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News Archive – April 2008

by ClaireApr 30, 2008

Film Review Magazine on 6th Potter

Posted by jenna on 26/04/08

The June issue of Film Review Magazine has a little article snippet about the upcoming Potter flick containing a few quotes from Dan about it.

Film Review Scan

Thanks very much to Tracey for sending that over!

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Dan is Stylish Teen Star

Posted by coralie on 24/04/08

Both Dan and Emma are featured on this year’s Stylelist‘s Most Stylish Teen Stars list (Try to say that five times fast!). They had this to say about Daniel


"In his acting and his fashion choices Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, has proven his isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s rare for any man to have the confidence to rock a colored suit and actually pull it off, let alone one who’s only 18 years old."

Many thanks to Andie for the tip! amuse.gif

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New Pic of Daniel Radcliffe for Fans, Etc.

Posted by jenna on 22/04/08

Many of you may have already seen the new picture Daniel is sending out to fans who write in to him via snail mail (Dan does not communicate with fans online in any fashion). In case you haven’t, you can check it out HERE. (Sorry about the late post…there was some sort of mix-up with my packages.)

Daniel is nearing the end of filming for Half-Blood Prince and will soon embark on his Broadway, Equine journey, which he is most definitely looking forward to.

This new photo will begin going out to fans in the next few weeks. If you don’t get it right away…well…you can always write again to get the new one. toung.gif

Just as an aside, things are going to start revving up over the next few months with Daniel’s 19th birthday project underway, HBP and Equus; and we look forward to bringing you all accurate, relevant and to-the-point news and multi-media as each project nears.

We will also be moving to a new content system over the next few months (that’s what I have been working on!), which should make things even more fun and interactive once we are through, so stay tuned for that!

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ACED Magazine’s My Boy Jack DVD Promotion

Posted by coralie on 21/04/08

ACED Magazine is currently hosting a My Boy Jack DVD promotion. Simply click HERE to read the contest rules, and HERE for your chance to win a DVD of My Boy Jack. Good luck to all! amuse.gif

And while we are on the subject, many thanks to Sabine for sending in links to another couple of lovely articles on Dan and MBJ:

NY Daily News, TV Guide


"Daniel does fantastic magic tricks, and he’s a wonderful storyteller. The amount of information that he has stored in his 18-year-old brain is really astounding!"

I must admit I had a good cry yesterday when I watched My Boy Jack in all its HD TV glory: such a superb cast… and such a tragic story!

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A Little Bit of Equus in the News

Posted by coralie on 20/04/08

We have a couple of interesting little news items on Equus to share with you today: The first is from the New York Post and is all about extra security measures that will apparently be enforced at the Broadhurst theatre during the run of the play.

The second more thought provoking item is a new interview with the man who produced Equus in London, David Pugh, who had a few choice words to say on the way things are being handled in New York versus the way they were handled in London. Pugh also discussed the touring production of Equus and mentioned the play is


"Dying on its arse; we can’t give the tickets away.” This is even more surprising… as in London the production was one of 2007’s most sought after tickets. Some would point to a casting change that saw Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe replaced with Alfie Allen, though Pugh has other ideas: “There’s something about the provinces, nudity and stabbing horses’ eyes out…” He says he always suspected there might be this problem with touring the production, but if so, why do it? “When we did it in town 50% of our audience were kids under 18. They went out, like I did when I first saw it at 16, and it meant something to them, so I persuaded the Arts Council to give me a grant. We’re out for 16 weeks on the road; they’ve granted me £176,000. I’m going to lose £176,000 and more besides – can you believe it? – but everybody under 26 can see the show at any performance for £10. That’s why the Arts Council should be doing it in my book."

I would truly love to read more opinions on the subject; I am an avid theatre goer, and I’ll be the first to admit the reason I decided to see Equus in the first place was because of Dan. I am not in the least implying the other cast members weren’t good in their own right or that the touring company cast is anything less than stellar, but I personally believe Daniel is one of the main reasons the play was such a huge success in London. This is just my humble opinion of course… So what is yours?

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WSJ Interview with Dan

Posted by coralie on 19/04/08

There is a new interview with Daniel in the Wall Street Journal in which he discusses various topics, albeit nothing new to us, with his trademark blend of seriousness


"WSJ: The role you play in “My Boy Jack” is that of a young solider during World War I. What drew you to that role?

Mr. Radcliffe: I have always been kind of fascinated by World War I. I had a conversation with a friend the other day about how we periodically get depressed about it. I find it a very affecting topic. The imagery that came out of it from the poets and writers at the time has really stuck with me."

And playful repartee


"WSJ: What types of film roles are you being offered these days?

Mr. Radcliffe: Right now it’s very tricky because of Potter. I don’t have a spare moment to make something until at least 2010 somewhere. I do the sixth Harry Potter…then I’m going to have a break, then I’m going to New York to do “Equus” on Broadway, which will be great. Then I’m going to do “Harry Potter 7″ and by the time that’s over I’ll be 100 years old. I’m just kidding."


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Flurry of MBJ Reviews

Posted by coralie on 19/04/08

Here is another fine assortment of My Boy Jack reviews for you to enjoy, courtesy of Sabine, Raya, Radcakesfan, Sue and Steven:

LA Times, Boston Globe, AM NY


"If you think Daniel Radcliffe will never be able to shake off Harry Potter, see “My Boy Jack,” the newest film in PBS’s “Masterpiece” series. As Jack Kipling, the son of writer Rudyard Kipling, Radcliffe is superb – a tightly wound young man who joins in World War I despite abominable eyesight. He is notably un-Harry-like."

My Boy Jack premieres this Sunday in the US on PBS.

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My Boy Jack Inspired Signatures

Posted by coralie on 17/04/08

Many thanks to the very talented Sakyabuni for the lovely signatures inspired by My Boy Jack, each containing pertinent and touching quotes from philosophers, statesmen and Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated poem. You can download them here:

MBJ signature 1, MBJ signature 2, MBJ signature 3, MBJ signature 4, MBJ signature 5

MBJ will air in the US this Sunday, April 20, on PBS. Get the tissues out! cry.gif

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Radcliffe ‘Hauntingly Good’ in MBJ

Posted by coralie on 12/04/08

With the US television debut of My Boy Jack only days away, EW.com has posted a nice review of the drama with some lovely comments about Daniel’s performance on its website


"Radcliffe, heartbreakingly scrawny and young, plays Jack as a boy tragically eager to prove himself a man. In one perfect scene, Jack walks with his father to a waiting car, and somewhere in those strides, he unconsciously assumes his dad’s gait and cadence. It’s a smooth, subtle piece of acting on Radcliffe’s part, and aside from the glasses and crooked grin, he never once evokes Harry Potter."

To read the full article, simply click on the above link or on the full story link below. You will also find excellent reviews of both MBJ and Dan’s performance at Variety.com and DVD Talk.

Many thanks to Raya for the tips!

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Equus Tickets for Daniel Radcliffe’s Performance on Broadway

Posted by jenna on 10/04/08

Many of you have inquired about a special ticket deal for fans as was done for the UK run of this play. As far as tickets for Equus are concerned, please understand that Dan is not actually producing the play, he’s just acting in it, and thus does not have any say in the way tickets are sold.

It’s not that the producers are ignoring or snubbing fans, they are simply following the normal ticket sale system as they would for any large play on Broadway. Tickets will be going on sale April 26th for the general public, and you will find information about show times and ticket prices here.

I am sorry… I wish I could give you the answer you were all hoping for, but that is the way things are for the moment, according to Dan’s rep. If anything changes I will make sure to post it up on the site.

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Dan’s 19th Birthday Project/Fund-Raiser

Posted by jenna on 09/04/08

Help us wish Daniel a happy 19th birthday this year by participating in our Reel Love Birthday Project!

Rather than just send in your wishes once you donate, we’d like you to get a little creative. Think of your favourite line from any film, or think of a line that most reminds you of Daniel. Send it in along with your name and country and be included in our Reel Love production right here for everyone to see!

Each “screen” represents fans in various countries all over the world. Your line will scroll, along with your name and country, within its regional section.

Remember – any amount is welcome, whether one pound or twenty – all contributions help the children of Demelza. There is no such thing as a small donation.

When donating please e-mail your world pay receipt to Jenna, and don’t forget to select Daniel Radcliffe as your source when you send your donation online. To find out more about donating, visit our How You Can Help page. If you already know what to do – go DONATE NOW!!!

The changing screens will be updated weekly followed by the total on July 23, 2008. Check out the Birthday Page Now!

If you have any questions, or you’d like to be added as a supporter/sponsor, feel free to shoot me over an e-mail. The birthday banner on the right over –> there –> is now active. love.gif

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Equus Venue Announced

Posted by coralie on 09/04/08

According to the New York Times and msnbc, Equus will have its Broadway debut with preview performances starting on September 5 at the Broadhurst Theater, 235 West 44th Street (Between Broadway and 8th Avenue), New York. The play opens officially on September 25 and will run through Feb. 8, 2009.

We know she’s been watching this news for us closely, so many thanks to Frenchi for the tip! amuse.gif

UPDATED: Tickets for Equus will go on sale to American Express Gold Card members April 12 at 9 AM ET by calling (212) 239-6200 or by visiting www.telecharge.com.

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*Updated* Some New Dan Related Treats

Posted by coralie on 08/04/08

We have a few more treats in store for you today, including scans of an interview with Dan and Kim Cattrall, a link to some new behind-the-scenes photos from My Boy Jack, and a black and white photo of Daniel that we hadn’t yet discovered. Enjoy!

TV Guide 1, TV Guide 2

Radio Times behind the scenes MBJ
BW Dan

Thank you to Mira from DanRadcliffe.de, Masterofmystery, UHP and our very own Sabine for the tips, links and scans!

*Update* Thanks to Kellie we now have the colour version of that lovely portrait of Dan. Enjoy!

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Working with Daniel is a Pleasure for Thea Sharrock

Posted by coralie on 08/04/08

There is an interesting new interview with director Thea Sharrock in whatsonstage in which she speaks of bringing Equus to Broadway, Richard Griffiths and (of course!) Daniel Radcliffe


"Working with Daniel Radcliffe is nothing but a pleasure. I’ve never met anybody of his age who has his discipline and level of professionalism – and yet there was also a genuine nervousness and naivety because he’d never worked in the theatre before. There’s something very special about being part of somebody’s training, which is essentially what I was doing with him. We had a lot of madness over Daniel here and I’m sure it’ll be the same in New York."

Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the tip!

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OotP and MBJ Promo Images

Posted by coralie on 02/04/08

Thanks to our lovely staffer Sabine, we have some ‘not yet posted in our galleries’ promo photos of Dan in Order of the Phoenix and My Boy Jack to share with you today… Hopefully we will also be able to treat you to some new Half-Blood Prince photos in the not too distant future! *hint, hint WB!*

OotP promo 1, OotP promo 2, OotP promo 3, My Boy Jack

As for yesterday’s post, come on people! Dan in spandex? Some of you actually believed me??? *does happy Dance* toung.gif

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Daniel Radcliffe Confirmed for Next DWTS Installment

Posted by coralie on 01/04/08

We have very exciting news to share with you today: Dan’s publicist just confirmed to us exclusively that our favourite blue-eyed thespian has indeed signed on for the next installment of the wildly popular program ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Although there actually is a British version of the beloved dance reality show, Daniel has indicated his preference for the female pro-stars of the American version, admitting to an unnamed source who is close to the actor that he especially finds judge Carrie Ann Inaba ‘hot to trot’.

Daniel also indicated his preference for US made spandex when it comes to the men’s all in one stretch dance onesies, confirming that the stretch is actually stretchier in the US than in Britain.

The man can act, the man can sing, the man can get snogged senseless on stage during an award show… and now the man will dance for us! What more can we say… we can’t possibly love Dan any more than we already do!!! (OK, maybe we can!) toung.gif

And by the way… April Fools! Poisson d’Avril!

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