Gary Oldman Says Dan is an Amazing Guy

One of Dan’s favourite actors, Gary Oldman, was recently interviewed by E!’s Ben Lyons while promoting The Dark Knight, and in the course of the interview the cialis online no prescription conversation changed directions and lowest price viagra allowed Gary the opportunity to lavishly praise Dan for his ‘down to earth’ qualities. See the video here:
E! The Lyons Den

Many thanks to Nerea and Jeannine for the tip.

Says Gary:

“I think he’s an amazing guy, Daniel is.  And people are often amazed that he isn’t precocious and spoiled by that success or by that money.  And, you know, if he does by a Ferrari and wrap it round a tree then he’s only 19, who can blame him?  I think I would if I had the 100 million, you know? (laughs)”

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