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Why a site about Dan?

When I first started out I really didn’t want to do a general Harry Potter website, I wanted to do something different. I have always felt Dan did a tremendous job portraying Harry Potter, and he has always been very impressive in the way he handles interviews and generic form of cialis the public in general.

Dan possesses a magnanimous nature of only now which I think is exceptional, considering the magnitude of his growing popularity in our pop cultured society, and yet his character has still been completely untouched and unspoiled. His generosity and kindness are surmounted only by his charm and his obvious concern and awareness of the world around him.

He has a love for his family and friends, but he also demonstrates his love and appreciation towards his fans in so many ways. I have been running this website since the levitra pure release of the very first Harry Potter movie and price of viagra I can only say, with every year that passes it has become more evident to me, there is no other person I can think of more deserving of my time and dedication than he.

Most treasured moment

My most treasured moment happened when both Dan and his family communicated to me such kind words about the website during our first meeting. It has been such an honour to work along side them on certain projects, and I can only hope they will continue to paco.pl deem me worthy enough to work on future projects as well. All I have ever really wanted to do was represent him in a positive way and give his fans some place to go where they felt welcome and they knew the information they were getting was genuine.

Why we do some of the things we do

We are very selective about what we post on this site. We do not publish pictures of purchase cheap viagra Dan if it is canadian pharmacy cialis evident that his or his family’s privacy has been invaded upon (paparazzi shots), unless we have their permission. We do not post rumors on this site. All information regarding any rumor that may be floating around on the internet is posted in our news section after we have official confirmation from Dan’s representative to either debunk the rumor or confirm it is true. Our first priority is to be respectful of Dan and his personal life. Another equally important priority is the integrity and accuracy of the news we post on DanRadcliffe.com.

Our involvement with charities

We are proud to be an ongoing fundraising “avenue” for Dan’s charity, the Demelza House Children’s Hospice. Although there are many deserving charities all over the world for many things, we cannot always accommodate those on cheap viagra cialis india this site year round, but we do try to feature certain fundraisers that have heavy impacts on society.


I hope you enjoy your experience here on DanRadcliffe.com ~ Jenna, Webmaster, DanRadcliffe.com

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