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Something Obscure Is The Best For Girls

by ClaireJul 10, 2008
Source: Stern (Germany), November 2005.  Translation by: Sabine

He grows and grows and grows: With his 16 years Daniel Radcliffe is again the wizard-in-training in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” And he is old enough for a chat about girls and Rock’n’Roll.

Can this be Harry Potter?

When Daniel Radcliffe enters the small and a bit scruffy adjoining room in London’s Leavesden Studios, there is little magic in the air. Radcliffe wears jeans, t-shirt and a black leather jacket. There are pimples in his face and the mop of fuzzy hair, which we know from the films has given away to a practical short haircut.

Since five years Radcliffe portrays the character of the world’s famous wizard-in-training. In this time he has changed from the soft ”hug-me-cuddle” to a self-confident young man, who celebrated his 16th birthday this past July.

Q: Daniel, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is definitely no children’s film anymore. Much tough action, many scaring scenes and wistful glances. That´s why we want to have a very adult interview now.

Dan: Oh, yeah. That would be a nice diversion. Absolutely!

Q: So let’s talk about sex, action and Rock´n´Roll.

Dan: Okay, why not. Come on!

Q: You can choose with what we should begin.

Dan: I choose action.

Q: Additionally to the famous scar on your forehead you will get some more scars this time – at a chase with a dragon or an accident when you are diving – which heal up unusually quick…

Dan: This is just magic. I really get loads of scars this time. Looks cool and tough. You even don’t know where some of them come from.

Q: Do you have real scars?

Dan: Just a very tiny one on my left knee. It happened on my Club-Med-Holiday in Israel. I wore big diving flippers because I wanted to go diving. But after two steps I fell and got cut on a very sharp stone.

Q: You didn’t get hurt on the set?

Dan: No, just a few scratches and ear infections because of the many underwater scenes. I had two stunt doubles, but I like to do most of my stunts by myself. I don’t want the audience to feel betrayed. When I slide down a roof, then you should be able to see my face. Although it was really terrible – 20 metres free fall in two seconds. I had already thought about bungee-jumping before, but now I am not so sure about that any more. I was really absolutely terrified. But the most painful thing was that they bandaged my ankles with a kind of adhesive tape to save them before this fall, and they had to tear it off again after it. And I have got quite hairy legs, uhh!

Q: Did you have to go to the gym before?

Dan: No, but I began to work out by myself. This time I have to take off my t-shirt, and I wanted to look a bit more muscular. Not that I got obsessed with it. But Harry would be. When you look on what he has been going through in the past films, he has to be able to take a lot.

Q: It’s a bit strange, that he in spite of all these magic still has to wear his glasses, don’t you think so?

Dan: I want to ask Mrs Rowling this question too. Magic could solve the eye problem quite easily. So is it just an image thing?

Q: Now to the topic Rock´n´Roll: In this film there is a big ball, where a band performs, and in this band two members of Radiohead and Jarvis Cocker, the singer of Pulp, take part.

Dan: Fantastic. I am a huge fan of Radiohead and an even bigger fan of Pulp. And Damon Alburn of Blur was on the set, too. Meeting Cocker was quite embarrassing. I went there and cracked some bad jokes. But if you meet one of the most intelligent songwriters, you really feel intimidated.

Q: Do you still learn to play the bass guitar?

Dan: Unfortunately I don’t have the time for it. I had to pass very important exams besides filming. My black guitar still stands in my room. Sometimes I pick it up. But even if I practiced more often, I wouldn’t have become a good musician. The only thing I am really good at is acting.

Q: We know, that music is very important to you. What do you start your day with? Which music do you listen to at breakfast? Or isn’t music allowed then?

Dan: But yes, thank god, my father likes my music. There is nothing crazy at breakfast time. Maybe Pulp, great melodies and sharp-witted text. Or The Smiths – my Dan is a big fan of them. To wake up, I listen to Mercury Rev: “Holes”. And when I am awake it is “What Do I Get” by the Buzzcocks.

Q: The best song before going to the set?

Dan: The Rakes, and the song is called “We Are All Animals”.

Q: And to impress girls?

Dan: They are always quite impressed, when you mention a band they have never heard of. So – something obscure would be the best. Maybe Broken Social Scene. Or the Stars “Set Yourself On Fire”.

Q: Speaking of which – weren’t you disappointed, that Harry still has no kissing scene?

Dan: Of course everybody is waiting for that. But it won’t happen until the fifth film. Of course I am very excited to shoot this scene.

Q: There were 5000 applicants for the role of your crush. Did you take part in the selection from behind the curtain?

Dan: Unfortunately not. But I couldn’t have found anybody prettier or cuter than Katie Leung. She is breathtaking pretty and really nice.

Q: But still there is at least a kind of sex scene in Goblet of Fire: topless Harry sits in a bathtub and a ghost makes up to him.

Dan: Yeah, there are definitely some sexual undertones. This is great, because the younger children won’t understand why their parents will be laughing at this scene.

Q: Besides there is this curious reporter, who wants to marry Harry off to Hermione all the time. You too get asked always the same question by journalists: Do you have a girlfriend?

Dan: I really hear this question very often. Fame is weird. When people see you on the red carpet they automatically think, you are having 50 millions sweethearts. They want to see a film star who only sleeps on pure silk. Which I am so not. Fortunately I have got great parents who are always honest to me and keep me grounded.

Q: And you still receive tons of fan letters and presents?

Dan: Sure. And I received a strange marriage proposal again from a girl who has never met me before. I am already used to that.

Q: Your next film is not “Harry Potter,” it is called “December Boys”, an Australian production, where you are playing an orphan. And there you are allowed to kiss in front of the camera…

Dan: Yeah! That´s true. Kissing and a bit more. But I am not allowed to say more.

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