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Daniel Radcliffe Talks More December Boys with

by ClaireAug 31, 2007

Daniel did a mini interview concerning December Boys for In this video Daniel takes the time to give a warm hello specifically to all of our readers, as well as answer a few more questions about the film. Click on the read more link to view the transcript of the video.

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Daniel: “Hello everybody watching on I’d first of all just like to say thank you all for your tremendous support in what has been a very exciting year for me. And I’d also like to say that I hope as many of you as you can get to see December Boys when it comes out. It’s a film I’m immensely proud of. I think it’s very warm and moving and sort of heart breaking in a way as well. So I really hope you enjoy it when it comes out.” “Although it wasn’t me personally, you did a comparison between Harry and Maps for us last July.”

Daniel: “Oh, ok.” “Maps, being more emotionally reserved, Harry being a more sort of heart on his sleeve sort of character. Which of these characters do you think is more like you and why?”

Daniel: “It’s probably Maps in fact because I think I don’t particularly wear my heart on my sleeve. You know, tell people how I’m feeling all the time. I think that’s why I’m probably closer to Maps than Harry but I’ve probably got Harry’s stubbornness as well. Which sorta comes out from time to time.” “I think all those years of playing him have rubbed off on you in some way.”

Daniel: “Yeah.” “You previously stated that it’s a very hard film to go from restrains to a kind of openness regarding Maps’ progression in the film. How do you get your mindset to do a character like Maps, and consequently, allow him to open up and develop into a more dynamic individual on screen?”

Daniel: “Basically it’s about, for me it’s mainly having the right thoughts in the right place and just not ever…. There was a great piece of advice I was given by Richard Griffiths, which he was given by Lee Marvin and he was given by Spencer Tracy. Which was ‘never let the camera find you not thinking’. As long as you have the right thoughts and you’re actually genuinely processing them, then you will be believable as the character. In terms of Maps’ progression, it’s quite, it’s all about before you do a scene just realizing where you’ve just come from in the scene before and sort of riding out that situation. If you just let the reality of the situation sink into your thoughts then it should be easier to let the character open up.” “At this point let me say it’s probably more associated with stage acting where you’re always kinda in the scene but it still applies.”

Daniel: “Yeah, absolutely. It applies for as soon as the director says action. It might as well be stage acting for the amount of concentration you have to give it. It’s just that on film it’s broken up into bits where as on stage it’s continuous.” “Now, you once mentioned that you enjoyed the fast pace of a low budget film. But to you, what makes this fast process so satisfying and how does that compare to the adrenaline excitement of performing live on stage”

Daniel: “Well, on stage you probably do get a much bigger kick out of performing and that’s great. In terms of on film, you get a greater sense of it I suppose because when you’re there, because then when you’re in the mellay of the crew and everything’s going sort of crazy, that’s the sort of situation where I thrive really. I just love that quite hectic, almost like gorilla style filming aspect of it. And that’s why I had a great time on December Boys and also on My Boy Jack, which I just did in Ireland. That was another thing. It was an even shorter shoot. It was five weeks maximum and I was there for three and a half and it was feature length basically. So we just had so much to do it was crazy, but that was one of the things that made it a lot of fun.” “It must kinda bring you all together as well.”

Daniel: “Yeah it does, exactly.” “You often talk about how you looked after your co-stars during December Boys, although you always seem to look after everyone during your film projects. Does anyone ever show you the same sort of kindness on set and in what ways if so?”

Daniel: “Oh yeah absolutely. People, like on Harry Potter, people like Gary Oldman I think does feel some sort of protective instinct towards me. And on December Boys it was probably people like Jack Thompson, who was just a joy to work with. He was someone who I’ve really, really got on with and has had the most amazing life. He was friends with people like Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan, and all the amazing guys. And so he was someone who I was really keen to listen to and to learn from. As well as also people in Equus like Richard Griffiths really sort of helped me. And the great thing about all those guys is they’ll never patronize you by saying here look I’ve got some advise to give you. But if you just watch them and listen then you’ll pick stuff up.” “Great, now finally, What are some of the desirable qualities you would say about your character Maps, as well as the undesirable qualities, and why do you think so?”

Daniel: “Well I think he is both emotionally and socially quite awkward. I think he’s quite damaged as well, which I do know some people find attractive. That’s the sort of damaged enigma of a person which is basically Maps. He is a bit mysterious ’cause he doesn’t say much, and I think those are the qualities that are both double-edged really. But I think socially he’s still, because he’s the oldest, pretty much the oldest, boy at the convent, he in some way finds it easier to talk to kids of 12 or 13 because he finds it easier to slightly talk down to them while looking out for them as the elder, and certainly in an environment where he’s having to compete with another much older, much tougher, much cooler man he sort of finds that a bit of a tricky one to negotiate I think.”

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