HPOOTP LA Press Conference

DanRadcliffe.com attended the buy cialis generic LA press conference for Harry Potter and buy generic viagra india the Order of the Phoenix. Please click on the read more link to read a transcription of the questions we had the opportunity to ask at the event.

Listen to the audio from the press conference

DanRadcliffe.com: Lets say the 50mg viagra three of you had to buy prescription levitra online write a personal ad to meet that special someone – what would the three of you write for your characters? (I thought it was time for something a little off-the-wall)

Emma: Hermione is quite serious. I think she takes everything a little bit too serious. That’s why I think that if Hermione and Ron do end up together it will be really good because they are really different and really mismatched, but they kind of balance each other out, kinda compliment each other. So, I guess Hermione’s ad would say “Someone to make her laugh, a good kind of caring guy I guess…yea.”

Daniel: Um…I am actually just thinking of a personal ad that you would write to Rupert (to Emma)…No! Not Rupert…Ron. That’s not a story…I don’t know what Harry’s would be at all. Um…”Cursed Male seeks…I dunno…uncursed female.” I suppose. “Bookish 16 year-old seeks quirky red head.” There we go, that’s the advert.

DanRadcliffe.com: What do tablet viagra you think is an admirable characteristic that Imelda has?

Imelda: Oh god. First of all, I am not an actress that really needs to like their character in order to play them, but you’ve got to admire her tenacity and her ability to believe in herself so totally and to http://www.karlbarth.nl/canada-cialis-online do her job so well and to let nothing stand in her way of doing her job, never doubting what she’s doing.

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