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My Role Model Is A Punk

by ClaireJul 10, 2008
Source: TV Movie (Germany), issue 11 (18 May – 1 Jun), 2007.  Translated from German by Sabine.

Portrait: Millions of fans are waiting anxiously for this day: On July 12th the fifth “Harry Potter” movie hits the theatres. But isn’t Daniel Radcliffe already too old for the main role?

TV Movie met the 17-year-old exclusively in London.

Can this be true? Harry Potter naked on stage with hair on his chest and a real… man? Don’t worry, even if Daniel Radcliffe is starring in the scandal play “Equus” in London – in this interview with TV Movie he appears more boyish than ever. And as soon as we talk about typical teenage topics, the Harry Potter star gets going. No fan of bands like The Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs and Mystery Jets can rave more enthusiastically than he, and even when he talks about his experiences in kissing, his eyes begin to shine.
Here in this posh London hotel “Claridge’s” sits a normal teenager, wearing jeans and T-shirt, who seems to be a bit smaller with his 170 cm [5’6″] than on the big screen, but certainly not older!

England’s richest teenager has already earned about 28 million dollars with his five Harry Potter movies – 14 million are just for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, which hits the theatres on July 12th.  That’s why Daniel Radcliffe belongs to the best earning actors of the world. But he isn’t content with this for a long time yet. He still has way too many dreams and has still way too much …. stayed a boy!

Daniel Radcliffe talked with TV Movie about his first film kiss, plans for his career and his idol, Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious.

Mr Radcliffe, isn’t it already just routine for you to film a new Potter movie?

On the contrary, it is really as exciting as ever. The challenges are getting bigger every time and I certainly never run the risk of becoming complacent.

In the new film we are going to see Harry’s first kiss. How did you get prepared for this scene?

Oh, I was completely nervous and Katie Leung felt the same way. Of course we have kissed someone else before. But we have never kissed each other – especially not in front of the entire filming crew!

What is your forecast: Will JK Rowling let Harry die at the end of the series?

It’s a possibility. I think, if it is conveyed very sensitively, then Harry’s death could even be a very beautiful end. Besides this would mean an absolute and final end. If he stays alive, the fans surely will ask for more and more books.

But wouldn’t a part of you die too, with Harry’s death?

No, certainly not! Of course I would be sad, because a very important chapter of my life would be closed. But on the other hand, I could look forward to all the other new things that are going to happen in my life.

Have you learned something for your own life from Mrs Rowling?

I think, what we all have learned from the Harry Potter books and films is: that whatever happens to you, you must stay strong and always hold on to your values.
I think this is the central message in her books.

Why don’t you retire after “Harry Potter” and just enjoy the idle time?

Unthinkable! I am a highly motivated person and I will definitely continue to work as an actor. And hopefully I will direct a movie one day.

Certainly you can never really go undisturbed anyway. Are you still able to go shopping without thousands of squealing fans in tow?

No problem. Most of the time I wear a cap and on nice days I even wear sunglasses – and so nobody recognises me.

Do you meet your co-actors Rupert Grint and Emma Watson even in private?

Never! We are good friends, but we spend a lot of time together on set. That’s enough.

Sid Vicious, a punk musician who died of his drug addiction, is a role model for you. Why?

Sid was cool, because he never cared about what the others thought about him. I try to do the same. People can write or say about me what they want to – I don’t care at all!

What would you say to a friend, who has downloaded a “Harry Potter” movie from the Internet illegally?

This would be kind of bad. But I couldn’t criticize him for that. I know that even people on the set were busy downloading “Potter” movies and other things.

Soon you will be 18. Have you decided to do something special at this time?

Maybe I will move out of my parents’ house and buy my own house. But I will think this over very carefully.

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