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by ClaireOct 31, 2007

Dan on ‘Longlist’ for Evening Standard Theatre Award

Posted by coralie on 31/10/07

According to, ‘a dazzling year of performances on the London stage will be honoured at the 2007 Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Stars including Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Lindsay, John Simm, Jessica Lange, Billie Piper, Rosamund Pike and Kristin Scott Thomas are among the dozens who are under consideration for prizes.’

The judges include theatre critics Nicholas de Jongh of the Evening Standard, Georgina Brown of the Mail on Sunday, Susannah Clapp of The Observer, Benedict Nightingale of The Times and Charles Spencer of the Daily Telegraph. You will find the ‘longlist’ of potential honorees, including Dan in the Best Actor category for Equus, HERE.

Many thanks to Sarinee for the fabulous news! Hopefully Dan will also end up on the shortlist of potential honorees. Let’s cross our collective fingers for him, because he certainly deserves to be recognized for bringing a complex character like Alan Strang to life so brilliantly and with such passion night after night in Equus.

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My Boy Jack Treats: Interviews, DVD Cover and Scans

Posted by coralie on 31/10/07

I know it’s Halloween, but we have no tricks for you today… Only yummy Dan related treats! toung.gif

To start you off, here are two excellent new interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and Carey Mulligan, who plays the part of Elsie Kipling, about My Boy Jack:


"Dan: The story was the first thing that attracted me to this project. It’s tragic and beautifully written. I think the strength of the story is the key thing that draws anybody to a drama. You can have a good character to play, but it doesn’t amount to anything if it’s a weak story"


"Carey: I love the birthday party scene where Rudyard tells an audience of children a story. The extras weren’t all that interested in what David was saying because whenever Daniel (Radcliffe) walked in, all the kids were just fighting the urge to look at him"

Read them HERE and HERE, courtesy of Radcakesfan.

We also have pictures of the My Boy Jack DVD cover, thanks to Janina, Mira and Amazon UK:

And finally we have Tracey to thank for these scans from Radio Times magazine, featuring a photo of Dan in MBJ:
Radio Times 1, Radio Times 2


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New My Boy Jack Photos of Dan in Sky Magazine

Posted by coralie on 30/10/07

Many thanks to Lauren for sending in some scans from a Sky magazine interview with Kim Cattrall, who plays the part of Jack’s mother in My Boy Jack, which include a couple of new photos of Dan in character.


"Q: What’s it like filming with Daniel Radcliffe who’s playing your son?

KC: I love working with him. He has incredible enthusiasm and he wants to do his best – He’s got the whole package. Plus, the part suits him."

Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky 3


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*UPDATED* New Scans of Dan in German Bravo Magazine

Posted by coralie on 29/10/07

Thanks to Mira from for the new scans from German Bravo magazine. Apparently there is nothing new in the article, so simply enjoy those lovely, soulful pictures of Dan!

German Bravo 1, German Bravo 2, German Bravo 3

UPDATE: Thanks to Sabine, we now have a translation of the magazine’s article for you. Simply click on the full story link below to read!

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*UPDATED* HBP Filming in Lacock Now Ended

Posted by coralie on 28/10/07

Over the past few days, our Order partner TLC has been posting news and reader reports about the filming of some scenes from the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the lovely village of Lacock, situated in Wiltshire. Filming is now over in that area, and it appears that Dan has once again been both gracious and generous with his fans; although according to this article, people thronged outside the barricaded entrance to the village and security guards were ordered to stop anyone from photographing or video taping the film shoot, a few lucky people managed to get autographs, and one even reported that Dan


"Patiently signed her copy of Half-Blood Prince, along with others, and said ‘Its so dark, I just wish I could see you all."

What more can we say? He’s simply the best! amuse.gif

Many thanks to Sabine for the tip!

UPDATE: Click on the full story link below to read a first hand account of what it was like to be there, kindly sent in by Zoe. Many thanks to her for that. Enjoy!

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December Boys DVD Available for Pre-Order in USA and Canada

Posted by coralie on 28/10/07

For your information, the DVD of December Boys (scheduled for release on December 11) can now be pre-ordered from both (USA) and (Canada).

Thanks to Danne for the heads-up!

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New My Boy Jack Article and Photos

Posted by coralie on 28/10/07

Many thanks to Radcakesfan for the link to a fascinating new article in the Daily Mail about the Kipling family and My Boy Jack, complete with new photographs of Dan. You can read it HERE, and see the beautiful ‘family portrait’ from the ITV movie HERE.

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*UPDATED* Full My Boy Jack Trailer

Posted by coralie on 28/10/07

Hats off and many thanks once again to Lauren for capturing the full ITV trailer for My Boy Jack. You can download and save it to your computer by clicking HERE. Megaupload is easy to use: simply enter the 3 letter code provided by them in the box located towards the top right hand side of the screen and click ‘download’. Since the download in this case is free, you have to wait 45 seconds before you can click on ‘free download’. You can then save the clip to your computer to enjoy over and over again.


"Have you news of my boy Jack?

Not this tide.
When d’you think that he’ll come back?
Not with this wind blowing, and this tide."

Rudyard Kipling

UPDATE: You can now see the trailer on YouTube, courtesy of Michelle. Simply click HERE.

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A Couple of My Boy Jack Scans

Posted by coralie on 27/10/07

Many thanks to Tracey for sending in a couple of magazine scans featuring some candid new photos of Dan getting ready to film some scenes from My Boy Jack:
Sun TV Guide 1
Sun TV Guide details

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Behind the Scenes Photos from HBP

Posted by coralie on 27/10/07

A few behind the scenes photos from the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince featuring Dan and actor Michael Gambon (with his beard in a bag toung.gif) have surfaced online, and you can see them by clicking HERE.

Many thanks to Lauren, Radcakesfan, Jack and Amber for the tip!

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A Little Bit of Dan Here, a Little Bit of Dan There…

Posted by coralie on 26/10/07

There are a few Dan related items to report today, so here goes:

1) Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe tops poll… well, we all knew this was going to happen! toung.gif

2) Dan is scheduled to appear on ITV1’s Parkinson show on Saturday November 3rd to promote My Boy Jack, so hopefully we have a video clip of that to look forward to!

3) is giving readers a chance to send in questions for Dan, Emma and Rupert to celebrate the UK DVD release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on November 12. Those whose questions are selected will also win a copy of the OotP DVD. Please note this prize promotion is only open to UK residents (excluding users residing in Northern Ireland) aged 18 years or over.

Many thanks to Radcakesfan and to Kelly for the tips!

Also gracias to Vale from HarryPotterla for the scan from Cosmo Girl.

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My Boy Jack: New Video Clip

Posted by coralie on 25/10/07

A huge thanks to Radcakesfan for sending in a link to a fantastic new video clip promoting the DVD release of My Boy Jack, featuring a narrative by Dan and some poignant new footage from the movie. Watch it HERE

And thanks to Tracey for sending in a scan from today’s The Stage newspaper, advertising an interview with Dan and David Haig about My Boy Jack in their next issue. Tracey subscribes to this publication and will forward a scan of the article next week. amuse.gif

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Vote for Dan!

Posted by coralie on 24/10/07

Thanks to Lauren and to Radcakesfan, we have a couple of new polls in which you can vote for/nominate Dan:

Australia’s Herald Sun wants you to vote for Tinseltown’s Top Star, while is asking for nominations (with a brief explanation why) for Entertainer of the Year.

So come on everyone, you know what to do: let’s all vote for Dan right now! amuse.gif

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Nova 100 FM Interview with Dan

Posted by coralie on 22/10/07

Here, for your listening pleasure, is another fun little interview with Dan that took place during the Australian promotion for December Boys: Nova 100 FM

Simply scroll down a bit to find the link. Many thanks to Jeannine for the tip!

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Hocus Pocus Introduction by Daniel Radcliffe

Posted by coralie on 20/10/07

Illusionist Paul Kieve, who served as magical consultant during the filming of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, has written a book on famous magicians called Hocus Pocus, and who better to write an introduction for it than Daniel Radcliffe himself? Our very own Lauren has created a bit of magic of her own (a sleight of hand trick that involves a rapid transfer of cash from one person’s hand to another) to bring you scans of the book cover and introduction, so many thanks to her for that. You can see them here:
Hocus Pocus cover
Introduction 1
Introduction 2

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J.K. Rowling Speaks of Sharing Hallows Secrets with Dan and Emma

Posted by coralie on 18/10/07

According to an interview with J.K. Rowling posted up on the MTV Movies Blog, the author had some revealing conversations with the Harry Potter stars about their characters’ fates in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows *Spoiler Warning for those who have not yet read the book!*


"I went down to the set and Dan (Radcliffe) and I had a real chat and it was great. And I said to him ‘Dumbledore’s giving me a bit of trouble.’ And he said, ‘But Dumbledore’s dead!’ And then immediately ‘Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!’”

But that didn’t stop Radcliffe from “pretending that he knew the ending of book seven,” Rowling laughed, saying his loose lips got him his just desserts. “He went down the corridor to the other kids, because they were still being schooled at the time, and he said, ‘She’s told me, I know what happens,’” Rowling related. “Of course, then he was besieged and started to panic.”

“He got a little taste of what it’s like to be me,” the author cackled. “Serves him right!"

Rowling also said that Emma Watson


"Nearly fell off the chair laughing when I told her who she had to kiss… If it’s (the 7th movie) faithful to the story she has to kiss both of them (Harry as well as Ron), which I think is kind of funny."


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December Boys on DVD

Posted by jenna on 18/10/07

I just received confirmation from Warner Bros that the DVD for December Boys will be out this coming December 11th, on a shelf near you.

What perfect timing for the upcoming festive season – especially for those that did not get a chance to see it on screen.

Make sure you add that one to your holiday wish list!!! toung.gif

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Daniel Radcliffe in Sexy Guy Parade

Posted by jenna on 17/10/07

Man, you know the news is slow when we start posting about this stuff frequently! But yes, Daniel is one of the favs selected in Galaxie Magazine’s “Sexy Issue”.

He is joined by Adam Levine, Leehom, Lewis Hamilton, John Abraham, Jensen Ackles and Zac Efron.

Galaxie is a fortnightly entertainment magazine published by Star Publications.

Thanks to Manaal for the tip!

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Daniel Radcliffe in K-Zone 2007 Awards

Posted by jenna on 14/10/07

Daniel has been nominated in the Best Male Actor category in this year’s K-zone awards. Harry Potter has quite a few nods throughout, including best film, book, movie actress (Emma Watson), Villain and more…

You can vote by visiting this link, however, you do have to register to vote. It is relatively painless to register. If you vote via SMS, each vote counts as three votes.

Both Daniel and Emma won the 2006 K-Zone awards for best actor and actress. Thanks to Reylan for the tip!

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Scans With New Photos of Daniel

Posted by coralie on 12/10/07

Many thanks to Mira from and to Manaal for the scans from the latest edition of YAM! magazine, featuring some lovely new photos of Dan:

YAM! 1, YAM! 2

There is no new information contained in the article, so simply enjoy the pretty, pretty pictures! amuse.gif

On a different note, you can now vote for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the ‘Movie of the Year’ category of the Yahoo Hollywood Movie Awards. Vote HERE. Thanks to Frenchi and to Janette for the tip!

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New Video Clip of Dan at NMAs

Posted by coralie on 12/10/07

Many thanks to Lauren for this charming little interview clip with Dan taken before the National Movie Awards presentation: Heat Magazine video


"How do I feel being up against Daniel Craig? Well, crap obviously, because he’s gonna win and he’s more handsome and taller than me."


You can also see the clip HERE, courtesy of radcakesfan and on YouTube HERE, courtesy once again of our very own Lauren.

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Theatre People’s Choice Winners Include Equus and Dan

Posted by coralie on 10/10/07

Here is a little something fun for theatre fans, courtesy of radcakesfan: The winners of‘s People’s Choice Theatre Awards have been announced – Equus won the award for Favourite Play, and Daniel Radcliffe was named


"Person our customers most want to see back on the West End stage"

Sweet! amuse.gif

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New Magazine Scans and a Q&A

Posted by coralie on 10/10/07

Muchas Gracias to Vale from for the scans from Por Ti magazine, along with a translation of the featured article (nothing new, but fun anyway). You can read it by clicking on the full story link below.

Por Ti cover, Por Ti 1, Por Ti 2

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STV December Boys Interview with Dan

Posted by coralie on 09/10/07

Many thanks to Frenchi for sending in another link to a video interview with Dan about December Boys. This one is from STV, and you can watch it HERE.

Unfortunately it’s been rather difficult for some of Daniel’s fans to show proper support for December Boys, as the movie didn’t open in many of the cities where it was scheduled for release (including mine). I guess we will simply have to wait for the DVD to voice our approval for what appears to be a lovely, non-violent movie!

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Weekend Sunrise Interview with Daniel

Posted by coralie on 07/10/07

Many thanks to Nina for the link to an interview with Daniel on an Australian show called Weekend Sunrise. It’s lovely and funny, and you can watch it HERE


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New Magazine Scans of Dan

Posted by coralie on 06/10/07

Many thanks to Elena, Nur and Karen for sending in some magazine scans featuring Dan:

Otdokhny Russia 1, Otdokhny Russia 2, Otdokhny Russia 3
Turkish Trendy cover, Turkish Trendy 1
Sunday Times Magazine cover, STM 1, STM 2, STM 3, STM 4, STM 5


"And with the nudity thing… the thing is, if I did the first production of Equus in 30 years and didn’t get my kit off in probably the most iconic scene in the play, people would be going ‘He’s not really committed to this!’ It’s got to be done. It makes me look much more vulnerable if I’ve got, you know, pants off rather than pants on!”

And Dan Radcliffe snorts like a teenage boy. Albeit a super-rich, ultra-famous, highly talented, rather smart and decent one."


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Dan Interview in GQ Magazine

Posted by allo on 05/10/07

Many thanks to Lauren for sending over a great new interview with Dan from the November issue of GQ magazine.


"In your new film, My Boy Jack, you play a WW1 soldier. How were the trenches?
Exhilarating. Conditions were tough; there were mud, rats and we were soaked by rain machines. It was Glastonbury all over again – but with guns."

Read the full interview here: GQ Interview, Nov 2007

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David Heyman Respects Dan and his Choices

Posted by coralie on 05/10/07

There is a very good interview with David Heyman in Variety, in which the Harry Potter producer had this to say about Daniel and his various projects outside of Harry Potter


"You don’t put a stranglehold on an ambitious young actor who wants to stretch.” (Talking of Radcliffe and his headline-making turn on the London stage earlier this year). “Everybody talks about him being naked in ‘Equus’ but not that his character blinded six horses. There seems to be more concern about Dan’s willy than the substance of the play. But I respect him and his choices"

Heyman also mentions that one of the reasons the young actors in the Potter series are so good is because


"They’re learning by doing and also by watching. Dan, for instance, has talked about what he’s learned from Gary Oldman. The older actors are quite generous."

To read the complete interview, click on the link above or on the full story link below.

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A Couple of Video Clips of Dan

Posted by coralie on 04/10/07

Many thanks to Lauren and her seven year old son for providing us with a


"Teeny Tiny Dan Nick Awards Trailer"

See it HERE toung.gif

And thanks to our friends over at for the video of Dan, Rupert and Emma on the red carpet before the National Movie Awards presentation. You can see it HERE


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Daniel Radcliffe – One of the Top 25, Under 25

Posted by jenna on 03/10/07

Moviefone has listed Daniel as one of the top 25 talents under 25, with the likes of Shia Labeouf, Keira Knightly, Freddie Highmore, and Josh Hutcherson.

Industry Buzz: “He is aging brilliantly and he’ll get better as he gets older. I can just imagine him in his 30s, 40s, 50s — smooth, dashing and very sexy. He’s definitely here to stay.” — Nadine Jolson, Executive Director, Jolson Creative Image PR

Many thanks to Sarah for the tip!

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New Video Clip of Dan, NMA Articles and Sexy Actor Poll

Posted by coralie on 02/10/07

Many thanks to Vanessa for the link to a new video clip of Dan on Close Up, which is a current affairs show in New Zealand. To access the clip, scroll down under Related Video and click on Close Up: Daniel Radcliffe.

You can also view the clip on YouTube HERE, thanks to our very own video wiz Lauren.

And thanks to Georgia for the link to a brief article on the National Movie Awards in Hello Magazine, to Cassie for the BBC News, the Variety and the North Scotland articles, and to Frenchi for the link to a brand new AOL ‘Sexy Actor’ poll: Vote for Dan HERE toung.gif

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Dan Interviewed by WPS1 Art Radio

Posted by allo on 01/10/07

Thanks very much to WPS1 Art Radio of New York for letting us know that they have now posted a 20-minute interview with Dan about his role in December Boys and growing up on film. Click here to listen:

Beyond the Subtitles: Daniel Radcliffe, December Boys

Thanks to Lauren, you can now download the interview from HERE

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