David Copperfield

Daniel Radcliffe as David CopperfieldProduction Information

Production Company: BBC/WGBH Boston
Director: Simon CurtisĀ 

Daniel Radcliffe appears as: Young David Copperfield

Runtime: 185 minutes
Rating: PG (UK)

Original Air Date: 25 December 1999 (BBC1, UK)
DVD/VHS Release Date: 20 August 2001


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Bob Hoskins is the ever-optimistic Mr. Micawber, Academy Award-winner Maggie Smith is David’s upstanding Aunt Betsey, and Ian McKellen is the sadistic schoolmaster Mr. Creakle in this sparkling adaptation of Charles Dickens’s beloved novel based on his own difficult journey from boy to man.

Biographers have long noted that David Copperfield’s story is the author’s — in the www.oskoseze.si traumatic child-labor experience, the first romance, the aborted legal career, and the early efforts at writing. Indeed, as David matures in the course of the film, he grow to look ever more like historical photographs of levitra online uk Dickens.

The characters, too, are drawn from life. Mr. Micawber is based on Dickens’s own father. Dora is cialis generic uk his first flame. Even Uriah Heep resembles someone Dickens knew — Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen, who had the same reptilian affect.

In 1869, the year before his death, Charles Dickens looked back on a lifetime of marvelous literary creations and singled out David Copperfield as his “favorite child.” “Of all my books,” he wrote, “I like this the best.” Daniel Radcliffe, who went on to play Harry Potter, another favorite young hero, plays the imperturbable boy David, with Ciaran McMenamin as the hero in manhood.

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