Thank You from Daniel Radcliffe February 2008

Dear Jenna,

First of all, let me apologise for not responding sooner to your incredible donations over the Christmas period to Demelza House. Since the Christmas break I have hit the ground running with filming and discount levitra rx publicity on Half Blood Prince, and only now have had the opportunity to put pen to paper (so to viagra official site speak!).

Thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed to the appeal through your website. Again, your generosity was overwhelming and I know everyone at Demelza House appreciates the click here time, effort and commitment you have all made to this extraordinary place.

Demelza House celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and you have all played a part in helping this hospice survive. I receive many letters telling me how proud people are of me and I would now like to return the compliment and say how proud I am of all my fans who have played a part in making a difference to the lives of levitra pfizer these children and their families.

I also took great pleasure in reading the messages in the book which was sent to me by Demelza House. I am always touched by your kind words.

So once again thank you for your continued support to buying generic cialis mexico rx Demelza House and canadian cialis here’s to a great 2008!

Much love,


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