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by ClaireDec 31, 2007

Short quotes and comments by and about Daniel Radcliffe from around the media.  If you find any more, please send them to us!

Source: The Destination Is The Journey, 28th December 2007

Kathy Eldon, Dan Eldon’s mother, gives a touching account of her personal journey to find the perfect actor to portray her son.

“Daniel Radcliffe is perfect for the role. He’s young, hugely talented, he’s the right age and cares about issues, but most of all, he has a great sense of humor and will inject tremendous energy into the project. He has been playing a magician for a long time. Dan was a different kind of magician – able to activate souls like his hero, Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

Source: The Daily Mail, 24th November 2007

Daniel, as one of the stars backing an exhibit of sick children’s artworks, talks about a picture realized by a 8-year-old boy confined on a wheelchair:

“I am so impressed by Sam’s picture. He has done a fantastic job of recreating the magical atmosphere of the Harry Potter films he loves.”

Source: The Daily Mail, 23rd November 2007

Thirteen-year-old Dakota Blue Richards, who plays the part of Lyra in The Golden Compass, in which the budding actress says that she received some sound career advice from both Daniel and Emma.

“They were about the same age as me when they first started making the Harry Potter films,” she says. “And meeting them helped a lot. They gave me some good tips, especially Daniel. He said, “Know who your friends are – and listen to your mum.”

And he said, “Whenever you feel that maybe you are feeling a bit weird and different, ask somebody who will tell you the truth – keep people around you who you know will be honest.”

“I think that’s very good advice. Emma [Watson], who plays Hermione, was really nice as well – we had a bit of girl bonding.”

Source:, 7th November 2007

During the interviews for the UK DVD launch of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Dan also talks about the HBP filming:

Dan: We’re doing really well, although we haven’t got to the filming of the kissing scenes with Ron and Lavender. I’m really excited to see Ron’s first kiss on screen.

Source: Memorable TV, October 2007

David Haigh was interviewed about My Boy Jack:

“Daniel (Radcliffe) is the most extraordinarily grounded, down to earth, passionate, committed and intelligent young man, and brings all of those ingredients to the part of Jack”

Also, talking about the fact that the public didn’t like Kipling’s wife, Carrie, he said:

“I was talking to Daniel about this and he was saying it can be so easily misunderstood, that search for privacy. If your whole life is public, you ruthlessly pursue that privacy.”

Source: The UK TV Archive, October 2007

Carey Mulligan was interviewed about her role as Elsie Kipling in My Boy Jack:

Carey: I love the birthday party scene where Rudyard tells an audience of children a story. The extras weren’t all that interested in what David was saying because whenever Daniel (Radcliffe) walked in, all the kids were just fighting the urge to look at him”

Source: Sky Magazine, October 2007

Kim Cattrall is interviewed about her role as Jack’s mother in My Boy Jack:


“Q: What’s it like filming with Daniel Radcliffe who’s playing your son?

KC: I love working with him. He has incredible enthusiasm and he wants to do his best – He’s got the whole package. Plus, the part suits him.”

Source: MTV Movies Blog, 17th October 2007

J.K.Rowling talked about some revealing conversations she had with the Harry Potter stars about their characters’ fates in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

“I went down to the set and Dan (Radcliffe) and I had a real chat and it was great. And I said to him ‘Dumbledore’s giving me a bit of trouble.’ And he said, ‘But Dumbledore’s dead!’ And then immediately ‘Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!’”

But that didn’t stop Radcliffe from “pretending that he knew the ending of book seven,” Rowling laughed, saying his loose lips got him his just desserts. “He went down the corridor to the other kids, because they were still being schooled at the time, and he said, ‘She’s told me, I know what happens,’” Rowling related. “Of course, then he was besieged and started to panic.”

“He got a little taste of what it’s like to be me,” the author cackled. “Serves him right!”

She also added that Emma Watson

“Nearly fell off the chair laughing when I told her who she had to kiss… If it’s (the 7th movie) faithful to the story she has to kiss both of them (Harry as well as Ron), which I think is kind of funny.”

Source: Variety, 04 th October 2007

During an interview, David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter movies, said about Dan:

“You don’t put a stranglehold on an ambitious young actor who wants to stretch.” (Talking of Radcliffe and his headline-making turn on the London stage earlier this year). “Everybody talks about him being naked in ‘Equus’ but not that his character blinded six horses. There seems to be more concern about Dan’s willy than the substance of the play. But I respect him and his choices”

and, about the young actors in the Harry Potter series:

“They’re learning by doing and also by watching. Dan, for instance, has talked about what he’s learned from Gary Oldman. The older actors are quite generous.”

Source: Moviefone, 03rd October 2007

Daniel as one of the top 25 talents under 25. Nadine Jolson, Executive Director, Jolson Creative Image PR, said:

“He is aging brilliantly and he’ll get better as he gets older. I can just imagine him in his 30s, 40s, 50s — smooth, dashing and very sexy. He’s definitely here to stay.”

Source:, 22nd August 2008

During the Los Angeles premiere for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, SnitchSeeker taped an interview Dan Radcliffe gave with a television station on the red carpet:

Dan Radcliffe: (On the kissing scene with Katie Leung) … bigger deal than it possibly was. You know, it was fine. In many ways it was like any other scene.

Channel 18: You’re 17 years old. You’re going to play a 16-year-old in the next one?

Dan Radcliffe: Sixteen in the next movie, yeah.

Channel 18: Do you think it’s harder to believe?

Dan Radcliffe: (shakes head no) If you think about, for instance, Brokeback Mountain … at the beginning of it the character’s younger than Heath Ledger and at the end of it he’s older. So, you know, actors play younger roles than their age all the time.

Channel 18: J.K. Rowling has her ending for Harry Potter, what would you like to see happen to Harry?

Dan Radcliffe: I have no idea. You know, I think Harry will live. I didn’t always think that. I think he’ll live. I think maybe Snape will be the hero.

Source: ITV1 Teletext, Showbiz Spy, 19th August 2007


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe had to make a confession on the set of ITV1 drama My Boy Jack in which he plays Rudyard Kipling’s tragic Son ( Nov 11th). A spy says:

“There’s a scene where he had to ride a 90-year-old motorbike.

“Then he tells us he hadn’t a driving licence and can’t ride a motorbike! We had to insist on a stuntman double. But Dan did sit on it while the engine was off.”

Source: “Today Show, 27th July 2007

In the second part of an interview with J.K. Rowling on the Today Show, Rowling told host Meredith Vieira that she’d actually spoken to Daniel about Harry’s future:

“I took him out to dinner, and at one point during dinner, he leant in and he said, ‘Look, I’ve just gotta ask you. Do I die?’” Rowling said.

“I whispered, so no one else could hear, ‘You get a death scene,’” she said.

“But Dan is very smart. And I’m pretty sure he would have walked away from dinner thinking, ‘Yeah, I get a death scene, but what does that mean? She didn’t say, ‘Yes, you die,’ so I hope he’s happy.”

Source: ET online, 15th July 2007

Here is a link to a fun little exchange that took place at the Order of the Phoenix L.A. premiere between Entertainment Tonight’s ‘fashion guru’ Cojo and Emma Watson:

“And what about Emma’s co-star Daniel, who made headlines recently when he performed semi-nude in a British play called Equus?

“He was beginning to look like a Chippendale’s dancer, so I just wanted to make sure, what’s the thing about Daniel we don’t know anything about?” Cojo inquired.

“He’s really smart,” she (Emma Watson) said. “He writes a lot of poetry. He is actually really good! He loves art. He’s into a lot of stuff.””

Source: Parade, 11th July 2007

Parade conducted an interview with Imelda Staunton, including quite a few questions about Daniel


“P: What did you expect from Daniel Radcliffe in such a demanding movie?


IS: I expected the best. I worked with Daniel before he did Harry Potter. I did David Copperfield with Daniel for the BBC when he was 10. (Funny, but Maggie Smith was in that, too.) Then I get to torture him. I loved working with him when he was 10, and I loved working with him now. Just to see the development in him is great.


P: How would you describe the difference?


IS: He was a little boy. Now he’s a young man, and he has gained so much experience working with great scripts, great actors–up until me! What an apprenticeship. I think he’s responded remarkably well to everything.


P: I have to know if you ever felt guilty putting poor Daniel as Harry through all that torture?


IS: It was a difficult scene to do. An uncomfortable place. To be the sort of person who could do that to someone. Not nice. Plus, it’s a woman doing it. I think that makes it more cruel.


P: Were there hugs after the scenes. Did you apologize?


IS: He can handle it! If he can’t take that what can he take? Don’t talk about me, talk about Voldemort. He’s got a lot more horrors to face than Umbridge.


P: You’ve been around a lot of show-business people. Daniel’s one of the most famous kids in the world. Did you have fears about what that attention can do to a young person?


IS: I didn’t. Because he’s got very grounding parents. And the producers of Harry Potter care about him a great deal. The kids all have people around them to make sure that they stay level-headed. Because there’s madness around all of this. The important thing is to do this job well and the rest of it is their lives, private lives.”

Source: Variety, 9th July 2007

OotP director, David Yates, talks about preparing Daniel for a scene with Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge in the movie):

“In the new pic, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) leads a student revolt and gets his face slapped by Hogwart’s headmistress Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton).”I said to Daniel, ‘I’m going to ask Imelda to hit you in one of these takes, but you won’t know which one so you don’t flinch,’ ” Yates said. “I wanted to make the material feel real and emotionally truthful, so that the magic was more extraordinary.””

Source:, 8th July 2007

Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, talked to on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere. This is what she said about the scene where Professor Umbridge slaps Harry:

SnitchSeeker: Did you really slap Dan? Did you enjoy it? And how many takes was it?

Staunton: I did slap him. Of course I didn’t enjoy it. And we did quite a few takes. And he was very brave.”

Source: Future Movies, 5th July 2007

Sir Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) speaks highly of Daniel’s acting abilities:


“Q: Do you get on with the child actors in the film?


MG: Yes, I do. The kids are remarkable – and I’m not saying that because I’m in the bloody film. Daniel is so cool and with it and on the ball. He seems unfazed by anything. The great luck was to get that boy.”

Source: CBS, 26th June 2007

From the Zwecker’s people feature on the CBS website:

“As for Radcliffe’s non-“Harry” future, he is amused that his starring role in the revival of Peter Shaffer’s play “Equus” in London’s West End earlier this year made headlines more for his being naked onstage than for his acting. “But, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I know that’s what gets the popular press aroused,” said Radcliffe, suddenly cracking up, realizing what he had just said.

Added Radcliffe: “There’s nothing confirmed, but I would love to do ‘Equus’ again — perhaps on Broadway — if it all could be worked out with my schedule.”

Keeping with his stated desire to strictly avoid all roles that would remind audiences of his “Harry Potter” legacy, Radcliffe is anxious for the release of the Australian independent picture “December Boys” (“A film I made a couple of years ago”) and “a film about Rudyard Kipling’s son, ‘My Boy Jack,’ that I’m doing this summer.”

Source: Berliner Morgenpost, 26th June 2007

After the OotP press conference held in London, a German reporter has kind words for Dan:

“Radcliffe appears in a suit, and answers the questions respectfully and courteously. After the press conference, he is the only one of the cast who says thank you to the moderator with a handshake. Not like a spoilt superstar, not like a millionaire, who is able to afford everything, but like a very well bred English boy, who shortly celebrates his 18th birthday. He still is the classic example of a child star, who is down to earth.”

Dan also is asked for the advice he would give to an 11 year-old receiving the same offer he did eight years ago:

“You can’t prepare anyone. My advice would be to make sure that his friends and acquaintances are always honest to him, that they would tell him when he starts to change and make him take a realistic view again. This is the whole point when you grow up in publicity. It might happen that people always agree with you, do everything for you and when you take to that it will throw you off balance.”

And about Equus:

“When you are standing naked on stage in front of 1000 people, then you have got the feeling afterwards that you can achieve everything and nothing can happen to you.”

Source: Sci-fi Wire, 25th June 2007

Actress Imelda Staunton (Dolores Umbridge in OotP) talks about filming with Dan:

” “It was horrible doing the scene when Dolores makes Harry do his detention, and the blood appears on his hand,” she said. “You put yourself in that realm as a person who’s capable of doing that, and it was very uncomfortable for me afterwards. I did the scene fine, but then I felt horrible. It was horrible, horrible being someone like that. But Dan, he could handle it. He’s been through enough on these films”.”

Source: The Daily Record, 21st June 2007

Actress Katie Leung talks about Daniel:

“Katie: I love Dan to bits. He is so down to earth, it’s unbelievable. You would never think he plays the most famous boy in the world. He never acts like he is the star. He’s so well-mannered and he really cares about you. He’s always asking, ‘Are you all right? Can I do anything?’ Things like that”

Source: Time Out New York Kids, 19th June, 2007

Order of the Phoenix director, David Yates, speaks in glowing terms of Dan’s professional approach to acting and of his wonderful personality:

“Dan is incredible because he’s so enthusiastic and has a tremedous work ethic. He really pushes himself and wants to be pushed, and he’s hugely ambitious to get it right. So I really pushed him in this film and I think he responded to that. I had a really exciting moment in our journey together in making the film. In the first couple of months [of shooting], I would say, “alright we have to go again. I don’t believe it, I don’t think you believe it, I want it to feel realer.” And then about two months into the six month shoot, instead of me saying I want to go again, Dan turned round to me and he said, “David, can I go again cause that didn’t feel real for me.” That was a really great moment because he started to push himself even more. He’s incredibly generous and lovely on the floor. He makes everybody feel comfortable and included. If we’d have visitors to the set, which we very often do because Harry Potter’s like this magnet for lots of people, he’s always very welcoming and very warm. And he’s very witty.”

“What all three of them [Dan, Rupert and Emma] have in common is that they’re remarkably unaffected by this attention that they always generate. They’re very well-balanced and normal, and I think that’s an amazing strength. It’s a great credit to Chris Colombus and David Hammond and everyone who found them, as well as Mary Stolway who cast the original films, to find not just these kids who fill the shoes of these characters that everybody loves, but in a way, kept themselves grounded. It’s also a credit to their chaperones and their parents. They’re just good fun to work with. It was a real joy for me.”

Source: Telegraph, 18th June 2007

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in the HP movies) talks about meeting Dan for the first time:

“Q: Did you ask Daniel Radcliffe for his autograph when you met him?

A: No – I restrained myself. But my friends were asking for it. That and marriage proposals.”

Source: Telegraph, 18th June 2007

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in the HP movies) praises Dan for his role in Equus:

“Q: You’re not going to do anything drastic, like Daniel Radcliffe did with Equus?

A: No. That was a very brave move from Dan, and it’s paid off fantastically. But I’m not that brave.”

Source: Basingstoke Gazette, 18th June 2007

Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley in the HP movies) speaks about seeing Daniel in Equus:

“Q: Did you go to see Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry star in Equus in the West End?

A: I saw it and I enjoyed it. For him it was definitely a good, good thing to do, because you’re so easily typecast as a child actor and I think it’s a good move. The play was just amazing – I was so wrapped up in it all.”

Source:, 16th June 2007

During an interview, Katie Leung speaks about her on-screen kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

“Of course I was nervous about it,” she says, her soft tones betraying a Motherwell twang. “I blame it on the crew because they made it impossible for me to forget. Every day, somebody would come up and say things like ‘Are you looking forward to it?’ Or ‘Euwww, it’s going to be really wet!'”

Luckily, co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the eponymous wizard, admitted he was feeling just as anxious. His confession helped calm those frantic butterflies.

“He admitted that he was nervous too, which made me feel better because I was a bag of nerves,” says Katie. “We joked around, saying ‘Have you brushed your teeth?’ and ‘Have you eaten your mints?’ So we were much more relaxed when we came to do it.”

Source: The Telegraph, 30th May 2007

During an interview, Equus producer David Pugh reveals a charming connection to Daniel Radcliffe:

“Daniel’s mum [Marcia Gresham] was my assistant when I had offices on Shaftesbury Avenue,” Pugh explains. “So I was there for his birth at Charing Cross hospital, and, when she came back after three weeks, she brought him with her. Daniel spent the first nine months of his life in my office in a moses basket!”

Source: Scotland on Sunday, 13th May 2007

During an interview, actor Orlando Bloom comments on Dan’s performance in Equus:

“…it would be great to do a play in the West End and be part of a company. I did see Equus recently and thought Daniel Radcliffe [the Harry Potter star] did a great job. It was really a brave choice. It made me think.”

Source: David Copperfield edition of the Classic Drama Collection, 10th May 2007

Actor James Thornton, who played Ham Peggotty in Copperfield, said this about working with a very young Dan:

“He was ever so small, and a really sweet, little guy. We got on really well and had a great laugh. I remember him singing Coldplay songs all the time. It’s just odd seeing him now, grown up. Out of all the cast, he’s the one that’s got really famous. It’s just gone mad for him.”

Source:, May 2007

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in the HP movies) talks about his friendship with Dan:

“Q: Harry is a very faithful friend. How friends are you outside the film set?

A: Really good friends. Dan’s fantastic. We like the same comedies, the same music which is what we always talk about, like a comedy we’ve just seen or an album we just bought, something like that. I’m actually going to see him tomorrow at his play Equus. We are meeting afterwards. It can be fun because we haven’t seen (each other) for a moth. I can’t wait.”

Source:, 6th April 2007

During an interview, Joanna Christie spoke in glowing terms about meeting and working with Daniel Radcliffe:

Everyone wants to know: what was it like to meet Radcliffe?

“He’s so down to earth and normal,” Christie beams. “He doesn’t make you feel nervous. There’s nothing starry about him. He’s one in a million. He’s 17 and he’s had such an extraordinary life—he could be a nightmare and so messed up by his bizarre teenage years, living on a massive film set and having enormous global fame. But he’s so lovely and such a gentleman and so polite and intelligent. He’s an amazing guy.”

“I was a bit scared of the jealous fans,” she admits, “but they’ve all been lovely so far.”

What about the prospect of having to appear naked?

“Whatever I’m feeling about it, it’s a million times worse for Daniel. The pressure on him was very big, but we’re doing it together and we both feel very supported by each other. We got on with each other from the word go and trust each other totally, which we need to do to be able to do the scene.”

“It’s been great for Daniel—it has given him the respect he deserves as an actor, and he has proved himself more than capable of doing something apart from Harry Potter. But more importantly than that, the response from Daniel’s fans and regular theatregoers and anyone else who has just been curious has been absolutely amazing. The audiences are such a mixture of people, and they all really, really love it. There are hundreds of people at the stage door every night, and they’re all very complimentary. That means a lot.”

Source: Dance Europe, April 2007

In an article discussing the importance of movement and coreography in a representation such Equus, the author also speaks of Dan’s fearless performance on stage:

“Kemp (dancer Will Kemp, who plays the horse Nugget in Equus) effortlessly scoops Radcliffe onto his shoulders to run around the stage to recreate a canter along the shoreline… Radcliffe seems completely fearless in this scene, which is fraught with the real possibility of a heavy fall, but he and Kemp seem to have a real rapport.”

Source: The Telegraph, 28th March 2007

According to an article, Daniel Radcliffe is on the “New Nominees for National Treasures” list in the UK.

“Daniel Radcliffe – He could have stayed Harry Potter but his brave leap into theatre has gained him great reviews and his deference to his senior co-stars, shows him to be a well-brought up little treasure.”

Source: Evening Standard, 16th March 2007

Will Kemp, who plays Will Kemp, who plays the dual roles of the young horseman and the horse Nugget in Equus, said about Dan:

“He is a remarquable young man. There’s very little that can throw him: the mass hysteria, the publicity, the press, the constant hastle that is his life – he handles it brilliantly. He could easily have been this 17-year-old brat, but he’s not at all, he’s a real gentleman.”

Source: Geek, 15th March 2007

OotP director, David Yates, talks about filming with Dan:

GEEKMONTHLY.COM: And, of course, you’re still dealing with those elements of teenage angst.

DAVID YATES: “In a way, they’re [the actors] going through it right now, 14 coming up to 17. They’re teenagers like we were and they have all of the pressures of being teenagers as well as the physical changes. So it’s not difficult to explore those issues. And just Dan as an actor is incredibly intuitive and emotional, and I mean that in a good way. I’d actually rather use the word sensitive instead of emotional, because he’s quite strategic about his empathy for people and things. And they’re all really bright and intuitive, so getting them to deal with some of these story issues wasn’t difficult at all.”


GEEKMONTHLY.COM: When you joined the film, how did you acclimate yourself with the cast?

DAVID YATES: “Right at the beginning, you always have these rehearsals with any actor you work with. With Dan, in particular, who had to go through this quite complex journey. We sat down several months before we start ed shooting. We would meet every week and we would talk about what Harry was dealing with. One of the things we did, and it sounds quite intense for a family film, is we brought in a bereavement counselor to talk to us about how Harry Potter dealt with witnessing the death of Cedric [Diggory]. This woman came in to talk to both of us about how people deal with quite intense emotional and disturbing experiences. She deals with people in the police and the rescue services who every day witnessed trauma and death, and she kind of showed us how people process that and deal with that and what it does to them. At the start of our story, and it kind of hangs over the story like a shadow, Harry is having to come to terms with what he witnessed, the tragedy he’s seen and it’s affected him. Dan was able to glean quite a lot from what she showed us and what she’d seen talking to people. That was kind of useful and helpful in the kind of development of Harry’s journey in our film. And the truth is, you never stop talking. Every day. I love working with actors and I love their interpretations of characters. Even on the day of shooting, you never stop talking. It’s a constant dialogue.”

Source: The Guardian, 14th March 2007

Actor Colin Haigh had to step in for Richard Griffith in a few performances of the play Equus. Asked about Dan’s reaction to that situation, he said:

“He was almost gleeful,” says Haigh (who normally plays stable manager Harry Dalton in the play). “It was like a challenge, suddenly having to act against someone else. A lot of the lines are questions. I managed without the script for quite a while; when in doubt about the right line, all I had to do was say ‘Go on’ to Daniel and he would just fill in.”

Source: BBC Radio 4, 6th March 2007

Equus director Thea Sharrock was interviewed on BBC Radio4’s woman’s hour. She had nothing but praise for Daniel and his acting abilities:

“He is an absolute consummate actor in his ownright… This is an enormous leap for any seventeen-year-old to do… He brings with him an extraordinary discipline and level of professionalism, and that was an absolute gift for me.”

Source: The Telegraph, 25th February, 2007

Richard Griffiths talks about Dan’s and Joanna Christie’s nude scene in Equus:

“Talking of being self-conscious, Griffiths is about to star opposite Daniel Radcliffe, he of Harry Potter fame, in the first major production of Peter Shaffer’s Equus since 1973. Griffiths plays the psychiatrist, Radcliffe his patient, a young man who has a pathological sexual fascination with horses.

There is much nudity in the play.

Griffiths: ‘Yes, but thank goodness it’s not me being naked,’ Griffiths says. ‘I wouldn’t inflict my naked body on any paying audience.

‘I think it was difficult for Daniel at first, especially as this is his stage debut, but they have done it brilliantly. Initially there were just four of us in the room, then eight, then 40 – and they [Radcliffe and Joanna Christie, the two young actors who appear naked] became confident about it. Obviously what you worry about when you take your clothes off is the prurient response.’

And the temperature.

Griffiths: ‘That’s true. I hadn’t thought about that. Knowing David Pugh [the producer] he will probably drop the temperature by three degrees to make everyone’s nipples perkier. I don’t think it is too bad for these two actors because they have lovely bodies, so they are admirable rather than mockable’.”

Source: This Morning, 25th February 2007

Jenny Agutter talks about Dan:

“He has the maturity and absolute enthusiasm for what he is doing and also has just worked so hard and is producing something wonderful. He is completely unembarrassed – he’s unembarrassed in the way he works as an actor and it gives it such power.”

Source: Telegraph, 25th February 2007

From an article entitled “Forget Blinding The Horse, That Cigarette Is Utterly Offensive” by Nigel Reynolds, on the controversy surrounding Dan’s smoking on stage in Equus:

He appears to blind a horse on stage, he is naked and he has to simulate losing his virginity. But what really ruffled feathers yesterday was that Daniel Radcliffe, the 17-year-old star of the Harry Potter films, will smoke on stage in his West End debut. Photographs show the actor, with stubble and looking more Harry Enfield than Harry Potter, half-way through a cigarette in a scene from Equus, the celebrated Peter Shaffer play in which Radcliffe opens at the Gielgud Theatre on Tuesday. The image brought immediate condemnation.

Amanda Sandford, a spokesman for Ash, the anti-smoking organisation, said: &quotIt is regrettable that he is smoking, whatever the circumstances. He is a role model for young people and if he decided to take up smoking in real life that would be of great concern. Even though it is an act, nicotine is highly addictive and he could find himself hooked.”

David Pugh, the producer of the revival, said: &quotIf they are worried about smoking and not about the fact that he’s simulating sex with a young girl on stage, it makes me think that they’ve got their priorities wrong. Daniel smokes in the play. He doesn’t smoke in life. It’s in the script and it always has been. It is not gratuitous. In fact, it’s a very beautiful scene where Alan Strang (played by Radcliffe) is with his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist offers him a cigarette and it’s really the first time the man and boy bond as they talk and smoke.”

Source: Female First, 22nd February, 2007

Radcliffe’s co-star in Equus, Joanna Christie, defends the nude scene:

British actress Joanna Christie has defended Equus co-star Daniel Radcliffe for appearing nude on the London stage, insisting the play is about much more than him stripping off.

The Harry Potter star, 17, defended his decision to appear naked in a revival of Peter Shaffer’s 1973 play earlier this month (Feb07), after the promotional pictures for the show caused controversy among parents of young fans of the boy wizard.

But 24-year-old Christie is amazed by the amount of press attention Radcliffe has attracted, and urges critics to look beyond the raunchy scenes to see the meaning of the play itself.

She says: “I can’t believe there are people saying he’s a bad role model for children. He’s an actor playing a part, and in the story he happens to have a relationship with a girl. The play is on school syllabuses. It’s an amazingly interesting, complex story. It’s not about nudity or sex. It’s about a lot of very complex issues. When we do (the nude scene) in the context of the play it’s really beautiful and natural. I expected some publicity because of Daniel but not stories and photos everywhere.”

Source: Xposé #102, 22nd February 2007

Dan about performing in Equus:

” ‘The best way I can think of summarizing it is that it is about the pain that comes with the extremes of passion, and the passion that must be given up if you’re to become an acceptable member of society.’ Radcliffe tells us enthusiastically.

‘When I did it, I knew that [the naked scene] was the bit that everybody would be talking about. It’s a very important bit of the play but it’s not the whole play. It’s very moving and it’s very intelligent, not gratuitous’.”

Source: BBC Breakfast News, 20th February 2007

Jenny Agutter, who plays the role of the magistrate Heather Saloman in the play Equus, has nice words to say about Daniel during her interview:

“And of course it’s the first theatrical production Daniel Radcliffe has done and he is absolutely wonderful and he is a dedicated actor. He loves what he’s doing, he’s very enthusiastic about it and he works so hard. We’ve had some very good audiences I must say, we haven’t actually opened to the press yet, very appreciative of what he’s doing. He’s just completely created a wonderful, believable young man, Alan Strang.”

Source:, 16th January 2007 has a posted a short interview with Dan:

Daniel Radcliffe:“I need to get as much work between now and the end of the series and the immediate aftermath of the series as I can to prove to people that I can do it. That’s why I’m constantly on the look out for scripts and things to do. That’s why I’m doing two things between Harry Potter 5 and 6, if and when that happens. I do feel a need to say to people that I am capable of more than Harry Potter.

That being said, I don’t pick roles specifically because they are very different from Harry Potter. You have to judge each role on what it is and who you’ll be working with. It just so happens that the films that have come my way are very different from Harry, and that’s a nice bonus, really.

Having said that, Harry Potter is a very demanding part and really challenging. I don’t mean to make it sound like Harry is an easy ride, because it’s not. But with doing things like Equus and My Boy Jack, which is a World War I story about Rudyard Kipling and his son, and I did December Boys last year – hopefully all of these projects should begin to let people see me in a different light.”

Source: Michael Brit’s Photo Exhibition, 16th January 2007

A picture of Dan was displayed at the Exhibition at Fulham Palace and the caption, written by the photographer himself, Michael Brit, read as follows:

“When I was asked to select new sitters for this show, my first thought was Daniel Radcliffe. To have fabulous talent, as he undoubtedly is, on your doorstep was enticing.”

Source: unknown, 03rd January 2007

Thea Sharrock talks about Dan:

“I want to have a very serious focus with Daniel and Richard (Griffiths) before the room gets crowded. It’s Daniel’s first time on dramatic stage. This isn’t a vehicle created for Daniel. He auditioned and the best actor was picked. The fact that he also happens to be the actor who plays Harry Potter is beside the point. He and I have spent a lot of time examining the text because things are very different with a play than a movie.”

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