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by ClaireJul 4, 2008



Position : Web Master

E-mail : [email protected]
RadNet User ID : simpsongirl
Personal Website : MySpace

Jenna is a recent college graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Public Relations. Although, because this just wasn’t good enough for her, she is continuing her studies in the field of Psychology.

When she is not studying, working full-time, or working full-time, she uses a lot of her free time to update, make graphics, answer thousands of e-mails, maintain, and create new features for and ACED Magazine, searches for new bands to satisfy her unquenchable obsession with music, and consumes more caffeine than any human should be permitted to consume without turning into a tall beverage.

When she has time (HA HA HA), Jenna likes to indulge in some of her interests that include writing, photography, nursing her newly-found obsession with the television hit series House M.D. and analyzing why she is apparently now referring to herself in the third person…

Allo ~ Alison


Position : Co-Webmaster
E-mail : [email protected]
RadNet User ID :allohomora

Allo first began contributing to in April 2002. By day, she juggles her responsibilities as a full-time mom-of-two with attempting to run her own small home-based web design business; by night she spends what’s left of her spare time helping Jenna to update, maintain, and develop new features for An expatriate Brit, Allo is entirely fueled by cookie dough and large cups of tea. She will listen to anything with a techno/electronica bent but her heart will always belong to Pop Will Eat Itself.

Permanent Staff



Position :RadNet Forum Administrator / Comment Moderator
Radnet User ID : marigold

Mary has been with us since 2002. She first started out as a member in our RadNet forums, quickly becoming a moderator, and now is the head Administrator in the RadNet Forums. She is a full-time high-school student who moderates the forum, the Comments section, and performs administrative functions in the RadNet forums in her spare time when she is not studying, working part-time, or attending school.



Position:  News Editor, Special Assignments, Comment Moderator

Coralie joined our staff in 2004 and is very much a part of the daily life and happenings here at A university graduate in classical voice performance, Coralie positively thrives when she is on stage and is planning a career in the performing arts. Her motto? “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)


United Kingdom

Position: Multi-Media and News Poster

Lauren joined the family a few years ago, and has been doing odd jobs until this year. Now she is a full-fledged news poster on the site.



Position : E-Card and Wallpaper Designer/German Translator

Sabine has been with us since 2004. She creates many of the E-cards for’s Letter Exchange. When she isn’t creating E-cards or Wallpapers, she translates our daily news posts into German for our German readers.

Position: E-mail corresponder and News Poster
Position: Graphics Assitant
Position: Video Transcriber

Position: French Translator

Simon joined the staff of in July 2007, wrestling the French Posting Power from its previous owner Coralie, after an epic battle that lasted for days. A graduate of the Evil Wizards’ Night School (magna cum malum) – not affiliated with Slytherin – Simon enjoys books (of dark spells), music (dark heavy metal), movies (in the dark) and languages (he is currently looking for a good Parseltongue teacher).        


Position : Spanish Translator
RadNet User ID : Candie

In Candie’s spare time she translates the news into Spanish for our Spanish readers on a daily basis. Candie is also a forum moderator in our RadNet community.


Position: Dutch Translator

Anneke started doing daily news translations for early 2005. She is also our Dutch correspondent, contributing media and assisting with special projects.


Position: Portuguese Translator

Cibele started doing daily news translations for April 2006.

Elena Italian Translator

Part-time Staffers

Name: Responsibilities:
Nick UK Graphics/Coder
Tracey UK Correspondent
Daisy Media Consultant
Stef UK Correspondent

Forum Moderators

Our forum moderators work very hard to maintain order in the forums. I have mandated very strict rules in order for everyone to go there and have an enjoyable experience. There are many users there to keep them on their toes, and we need every one of them to keep everything in order! They really do deal with a lot of things on a day to day basis, so my hat is off to them for their dedication, their patience, and their ability to justly maintain control over our forums and to keep it a safe and comfortable place to visit.

Marigold Cupid’s Trick Mediterre
Elena allohomora Pitseleh
Sue Jenna Pola
fralyn P!NKbabe Candie
Carl Hogwartsalumni Megan
Charlotte Molly nrefney

Disclaimer ::

Keep in mind, all material we receive from visitors and staffers is sent to us from them based on events they attend or material they have in relation to Dan. We do not, and are not responsible for their actions. All those that attend said events attend those without any placement from our site, unless otherwise stated in update, which will clearly say “We sent them there”. If it is not stated therein then they have attended such events of their own accord. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the webmaster.

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