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by ClaireAug 31, 2007

*UPDATED* Some December Boys News and Another Chance to Vote for Dan!

Posted by coralie on 31/08/07

We’ve got a bit of news to share with you today to help end the week on a positive note:

According to an article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, December Boys received the coveted award for Feature Film Adaptation for scriptwriter Marc Rosenberg in the prestigious Australian Writers Guild (AWG) awards. Many thanks to Patt for the tip!

Many thanks to Alana for the following link to an exclusive look at December Boys: MTV.com. Please note: for copyright reasons, these video clips will not work for people living outside the U.S. cry.gif

*UPDATE* Thanks to the ever prolific Lauren, we now have a youtube link to the MTV videos: DB clips amuse.gif

And Many thanks to Lauren (again!), Josi, Perdita and all those who posted a comment in our boards with the good news that Dan won Hello Magazine’s ‘Most Attractive Man of the Week’ poll, and is now up for the ‘Most Attractive Man of the Month’ award. You can vote HERE.

Now sit tight and hold on to your hats… there’s going to be a lot more news heading your way in the next few days (and weeks!)

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Dan one of ‘Summer’s Hottest Stars’, Some Scans + Reminder to Vote

Posted by coralie on 30/08/07

According to a new study on the movie viewing habits of teenagers published in the Hollywood Reporter, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson made it on the “Summer’s Hottest Stars” list. Harry Potter was also the second most popular movie teens wanted to see a sequel to, right after Pirates of the Caribbean.

Many thanks to Manaal for the tip.

We also have a few new scans for you, courtesy of Tracey and Vale:

TV Time cover, TV Time scan
Por Ti scan 1, Por Ti scan 2, Por Ti scan 3

Last but not least, Anne just sent in a little reminder that you still have time to show your support for Dan by voting for him as this month’s Talented Young Person. Simply click on the link in the awards section of the Talented Young People’s website to vote for our favorite blue-eyed thespian! rolleyes.gif

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Daniel Radcliffe Interview Question Lottery

Posted by jenna on 27/08/07

As you all know, there are a lot of press junkets, events and the like coming up for December Boys. We will be covering most of the events (if not all), and I’d like to give all of you a chance to participate as well.

If you have a question you would like to submit re December Boys, or anything else interesting (within reason, i.e. no boxers or briefs questions please!), please send them to Jenna.

Of course, all questions will be screened. Please include your First Name only, with the country you are from, along with your question(s) in your submission. One submission per person is allowed, any additional e-mails with questions will be automatically deleted – so make sure you send the question you want to send the first time.

You may send a total of 3 questions in your e-mail entry – this does not guarantee one or more of your questions will be used, only considered.

Do NOT post questions in the comments section – the only questions that will be considered are those e-mailed to me directly. All questions submitted in the comments section will be deleted.

Before you submit your question regarding December Boys, please review my interview with him to make sure you are not repeating questions that have already been asked.

Deadline for question submission is Wednesday, August 29, midnight EST.

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Order of the Phoenix Wins Teen Choice Award

Posted by coralie on 27/08/07

Good news! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix won the award for Choice Summer Movie – Drama/Action Adventure in this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

Congratulations to the fabulous cast and crew, including all the people who worked their magic behind the scenes to bring us this wonderful movie version of J.K. Rowling’s fifth book in the epic Harry Potter series!

So let’s hope this is only the first of many accolades for OOTP, including perhaps some well deserved recognition for Dan. We will keep some cyber champagne on the rocks just in case! amuse.gif

Thanks to Lo and the many other readers who emailed us about this.

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Emma Speaks of Dan, plus DB Scan

Posted by coralie on 26/08/07

Many thanks to Jain for sending in a scan of an interview with Emma Watson in the Daily Mail in which she shared a few thoughts about Dan:


"I can talk to him for hours. He’s very witty and intelligent, and says what he thinks. He’s an interesting guy – even if he did look at me like I had three heads when I told him I didn’t know who Gary Oldman was."

Daily Mail scan

And thanks to Annie for a scan from Parade Magazine promoting the oh so long awaited arrival of December Boys in movie theatres: Parade Magazine

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Daniel Radcliffe Talks About December Boys with DanRadcliffe.com

Posted by jenna on 24/08/07

Last July I had the privilege of being the first person to interview Daniel about his upcoming production, December Boys.

I have now been given permission to release this interview, with more coverage of December Boys coming in the next few weeks.


"The difference between Maps and Harry is marked. They are very different characters. Whereas Harry often wears his heart on his sleeve and is quite open – and not very good at always hiding his emotions – Maps is a very, very restrained character."

Read the full article HERE via ACED Magazine.

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Moviefone: Dan, Emma and Rupert Interview Each Other + Some Scans

Posted by coralie on 24/08/07

I apologize if this clip has already been posted here, but for the life of me I can’t remember seeing it before and it’s just too delightful to miss! So if any of you have already seen it, you can now enjoy it all over again; for those of you who haven’t, you can now enjoy it for the first time (like I did!). Many thanks to Kelly for sending in this link to a moviefone video in which Dan, Rupert and Emma ask each other questions submitted to them by readers (click on the ‘Watch the Full Interview’ link to the right to see the clip without interruptions). From the outfits the trio is wearing, this would have been taped on the same day as the Hand-Foot-Wand ceremony in Los Angeles in July.

Dan, Emma and Rupert Unscripted

Thanks to Sophie, we now also have a YouTube link to the video: Trio Unscripted

Watch until the very end, when Emma teases Dan about not sounding excited enough when telling fans to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. toung.gif

Also, many thanks to Tracey and Kim for the following new scans:
Radio Times cover
Radio Times MBJ scan
EW DB scan

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Upcoming TV Appearances, Event and Premiere Information

Posted by jenna on 23/08/07

You will no doubt see “Daniel Radcliffe” plastered everywhere in the media over the next few weeks with December Boys’ upcoming release in September. Thanks very much to Dan’s representatives, I can give you a few heads up on television appearances and more. Below I am just going to list out all of the things coming up – make sure you set your DVD recorders, TIVO and don’t forget to look out on the news stands!

Press Junket:

August 30th and 31st – London Print and TV interviews will take place. Press only.


September 9th – Melbourne, Australia – Rivoli Cinemas in Camberwell
September 11th – Sydney Australia – Hoyts, The Entertainment Quarter

That is it for the premieres – there are no others!

Special Screenings:

September 4th – NYC Q&A Screening of December Boys
September 6th – LA Screening of December Boys
September 13th – London Screening of December Boys

Please keep in mind – these are NOT premieres, there is no red carpet event or fan area for these screenings – it is for press and invitees only. I will release more information as things are finalized, if approved for publication.

Select Television Appearances:

September 5th – CW11 (L), CBS Early Show(L), Rachel Ray (PR) and Fuse (L).
September 6th – Tonight Show with Jay Leno (L)
September 7th – Jimmy Kimmel (L)
September 9th – Rove (L)
September 10th – Ellen (PR), A Current Affair, 7.30 Report
September 10th – Local TV Junket interviews in Melbourne
September 11th/12th – Local TV Junket interviews in Sydney

L = live and PR = pre-recording.

Other Media:

Dan will be doing various TV, radio and print interviews during his stay in Oz, as well as London, LA and NYC. The ones listed here are not all of them, just the major outlets, so keep an eye out!


There is an updated list of locations aside from US, UK and Australia, for December Boys and it will be ready next week. As soon as I receive the information, I will post all of the locations DB will open in.

Staffer Olivia has attended a screening of December Boys already in Oz. Reports are all good! We have staff accredited for both the premieres in Oz, so you will be getting some great stuff (Olivia is a professional photographer!) from there.

We will be covering the press events for London (I will be interviewing Daniel), Oz (Dave, Olivia, Catherine and Joanna), and the US (Allo, Kenya, Kim), so keep an eye out here for more on December Boys, some exclusives with Dan and much more!

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New Video Clip of Dan at OOTP LA Premiere

Posted by coralie on 22/08/07

snitchseeker.com has posted up a video clip taped during the Los Angeles premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in which Dan speaks, amongst other things, of the possible fate of Harry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:


"Channel 18: J.K. Rowling has her ending for Harry Potter, what would you like to see happen to Harry?

Dan Radcliffe: I have no idea. You know, I think Harry will live. I didn’t always think that. I think he’ll live, and I think maybe Snape will be the hero."

Interesting… amuse.gif

To view the clip or to read the complete transcript, simply click on the above links.

Many thanks to Laurie for the tip!

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Fans in Europe can Now Purchase Potter Photos

Posted by coralie on 22/08/07

According to a recent press release, Harry Potter fans living in Europe (I know, I know… but maybe worldwide shipping is in the company’s plans for the near future!) can now purchase professionally printed pictures in various formats taken on the set of all the Harry Potter movies. British company Comprints, in collaboration with Warner Brothers, is selling these pictures, known as ‘Unit Photography’, through a new website called movieprints.co.uk. The pictures are really nice to look at, even for those of us who can’t buy any at the present time!

For more details or to read the press release, simply click on the full story link below.

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Daniel Radcliffe Nominated in the National Movie Awards

Posted by jenna on 20/08/07

Daniel has been nominated in the category of Best Male Performance in the National Movie Awards. Voting is easy, just click on the vote now button and read through the list of nominees for each award, then tick ONE box in each category to select who you think should win. Results will be announced at the ceremony on ITV1 in late September.


Thanks to Aixa for the tip!

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2007 K-Zone Awards Nomination

Posted by jenna on 20/08/07

You can nominate Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter, and any other actor or movie, etc. that you wish at this year’s 2007 K-Zone Awards.

You will just need to fill out the survey form HERE.

The final short list will be available in October, and then the “real” voting begins…of course, that means Daniel has to make it to the short list – so go nominate already!

Thanks to our friends over at RG.net for the tip!

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New Photos and Scans of Dan, plus a Fun Quote from the Set of My Boy Jack

Posted by coralie on 19/08/07

I think we’ve had just about enough of ‘Dairy Product Dan’ for the time being, so let’s move on to something new!

First of all, many thanks to Alana for this lovely, albeit small, new picture of Dan in December Boys:
Dan in DB

Also, many thanks to Lauren for these scans from the 2008 Order of the Phoenix German calendar. See them here:

German calendar cover, GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4, GC5, GC6, GC7, GC8, GC9, GC10

Thanks to Lina, we have some new stills from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
OOTP 1, OOTP 2, OOTP 3, OOTP 4, OOTP 5, OOTP 6, OOTP 7, OOTP 8, OOTP 9, OOTP 10 (Lucius always wins first prize in the ‘Most Elegant Wizard, DE Category’ Awards amuse.gif ), OOTP 11

And thanks to Julie, we have a My Boy Jack scan from People Magazine: MBJ in People

Last, but certainly not least, we have a fun new quote for you sent in by Tracey:


"Source: ITV1 Teletext, Showbiz Spy.


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe had to make a confession on the set of ITV1 drama My Boy Jack in which he plays Rudyard Kipling’s tragic Son ( Nov 11th).

A spy says: “There’s a scene where he had to ride a 90-year-old motorbike.

“Then he tells us he hadn’t a driving licence and can’t ride a motorbike! We had to insist on a stuntman double. But Dan did sit on it while the engine was off."


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It’s Dan, Only Butter!

Posted by jenna on 17/08/07

Welcome to the world of the strange and unusual…a place where all things are made of butter – even Harry Potter. According to First Coast News, a Dan-like Harry Potter is immortalized in butter. The Boy Wizard stands tall and proud as a butter sculpture at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

He has his trademark glasses and his wand, of course. He’s standing next to the famous butter cow, a crowd pleaser at the fair since the early 90s. Moo…

Thanks to Ginny for the tip!

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A Few More New My Boy Jack Photos

Posted by jenna on 15/08/07

Thanks to Daisy and staffer Lauren, we have a few more nice big pics from My Boy Jack. Check them out below.

My Boy Jack Photo 1
My Boy Jack Photo 2

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New My Boy Jack Photos of Dan

Posted by coralie on 15/08/07


"For many people my age, the First World War is just a topic in a history book. But I’ve always been fascinated by the subject and think it’s as relevant today as it ever was. Daniel Radcliffe"

Thanks to Manaal, Ana from Veritaserum and Tracey we have some new pictures of Dan in period costume from My Boy Jack to share with you this morning:
My Boy Jack photo
My Boy Jack Daily Star scan
My Boy Jack picture (a cropped and ‘framed’ version of the above MBJ scan, courtesy of Nicole)

Daily Record scan and news snippet (courtesy of Tracey)

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Japanese Magazine Scans

Posted by allo on 15/08/07

Had enough scans yet? No? Good, because we have a bunch more for you from Japan, from the August and September issues of MovieStar and the September issues of Roadshow and Screen. Enjoy! toung.gif

Japanese Magazine Scans 2007 Gallery

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Imelda Staunton: I Did Slap Dan!

Posted by coralie on 15/08/07

Many thanks to Laurie from Snitchseeker.com for sending in a small transcript from her website’s Order of the Phoenix Los Angeles red carpet interview with actress Imelda Staunton (Professor Umbridge). This little part was about Daniel:


"SnitchSeeker: Did you really slap Dan? Did you enjoy it? And how many takes was it?

Staunton: I did slap him. Of course I didn’t enjoy it. And we did quite a few takes. And he was very brave."

We also have a few more scans for you, courtesy of Thao, Evelin and Kim:
Thien Than Nho magazine cover, Thien Than Nho 1, Thien Than Nho 2, Thien Than Nho 3

Bravo Poland
US Weekly

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*UPDATED* A Few More Scans of Dan to Start Off the Week, Plus Even Bigger Pics from Q Photo Shoot

Posted by coralie on 13/08/07

There is nothing really new in the news right now (although I’m pretty sure that’s about to change soon, with December Boys on the way!), so how about a few more scans to start off the week?

Tu Magazine 1, Tu Magazine 2, Tu Magazine 3, Tu Magazine 4

Bop Magazine cover, Bop poster
Bop Magazine 1, Bop Magazine 2
Polish magazine Dziewczyna

Many thanks to Marigold, Aida and Evelin for these!

*UPDATE* Finally, thanks to Marie-Olga, we now have those coveted Q Magazine photos of Dan in fairly high-quality: I think these are about as big as we’re going to get them! toung.gif

QHQ1, QHQ2, QHQ3, QHQ4, QHQ5, QHQ6, QHQ7, QHQ8, QHQ9, QHQ10, QHQ11, QHQ12

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Lovely New Scans of Dan and Link to Extended Reel Talk Video Interview

Posted by coralie on 12/08/07

Many thanks to Jolandi for the lovely new scans from South-African magazine Teen Zone:
Teen Zone cover
Teen Zone scan 1
Teen Zone scan 2
Teen Zone scan 3

And also many thanks to Cassy for a link to an extended interview with Dan about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Reel Talk. Nothing new, really, but Dan is just so appealing (as always!) throughout, and the clip is nice and quite a bit longer than the original we posted. Enjoy!

Reel Talk Extended Interview

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Friday Feast of Scans and Links

Posted by coralie on 10/08/07

Once again, many thanks to Maria-Danna-Fred for these lovely new Order of the Phoenix poster images:
OOTP Poster 1, OOTP Poster 2, OOTP Poster 3, OOTP Poster 4

and for the assortment of links to various pictures of Dan taken at premieres, interviews and press junkets:
Paparazzi frenzy at OOTP London premiere
Various promo pics 1
Various promo pics 2

Also many thanks to Manaal for a link to yet another interview with Dan to promote Order of the Phoenix:
Event Guide Interview


"For Radcliffe, it’s just another day at the office, the young actor having developed a method of tricks and treats to help him through the annual promotional circus. The way the rest of us develop our own little methods of surviving long-distance flights.

One of the tricks today, he tells me, is a conspiracy between himself and his two lead co-stars in the Potter franchise, Rupert Grint (who plays comic sidekick Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (who plays the determined Hermione Granger) to give one unsuspecting Japanese journalist completely different answers to the same question. “There’s always this tendency to get the same questions over and over again,” smiles Radcliffe, “and so, you know, we thought we could have a little fun with that. The poor woman is going to go home with a real twister. It’ll be interesting to see how she makes sense of it all."


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Care for a Few More Scans of Dan with your Coffee?

Posted by coralie on 09/08/07

Many thanks to Geli and to Vale for a selection of December Boys, Dan and Harry Potter scans for your viewing pleasure today:

YAM! December Boys 1, YAM! December Boys 2

Por Ti 1, Por Ti 2, Por Ti 3
Video game promo
Calcomanias de Moda cover

And danke to Sabine for these new scans from Austria:

Oesterreich cover
Schoenewoche cover

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Demelza House Article, Assorted Scans, Photo Link and a Fun Video Clip of Dan!

Posted by coralie on 08/08/07

First of all, many thanks to Lauren for the scan of a lovely newspaper article on Dan and Dan’s fans’ involvement with Demelza House fundraisers, with a little help from fan sites like DanRadcliffe.com:
Demelza House Article amuse.gif

Thanks to Radcakesfan for sending in a link to a hilarious little clip that was apparently deleted from the videos of Dan’s recent visit to a Japanese school:
Kiss me, Dan! toung.gif
You can watch the other video clips from his visit here:
Dan visits Japanese school

Thanks to CaroleR for sending us a link to some pictures of Dan taken during the Q Magazine photoshoot: Q Magazine photoshoot
*UPDATE* Thanks to Daisy, we have added medium-res photos from the Q Magazine photoshoot to our Studio Shots Gallery

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Tracey, Diana, Masterofmystery, Christina and Thao for the following scans from assorted magazines and papers:
HP 2008 calendar scan
misc scan 1, misc scan 2
VTM 1, VTM 2


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Daniel Radcliffe Writes to DanRadcliffe.com Fans

Posted by jenna on 07/08/07

As most of you know, DanRadcliffe.com held a fund-raiser for Dan’s 18th birthday. We raised a total of 1,679.46 pounds sterling. Of course Daniel read all of the wishes sent in by those that donated to Demelza, as well as the comments on the main site for his birthday, of which he said, “Thank you for all the messages in the comments section which I really enjoyed reading – something I never do – but hey once a year can’t hurt!!”

We also created a huge mosaic poster for Daniel, comprised of over 3000+ fan photo submissions!!! There was a huge response and Daniel loved it! He says about the poster, “A huge thank you for the amazing poster which I received last week to mark my eighteenth birthday. I will treasure it forever as it marks a very important milestone in my life.”

The rest of the letter went on to say:

“Thank you, also, for putting together a fund-raiser for Demelza House – you are all so kind and generous and it makes a huge difference to this extraordinary place.

As always the encouragement I receive from everyone on this site is staggering and in this, a particularly busy year, it means a lot to have your support. I also had the pleasure of reading the amazing messages sent to me during the first preview and opening night of Equus. I met Coralie during the last week of Equus and she presented me with them – all I can say is I had a lot of cyber support! Thank you and apologies for the delay in acknowledging them.

I am currently in Dublin filming MY BOY JACK, which is going extremely well, and then I will be setting off on a whirlwind tour for DECEMBER BOYS before returning to the UK to resume the sixth HARRY POTTER.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words of encouragement you have sent throughout the year. I have a very busy time ahead but it is a very exciting period and I truly value the support I receive from you Jenna and everyone who contributes to DanRadcliffe.com. I hope to see many of you when I promote DECEMBER BOYS in both the U.S. and Australia.

Much Love,


Well – so there you have it…a little hint about the upcoming U.S. promotion of December Boys from Dan…of course, only the premieres in Oz can be officially confirmed at this time. toung.gif

As always, we thank all of you for participating in our fan projects. It is always so much fun putting these things together for Dan from his many fans. All of you are much more than site visitors, you are like family! We appreciate you, your continued support, and your never-ending patience when we have sometimes had technical difficulties in the past over media-related news posts!

As far as Dan – well – we all love Dan don’t we? What’s not to love? (That is a rhetorical question). It is an honor to operate a website for someone so magnificent! Cheers to you mate! smile1.gif

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*Updated* New Photos of Dan on My Boy Jack Set

Posted by coralie on 06/08/07

Many thanks to Amanda from harrypottertrio.com for the wonderful new photos of Daniel on the set of My Boy Jack, minus the mustache but with a cell phone and Diet Coke! toung.gif

My Boy Jack set 1
My Boy Jack set 2

My Boy Jack set 3
My Boy Jack set 4
My Boy Jack set 5
My Boy Jack set 6

Many thanks to Lily for sending in this little gem to add to our MBJ on set photo collection:
My Boy Jack set 7

*Update 2*
Many thanks to Mira and Sabine for sending in yet more photos of Dan on set, these from justjared.com. Enjoy!
My Boy Jack set 8
My Boy Jack set 9
My Boy Jack set 10
My Boy Jack set 11

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Daniel Radcliffe Nominated as Talented Young Person

Posted by jenna on 06/08/07

Show your support for Daniel by voting for him as this month’s Talented Young Person. He has been nominated at the Talented Young People website. They run monthly award polls to recognize young people who are excelling within their talent.

Just click on the link in the awards section to vote. Thanks to Adam, the founder of the organization, for letting us know!

Vote HERE!

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December Boys Premiere(s)

Posted by jenna on 05/08/07

I have been given permission to release the dates for the December Boys premieres in Oz. The first will take place on Sunday, September 9, in Melbourne. The second will occur the following Tuesday, September 11, in Sydney.

Dan will be in attendance. We have staff covering both events – so look for that coverage when the time comes! Place and time confirmations to come. And – no, sorry, there are no other premieres aside from these two.

Update:Just to clarify a few rumors – there are no other premieres anywhere else for this film (i.e. UK or US). There will be, however, a few special screenings. Screenings are NOT premieres – no red carpet or anything like that. They are an advanced peek (by invitation only) at a movie before its release.

Sometimes – and I stress sometimes – some of the cast show up for these events, however, it is generally the director or producers involved with the production, and very rarely key members of the cast. I will let you know more about the details as they are finalized. Right now, nothing is for sure as far as these screenings are concerned, so don’t get your hopes up please.

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HQ Shots from Observer Shoot

Posted by jenna on 04/08/07

We have all seen these in smaller versions (well most of them anyway), but our friend Olga was nice enough to send us the higher res versions of these. Check them out below.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8

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Fan Art and GFHOF Update

Posted by coralie on 03/08/07

Many thanks to three very talented artists – Dreamndee, Sahitya and Anais – for sharing their beautiful drawings of Daniel/Harry with us. You can admire them in our Fan Art Gallery.

And many thanks to everyone who sent in a picture for our Greatest Fans Hall Of Fame – you can view the newest additions to our gallery here: Greatest Fans Hall Of Fame Gallery.

If you would like to be added to the Greatest Fans Hall Of Fame, please email me your picture. I received a few emails with no attachments, or with attachments that could not be opened in the latest batch of submissions, so I apologize in advance if your photo does not appear in this update. If you are under 13, please be sure to get your parents’ permission before sending in your picture! amuse.gif

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More Pics and Scans of Dan

Posted by coralie on 03/08/07

Many thanks to Mary, Tracey and Maria-Danna-Fred for the following assortment of pics and scans:

OOTP Poster 1, OOTP Poster 2, OOTP Poster 3
OOTP Set Interview 1, OOTP Set Interview 2
Larger Version of 2nd My Boy Jack Photo
Stars of Summer cover
Tiger Beat cover

Twist cover
Set Secrets 1, Set Secrets 2
Tiger Beat
The Sun

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*UPDATE* What Does Daniel Radcliffe Look Like in a WW1 Uniform?

Posted by jenna on 01/08/07

We will be releasing more stills on Thursday – so stay tuned!!! toung.gif Yea, I know…we are such a tease!

Update: Daily Mail has some photos up. More later…

Update2: Thanks very much to Shane over at ITV for sending us a photo and some information about the show along with it. You can see the photo (very similar to a previous one I posted last night, but it is a bit larger) HERE. This photo was taken by Patrick Redmond.

Read more information on the production by clicking on the Full Story link below. And yes, this movie will show in the US.

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