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by ClaireJul 4, 2008

During a December Boys Promotion in 2007

“…I suppose that the image people have of me is one that’s quite talkative, because in interviews and that you can sometimes get nervous, and the thing when you meet people… I tend to be quite chatty just because that’s just something I do. But in terms of Maps’ character, I’m like him in that I’m perfectly happy in my own company. And I’m probably happiest when I’m being quiet.”

From Jonathan Ross Interview – March 23, 2007

“I was tensing my stomach muscles for about two hours – I almost fainted!” (Talking about the Equus shoot)

December Boy promotion on August 31, 2007

“I don’t particularly wear my heart on my sleeve, you know, or tell people how I feel all the time.”

Interview with Bravo Magazine 2007

“I’m really happy when I meet a beautiful girl with whom I can have a good conversation. And I can feel attracted to her after a while, but that’s not love! It takes time to develop an intense feeling like love. When you start a relationship with someone, it means you have to work hard. Love is a gift that needs to be looked after and cared for.”

During December Boy Interview with Rod Hardy

“No, that’s me. That’s the genuine Radcliffe ass. It certainly is. I’m proud of it!”

OotP promotion, 60 Minutes Interview with Tara Brown- July, 2007

“I love Australia and Australia is getting sick of hearing me say that, but, um, probably, but, you know, I love being out there, I love the people, though I loathe your cricket team so, so vehemently because they’re just, they’re probably one of the best teams the world has ever seen.”

From his interview with Details Magazine released July 17, 2007

“I had a minor heart attack the other day”, Dan says, the result of a message on his phone that read: Rowling Promises 8th Harry Potter Book. Radcliffe thought, Aaaaargh, no! But it turned out Rowling was contributing to a charity book about magic. So for a brief and nasty moment, the star of Harry Potter was … “Yeah, the only kid in the world who doesn’t want an 8th Harry Potter book.”

About Being a Role Model

“I personally don’t see myself as a role model… I see Harry as a .. you know, great role model. But I can’t see how people can look up to me as a role model cause they don’t know me. You know, all they know of me is through interviews and stuff like that, and that’s not, you know… not meaning to sound rude, at all… but these are questions, you get to answer these questions a lot… This becomes almost as a sort of energy raising performance top thing as when you’re on set. But I’m not like this all the time! I’m a lot quieter. In a way, I quite like this cause I sort of have a license to talk cause people ask me to! So yeah, it’s quite nice!”

About Equus

“Pain comes with the extremes of passion and the passion that must be given up.”

Receiving Best Newcomer prize at the 8th annual Theatregoers’ Choice Awards in London (24.02.08)

“Playing the role of Alan Strang will remain one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

About why he took on the Equus role

“It is a really intense, sexual and in some ways, violent play,” he concedes. “And some of the audience may be shocked. People may even possibly think that I shouldn’t be doing it because of the Potter fans. But I think that would be a mistake … the person at the centre of all the attention should always be the one to lead where the attention goes,” he concludes.

The Guardian – October 11, 2006

“I would hate to be accused of having got through life just by luck – I think you do create your own destiny. My mum and Dad believe in fate. I see coincidences but not a predestined pattern. If it’s just about fate, then you become complacent and expect things to come your way. I like being challenged. Even when you’re doing really intense, dramatic scenes that take so much out of you it’s still really fun and energizing. Acting makes you feel so alive.”

A Little Daniel Humor

Daniel, who had come straight from the Harry Potter set, was asked about Harry’s scar, “I see no scar, are you really the boy who defeated the Dark One?” asked Stephen Fry. Daniel replied “Yes, but I’ve left it in the dressing room”.

On the David Letterman Show

“Carson Daly said to me ‘Look outside’,” so I went out, and there was this girl with a huge plank saying, ‘Nothing could come between me and Harry Potter.’ And she was wearing nothing but a towel!”

Something funny happened during filming

“There’s this one scene where Rupert tips a whole box of jelly beans into his mouth and he gets loads of disgusting ones!”

What spell would he cast on someone

“If I liked them, it would be a spell where I’d give them a special power, like invisibility. If I didn’t like them, I’d probably make them really embarrassed.

What magical power would Daniel like to have

“Invisibility, so I could sneak into top-secret meetings and stuff.

About memorizing lines

“After I read a script about three times, it sinks into my head. With Harry Potter, it took about six times because it was a lot bigger.

About getting the part of Harry Potter

“I was in the bath. It was David Heyman the film’s producer who called, and he told my dad. He rushed upstairs and told me, and I started to cry — out of joy, or course!”

The crowd screamed his name as soon as he arrived at the premiere

“It’s surreal to have everyone shouting my name, but everybody on the set and everybody here has made it feel so easy for me.”

Daniel Says about the book Cirque Du Freak

“The Cirque Du Freak books by Darren Shan are quite cool. “

About Favorite Subject in School

“I like science and I love gym. Oh, and I like art, but I’m really bad at it. I’m just a terrible drawer. I can’t draw a circle. Even with a ruler, I can’t draw a straight line.”

Dan says about acting

” I might like to be an actor, but there are loads of other things I’m interested in as well, like music and writing and sports. I want to keep my options open.”

What is one of the worst things about fame?

“If I had to pick one it’s writing the autographs,” Dan says, ” It’s not the actual writing of the autographs but the fact that my name is too long. I’m going to try work to get a quicker signature.” Now he signs his name “Dan R.”

Where were you when you found out you got the part?

In the bathtub. My dad came in and said, “Guess who they want to play Harry Potter?” I think I said the name of another actor, because I was sure it wasn’t me. Then he said, “No, it’s you,” and I started to cry with joy. That night, I woke up at 2 in the morning and woke up mom and dad and asked, “Am I dreaming? Will I really play Harry Potter?”

How did the three co-stars get along?

We bonded just like our characters. We all really like each other. The train-compartment scenes were the most fun, because it was just me, Rupert and Emma, surrounded by sweets, just laughing and joking the whole time.

Robbie Coltrane says you three were constantly playing practical jokes on him. Are you willing to confess?

Yes, I admit we did pull a few pranks. The hair and makeup lady had a label-making machine, and we printed out loads of labels that said “Kick me.” Actually, it was my idea, and I typed them out, but Emma actually stuck them on Robbie’s back. It took several kicks before Robbie figured out what was happening. Then I got Robbie’s cell phone and changed the language on the menu from English to Turkish. Fortunately, he has a pretty good sense of humor.

Which of Harry’s magical powers would you like to have?

Invisibility. That would be so cool just to go anywhere without people seeing you. You could sneak into rock concerts and films and stuff. And I’d like to have Hagrid’s three-head dog, because then nobody would try to fight me. I think I’d love to be a wizard in Harry’s world, even though you have to face a lot of danger.

Do you believe in magic?

I’ve always believed in magic, a hundred percent. I’m fascinated by it.

What’s it like seeing yourself as an action figure?

It can feel a bit weird. You know, thinking that people are going to be….playing with you! And the closest I’ve ever been to an action figure is chewing on them.

Daniel Comments on the filming of HPCS that will be coming out in theaters in November 15 2002 :

“It’s been such a blast, because Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, and I were suspended way up in the air for a week.”

“Ron’s funnier than Robin Williams. The hard thing is not to laugh when the camera is rolling.”

“It’s good to be back filming. I just put on my glasses and then I became Harry again.”

About injuries he obtained while filming Goblet of Fire in 2005:

“Now Harry has to bleed”

“….there is even blood flowing! Of course it´s not my own, but film blood!” But once he actually hurt himself while shooting. Grinning, he says: “I cut my fingers on a page of the script. That hurt like hell!”

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