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by ClaireJul 10, 2008
Source: Hitkrant (Netherlands), November 2004 issue

So, Are you already used to being a celebrity?

“I think I will never get used to it. I still find it strange when people stare at me when I walk down the street. Most of the time I think that I have toothpaste on my face or that I’m wearing 2 different socks, but to all those people I’m just Harry Potter.”

Do you get annoyed when people yell ‘Harry’ at you?

“I think it is really weird, because I don’t see myself as Harry Potter at all. It is like he is one of my best friends. When filming is done, I let him go and I’m just Daniel again. But luckily I never get bad reactions, everybody loves Harry.”

And what about the girls?

“I don’t have to complain about not getting any attention, hahaha. I still find it weird when girls of my age say that they have a poster of me hanging above there bed. And all of the sudden, they all what to date me.”

But you don’t have a Girlfriend?

“No, I would like to have a girlfriend, but I just can’t make a choice. There are so many girls I really like. I don’t even have time for girls anyway, I am really busy with all the filming. But we are soon done with the 4th Harry Potter movie and then I have some time to relax, so who knows…”

What type of girls do you like?

“… I don’t know, I’m still so young. Cameron Diaz is really nice and Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson are very beautiful. But I don’t particularly like blond or anything, I just look at all the girls.”

Do you have a lot of arguments with your parents like all other 15 year olds?

“Not really, My parents are a big support for me and I really respect them. Of course I get mad at them sometimes, but then I just go to my room and put the music on really loud. That helps a bit to calm down.”

What sort of music do you listen to?

“My favourite band at the moment is The Strokes, I’ve been to a concert of theirs and it was really cool. Besides them I listen a lot to R.E.M., Stereophonics, U2 and The Darkness. I really like Guitar music.”

Do you play Guitar?

“Yes, I play a bit of bass. It is secretly a dream to play in a band some day.”

Is that how you see yourself in 3 years: Playing bass in a rockband?

“Hahaha, I wish… People ask me often if in 3 years – when I’m 18 – if I will still play the role of Harry Potter. I can’t answer that question. I focus on one movie at a time and Harry and I grew up together until now.”

Do you watch the first movie sometimes?

“No, I can’t look at it anymore because I keep getting annoyed at myself. I accidentally saw the first movie on TV not long ago. After watching for 5 minutes I seriously thought that there was something wrong with the sound because all the voices were so high. It seemed like we were on helium.” Hahaha.’

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