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News Archive – February 2008

by ClaireFeb 28, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe’s Speech at Theatregoers’ Choice Awards

Posted by lauren on 28/02/08

Whatsonstage.com have been overwhelmed by interest in their Theatregoers’ Choice Awards coverage – although I cannot for the life of me think why – and have posted further footage, including the actual award acceptance speeches.

Hairspray fans can see the full video at their site, here.

Or download our exclusively Danectomied version, on Megaupload, here.

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Dan Makes EW List of Top 30 Under 30

Posted by coralie on 28/02/08

Entertainment weekly has included Dan in its list of Top 30 Actors Under 30: The finest young stars in the Hollywood firmament


"He’s utterly charming and managed to do the growing up thing with grace, even with a skin-baring role in a West End production of Equus. Plus, he’s got a teeny tiny fan base, seeing as how the Potter blockbusters have grossed nearly $4.5 billion (movie’s biggest franchise ever!) around the world"

Hear, hear!

Many thanks to Babs for the tip!

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*Updated* HQ Photos, Articles and Scans

Posted by coralie on 28/02/08

We have a few more HQ photos from the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards to share with you today, courtesy (of course!) of our very own Lauren and Daisy:


Also, thanks to Radcakesfan for the link to an article in the Mirror in which Dan’s publicist had this to say about the now famous/infamous kiss incident


"It was a spontaneous gesture by James which was very funny. Daniel took it in the light-hearted spirit that was intended."

If anything, the title of the article is hilarious! bigsmile.gif

Thanks to Nordic for the link to Grimsby Telegraph
The Stage

*Update* You can now see the full clip of Dan’s acceptance speech at the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards HERE (scroll down the page). I love the way Dan takes the time to compose himself before his speech in order to come up with a clever repartee; you can almost hear him thinking! toung.gif Thanks to Soleil for the tip!

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New Batch of HQ Photos: Dan at BAFTA Awards

Posted by coralie on 26/02/08

We have twenty-five terrific new HQ photos of Dan at the BAFTA awards for you to enjoy this morning, all courtesy of our very own Lauren and Daisy. You will find them in our BAFTA Awards 2008 gallery. Enjoy!

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Theatregoers’ Choice Awards – HQ Photos of Dan

Posted by coralie on 25/02/08

Many thanks once again to our very own Lauren and Daisy for the lovely HQ photos of Dan at the WOS Theatregoers’ Choice Awards.

Dan WOS HQ1, Dan WOS HQ2, Dan & Peter Shaffer WOS HQ3, Dan WOS HQ4, Dan & Peter Shaffer WOS HQ5


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*Updated* Daniel Radcliffe Attends Theatregoers’ Choice Awards

Posted by lauren on 24/02/08

Many thanks to Suzanne for being the first to let us know that Daniel attended the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards tonight, at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue – just two theatres down from the Gielgud…

While we are waiting for reports, and better photographs, many thanks to Jeannine and Kellie for letting us know that photos are appearing at Getty Images…

*Update* Here are two lovely new photos of Dan at the awards ceremony: WOS 1, WOS 2

And thanks to Sabine and Frenchi for the link to this article about the event.


"I’m truly delighted and thank everyone so much for voting for me. Equus is a tremendous and thought-provoking play and I’m so proud and honoured to have been a part of this incredible production."

*Update 2* You will find a video clip of Dan and various other actors/directors/producers/designers/dramatists saying a few words about the awards HERE. You’ll need to scroll down the page to find the clip; wait long enough, and you’ll see Dan stepping up to accept his award and getting a… well a BIG surprise! toung.gif Thanks to Kellie for the link!

*Update 3* After wrestling with the site in an Internet cafe for an hour, we have just the Dan bits from the video, for your dowloading pleasure at megaupload…

*click here* and follow the instructions…

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Daniel Radcliffe and Equus win Three Theatregoers’ Choice Awards

Posted by lauren on 21/02/08

Last year’s stunning Broadway-bound London production of of Equus has just won three awards in Whatsonstage.com’s 2008 Theatregoers’ Choice Awards.

  • Equus won the Best Play Revival.
  • Daniel won the Dewynters London Newcomer of the Year for his performance.
  • Those amazing publicity photographs won the AKA Theatre Event of the Year – well, it’s not often that a London theatrical production makes front page news in every paper from here to Katmandu!

    Here is what Dan had to say about his award :

    “I’m truly delighted to have won this prestigious award and thank you so much to everyone at Whatsonstage.com for voting for me. Equus is a tremendous and thought-provoking play and I’m so proud and honoured to have been a part of this incredible production. Thank you to Peter Shaffer, Thea Sharrock, Richard Griffiths, David Pugh, Dafydd Rogers and Barbara Houseman for having faith in me – playing the role of Alan Strang will remain one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

    You can see how the public voting went, here.

    So many congratulations to Daniel and the rest of the cast and crew of a truly beautiful production.

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    Dan Nominated for Saturn Award and Empire Award Vote Reminder

    Posted by coralie on 20/02/08

    Daniel has just been nominated for a Saturn Award by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films in the Best Performance by a Younger Actor category. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix also received nominations in eight other categories: Best Fantasy Film, Best Supporting Actress (the wonderful Imelda Staunton), Best Director (David Yates), Best Writing (Michael Goldenberg), Best Music (Nicholas Hooper), Best Costumes (Jany Temime), Best Makeup (Nick Dudman and Amanda Knight), and Best Special Effects (Tim Burke, John Richardson, Paul Franklin and Greg Butler).

    The winners will be announced on Tuesday June 24th in Universal City, California.

    And speaking of awards, you still have a bit of time left to vote for Dan and everyone/everything related to Order of the Phoenix in the Empire Awards. You need to login, or register if you are new to the site (it’s free), in order to do so. Voting closes on February 25, so hurry!

    More awards for Dan? Bring’em on! amuse.gif

    Danke to Sabine for the reminder!

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    Daniel Radcliffe Says Thank You to Fans

    Posted by jenna on 19/02/08

    Just today we received a thank you from Daniel to the fans for the wonderful Demelza fund-raiser over the holidays. We raised 1,757.95 pounds with the support of our readers and other Dan fan sites: DR.de, DRNC-17 Forum and DR.net.

    DanRadcliffe.com also worked with Sony and Warner Bros to expand the hospice’s entertainment library, with both donating many DVDs, including Harry Potter releases, to Demelza. Sony also sent some fun “character” ear muffs as special holiday gifts for the children as well. Soon I will update our Demelza Site with all of the details and some pics.

    Please read Dan’s wonderful response below. As always, thanks to him for taking the time to write a response to the fans!

    Dear Jenna,

    First of all, let me apologise for not responding sooner to your incredible donations over the Christmas period to Demelza House. Since the Christmas break I have hit the ground running with filming and publicity on Half Blood Prince, and only now have had the opportunity to put pen to paper (so to speak!).

    Thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed to the appeal through your website. Again, your generosity was overwhelming and I know everyone at Demelza House appreciates the time, effort and commitment you have all made to this extraordinary place.

    Demelza House celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and you have all played a part in helping this hospice survive. I receive many letters telling me how proud people are of me and I would now like to return the compliment and say how proud I am of all my fans who have played a part in making a difference to the lives of these children and their families.

    I also took great pleasure in reading the messages in the book which was sent to me by Demelza House. I am always touched by your kind words.

    So once again thank you for your continued support to Demelza House and here’s to a great 2008!

    Much love,


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    BAFTA Awards: More Gorgeous HQ Photos of Dan

    Posted by coralie on 18/02/08

    Who can resist a photo like this one? If you would like to see more (39 more, to be exact) lovely new HQ photos of Dan at the BAFTA awards, simply visit our fabulous BAFTA 2008 photo gallery.

    Many thanks to (I am sure you must have guessed by now!) our very own totally awesome dynamic duo, Lauren and Daisy, for these! amuse.gif

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    New Photos of Dan at BAFTA Awards

    Posted by coralie on 18/02/08

    What better way to celebrate (the master’s) Jenna’s birthday (sorry Jenna… it’s the last time, I promise!) (at least for now!) toung.gif than with some new photos of Dan signing autographs at the BAFTA awards. You can see them HERE, courtesy of Coolfotodudes. cool.gif

    Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the link!

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    It’s Someone Special’s Birthday…

    Posted by coralie on 18/02/08

    February 18th is President’s Day in the US, also known as Washington’s Birthday, also known as Jenna’s Birthday!


    So dear (master) friend, on my behalf and on behalf of all your (minions) staffers, partners in crime and readers, I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever! *sends Jenna a big warm moose sized Canadian cyber hug* toung.gif

    OK, everyone… It’s time to show your love for our venerable webmistress: Go Ye Forth and comment!

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    Valentine E-cards

    Posted by allo on 14/02/08

    Ah, l’amour is in ze air again! And before I get taken to task for my truly terrible French accent, let me distract you with some shiny new Valentine cards, from the very talented Sabine, for you to send to your friends! Click on the links below to send ‘em via the DR.com Letter Exchange.

    Card 1
    Card 2
    Card 3

    Card 4
    Card 5

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    Scans Ahoy!

    Posted by coralie on 13/02/08

    Many thanks to Vale from HarryPotterLa, Maria and Nur for the scans from various international magazines, all of them featuring Dan:

    OK Spain 1, OK Spain 2, Por Ti 1, Por Ti 2, Por Ti 3, Por Ti 4, Turkish 1, Turkish 2, Destiny Magazine

    There is nothing new in the interviews/articles, but they do include errors and quite a few misquotes so please take everything you read with a huge grain of salt.


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    E! Interviews Dan on BAFTA Red Carpet

    Posted by coralie on 12/02/08

    Many thanks to our friend Stephanie from RupertGrint.net for the video capture of Dan being interviewed on the BAFTA awards’ red carpet by Ryan Seacrest and Ben Lyons for E!

    You can download and save the clip from MegaUpload either in MPG format or in WMV format. Remember, it’s easy: simply enter the three letter code provided in the box at the top right hand corner of the screen, click on ‘download’ and wait 45 seconds for your free download. You can then save the clip to your PC and enjoy it over and over again.

    As always, Dan is refreshingly candid and effervescent… rather like a glass of fine champagne amongst soda pop cans! toung.gif

    Also, many thanks to Jamie and Paulina for the link to an article about the BAFTAs in USA Today, containing this little gem from Dan


    "Apart from his Broadway debut in September, Radcliffe is happy to say he has no plans. “I am taking my first holiday in a long, long time, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m just staying here. I hate the beach. I don’t do beaches. I’m too pale. I don’t tan. I just burn."

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    HQ Photos of Dan at BAFTA Awards

    Posted by coralie on 11/02/08

    There is nothing quite as nice as waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee (I don’t drink the stuff, but it sure smells good!) and an email from our very own dynamic duo, namely Lauren and Daisy, containing an abundance of high-res photos of Dan at the BAFTA awards:

    BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4, BA5, BA6, BA7, BA8, BA9, BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA16, BA17, BA18, BA19, BA20, BA21, BA22, BA23, BA24, BA25, BA26, BA27, BA28.

    I think Lauren and Daisy must be part elf, because it’s like Christmas all over again! amuse.gif

    Also, many thanks to Chris for sending in a YouTube link to the video of Dan at yesterday’s awards. You can watch it HERE.

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    *UPDATED* BAFTA Award Video Clips and Pics

    Posted by coralie on 11/02/08

    Here are the video clips we’ve all been waiting for, courtesy of the fabulous “Why Should I go to Bed When Dan’s on TV?” Lauren. You can download them here from MegaUpload (It’s easy: simply enter the indicated code in the box at the top right hand corner of the screen, click on ‘download’ and wait 45 seconds for your free download. You can then save the clip to your PC and enjoy it over and over again!):

    The red carpet
    The suit

    The award presentation

    The first two clips are rather brief, so don’t blink or you’ll miss the fun; the third clip is nice and long and it’s lovely to watch Dan fall back on his feet so effortlessly and with such good grace after muffing a line! toung.gif

    Lauren also sent over some lovely screen caps for you to enjoy, so many thanks to her for all the goodies:


    *Update* Thanks to our friends over at The Leaky Cauldron, you can see more pictures of Dan at the BAFTAs here:

    BAFTA 10, BAFTA 11, BAFTA 12, BAFTA 13, BAFTA 14, BAFTA 15, BAFTA 16, BAFTA 17, BAFTA 18

    And many thanks to Paulina for sending in a link to a Times Online article including a red carpet video clip in which Dan explains why he doesn’t like to go to the beach!

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    Dan Attends BAFTA Award Ceremony

    Posted by coralie on 10/02/08

    Dan is in attendance at the BAFTA Awards gala ceremony in London this evening, so please be sure to come back and check with us a bit later as we will be adding photos and videos of the event when we receive them; in the meantime I just HAD to post this wonderful nugget of information sent in by our staffer Tracey: We’ve all seen red carpet ceremonies where various members of the press keep asking the actors which designer’s clothing they’re sporting for the occasion… well, somebody apparently asked Dan this question, and his priceless answer was toung.gif


    "A shirt, a jacket, a tie, shoes, trousers and pants."

    According to BBC News, Dan had this to say about the event


    "I’ve never been to the Baftas before, and what’s exciting for me is meeting all these amazing people. I’m most excited about meeting Daniel Day-Lewis – his performance in There Will Be Blood was amazing."

    And according to the UK Press Association


    "Harry Potter star Radcliffe got one of the biggest cheers of the night from the crowd."

    You can already see some photos of Dan in his ‘shirt, jacket, tie, shoes and trousers’ on Wire Image, Rex Features and Getty Images websites. Enjoy!

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    Remembering Movie Poster Artist John Alvin

    Posted by coralie on 09/02/08

    Renowned movie poster artist John Alvin passed away unexpectedly on February 6th at the age of 59; while Alvin’s name may not be familiar to some of you, I am quite certain that his movie poster art work has been seen and admired by most: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and, of course, Harry Potter, with beautiful renditions of a young Daniel Radcliffe as Harry.

    You can read moving tributes to this talented artist HERE.

    Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the information.

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    *UPDATED* Dan: Smart, Sweet… and an Organic Veggie Lover!

    Posted by coralie on 08/02/08

    While we are hoping to receive a few more photos of Dan in Gloucester, here in the meantime are two more articles from This is Gloucestershire about the filming of Half Blood Prince; you can read them HERE and HERE.


    "Head of the catering company Richard Gibbs said: “It is fantastic. I have met all the stars and they are exceptionally nice, especially Daniel and Rupert.

    “Daniel often eats the food on offer, although he likes organic stuff. He is not fussy but he has made a few requests for organic vegetables."

    Talented, smart, kindhearted AND a healthy eater! What’s not to love about Dan? toung.gif

    Update: Here is a small photo of Dan in his car, courtesy once again of Oclumencia.

    Update II: Here is another brief article about the filming from This is Gloucestershire, along with a photo of a smiling Dan waving to his fans from his car

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    HBP Gloucester Photos

    Posted by coralie on 07/02/08

    Many thanks to Lauren, Tracey and Oclumencia.com for the photos of Dan filming scenes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Gloucester:

    Gloucester 1, Gloucester 2, Gloucester 3, Gloucester 4

    And for the links to articles about the shoot from This is Gloucestershire and BBC News.


    ADMIN NOTE: In case you’re having problems seeing the pictures, please note that our media server is moving to a new location today and your browser might not be able to find the right address for the new server yet. Please try refreshing your browser or you can try following this link and if that doesn’t work, please check back later once the address has had more time to propagate. Thanks!

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    German Otto Awards: Vote for Dan!

    Posted by coralie on 07/02/08

    Dan is long overdue for an Otto Award, and we can all help him get one this year by voting at this Bravo-Otto link. The page opens up at the Best Female Movie-Star category (you can vote for Emma!), then you have to click on weiter to access the voting page for the Best Male Actor category.

    Daniel won Silver-Otto awards in 2001, 2002 and 2004, a Bronze-Otto in 2003 and a Gold-Otto in 2005.

    Thanks to Mira from DR.de for the tip!

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    Time to Vote: Daniel Radcliffe Nominated For Best Actor In Empire Awards

    Posted by lauren on 03/02/08

    Some rather exciting news for my first ever post as, um, posting person.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has just received several Empire Award 2008 nominations – including one for Daniel as Best Actor.

    Update: You can vote for Dan and everyone/everything related to Order of the Phoenix HERE. You need to login, or register if you are new to the site (it’s free), in order to do so. Voting closes on February 25, so don’t delay and vote today! amuse.gif

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