18th Birthday Project Thank You from Dan

DanRadcliffe.com held a fund-raiser for Dan’s 18th birthday, raising a total of 1,679.46 pounds sterling.

We also created a huge mosaic poster for Daniel, comprised of over 3000+ fan photo submissions!!! There was a huge response by all of our readers and Daniel loved it! You can check out Daniel’s response by clicking on the read more link below.

View larger image of the mosaic

Thank you for all the messages in the comments section which I really enjoyed reading – something I never do – but hey once a year can’t hurt!

A huge thank you for the amazing poster which I received last week to mark my eighteenth birthday. I will treasure it forever as it marks a very important milestone in my life.

Thank you, also, for putting together a fund-raiser for Demelza House – you are all so kind and generous and it makes a huge difference to this extraordinary place.

As always the encouragement I receive from everyone on this site is staggering and in this, a particularly busy year, it means a lot to have your support. I also had the pleasure of reading the amazing messages sent to me during the first preview and opening night of Equus. I met Coralie during the last week of Equus and she presented me with them – all I can say is I had a lot of cyber support! Thank you and apologies for the delay in acknowledging them.

I am currently in Dublin filming MY BOY JACK, which is going extremely well, and then I will be setting off on a whirlwind tour for DECEMBER BOYS before returning to the UK to resume the sixth HARRY POTTER.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words of encouragement you have sent throughout the year. I have a very busy time ahead but it is a very exciting period and I truly value the support I receive from you Jenna and everyone who contributes to DanRadcliffe.com. I hope to see many of you when I promote DECEMBER BOYS in both the U.S. and Australia.

Much Love,


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