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by ClaireMay 31, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe Message to Lizo as he leaves Newsround

Posted by lauren on 30/05/08

The popular BBC Children’s TV presenter Lizo Mzimba is leaving Newsround, and JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe are among those with a message for him… watch the clip at the link to the Newsround website, if it is available in your country…

…or download it on MegaUpload and don’t get angry with me for the sound slipping a squidge from the picture…. it was a slippery little so-and-so to capture…

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Photo Round-up

Posted by coralie on 30/05/08

I received an email from our lovely webmistress Jenna yesterday, asking me why on earth I was torturing all of you by posting links to the ‘constantly being shuffled around’ Oclumencia photos versus simply adding them to our galleries for you to enjoy a whole lot faster; Jenna is wise, and her ideas always have merit… although I still think the confusing links were rather fun too! (Look everyone! It’s Mad-Eye Moody’s left nostril!) toung.gif

So here once again are those lovely new ‘Dan as Harry’ photos for you to admire in our galleries, all courtesy of Oclumencia:

Neville loves his plant, Harry’s amused, Harry in class, Matrix Harry, Long Shadow Harry, Fly, Harry, Fly!, Golden Trio, Pensive *but not Pensieve* Harry

Again, many thanks to Sabine and Tracey for digging these up for us! amuse.gif

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More New OotP Photos

Posted by coralie on 29/05/08

I think I am going to stop posting the actual links to all the new photos that keep popping up on Oclumencia‘s website because they are constantly being shuffled around; I link a photo of Dan as Harry on a broomstick, and when the link is clicked it’s a photo of a freckle on Ron’s wrist or of a wayward curl in Hermione’s hair instead! toung.gif

Anyway, thanks to both Sabine and Tracey for pointing out that there are more new Order of the Phoenix photos to be admired HERE. Consider it a treasure hunt of sorts, and have fun spotting the new pics of our #1 favorite actor playing the part of our #1 favorite wizard!

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More Dan as Harry Pics

Posted by coralie on 23/05/08

Many thanks to Sabine for digging up some more new pictures of Dan as Harry on Oclumencia‘s website:

Fly, Harry! Fly! OK, maybe not…
Pensive *why can’t we have this photo in HQ* Harry amuse.gif
Moody Harry


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HBP Filming Wraps

Posted by coralie on 22/05/08

OK everyone… breathe! News is really slow right now and, in response to some of the comments attached to the previous post, I just want to state for the record that we are not about to start inventing stories about Dan just to stay busy; that would make us no better than the tabloids! amuse.gif

Anyway, apparently principal filming on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince wrapped over the weekend, which hopefully means we will have fresh news, trailers and lovely new HQ photos to share with you soon; and remember… Patience is a virtue! toung.gif

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More BTS OotP Photos

Posted by coralie on 11/05/08

Thanks again to Sabine for yet another link to some behind the scenes Order of the Phoenix photos. See them HERE or HERE.

We also want to wish all our readers and staffers who are mothers a very Harry Happy Mothers’ day. We have a dysfunctional yet tender type of “family” photo to share with you on this special day, again courtesy of Oclumencia:

Mothers’Day wishes from… toung.gif

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Various Photos of Dan to Enjoy

Posted by coralie on 11/05/08

Our lovely staffer Sabine has been busy combing through the internet for some fresh Dan items to share with you, and here is what she found:

New photos of Dan as Harry in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, along with an assortment of other Potter actors, HERE and HERE courtesy of Oclumencia and masterofmystery.

A new headshot of Dan taken by Stephanie Methven of Actor-Headshots. Simply click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of this lovely black and white photograph.

Danke, Sabine!

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OotP Harry/Cho Kiss Receives MTV Nomination

Posted by coralie on 07/05/08

We have a rather unusual little news item for you today, courtesy of Ginny: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been nominated for a 2008 MTV Movie award in the… are you ready for this? ‘Best Kiss’ category for Harry and Cho Chang’s kiss under the magical mistletoe!

The Awards will be held on Sunday June 1st 2008, and you can cast your favourite kiss votes until May 23 by clicking HERE.

I don’t know about you, but I think the nomination for ‘Kiss of the Year’ should have gone to the over enthusiastic snog poor Dan received from James Cordon at the What’s On Stage Theatregoers’ Choice Awards! toung.gif

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Dan Wins BRAVO Golden Otto Award

Posted by coralie on 06/05/08

Dan and Emma each won a German BRAVO Golden Otto Award for their work in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; hopefully, we will be able to add a photo of Dan accepting his award as soon as we can put our hands on one!


Many thanks to Tracey for the tip!

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Dan Signs Autographs in Lacock and OotP to Debut on HBO in June

Posted by coralie on 01/05/08

We have three delightful new photos of Dan signing autographs for fans during the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shoot in the quaint village of Lacock last October to share with you today, courtesy of Oclumencia. See them here:

Dan in Lacock 1, Dan in Lacock 2, Dan in Lacock 3

Many thanks to Sabine for the tip!

Also, many thanks to Frenchi and to our partners over at TLC for the information that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will see its North American television debut on HBO in June, along with the Making of OotP special featurette.

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