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by ClaireJul 4, 2008

Please Note…

 *** Please make sure you let us know the source of your contribution (e.g., the name and issue date of the publication or address of the web site) so that we can give them the appropriate credit. ***

  • We reserve the right not to post certain types of material that we consider to invade privacy or cause unnecessary confusion, e.g. paparazzi pictures and reports of Dan not on official business, rumors and speculation from gossip columns, etc.
  • We prefer images in JPEG or GIF format but can accept just about any format.
  • As this is a Daniel Radcliffe site, we regret that we do not need any contributions that DON’T have Dan in them!  So if you have created a really brilliant wallpaper of Rupert Grint or drawn a picture of Emma Watson, please send them to one of their fan sites or a generic Harry Potter site instead – they would love to have them.
  • Contributors will be credited on our main updates page and where space permits on the appropriate content page.
  • Due to the large volume of fan art contributions that we now receive, we regret that we have had to become much more selective about what we post lately so we apologize if your contribution doesn’t make it into the next update. However, please keep trying – hopefully we will be able to include your artwork at a later date!

Staff Positions

  • Can you contribute material to DanRadcliffe.com on a regular basis? 
  • Do you know how to create complex graphics (e.g., with Adobe Photoshop)?
  • Can you create animations, movies or Flash files?  
  • Do you have a scanner or video capture card?  
  • Have you ever moderated a message board/chat room/guestbook?

If so, we would like to talk with you about a staff position!

The hours are long and the rewards are few, save for a permanent credit on the staff page and the knowledge that you’ll be working for one of the biggest and best Dan sites on the Web.  Only the most dedicated fans need apply!!  Please contact Jenna for more information.

*** Thank you to all our contributors! ***

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