

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