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by ClaireJun 30, 2007

New Pic and Article with Daniel in the Sunday Telegraph

Posted by jenna on 30/06/07

Thanks very much to radcakesfan for letting us know the Sunday Telegraph has a new article with Daniel up, along with a new photo. A few interesting quotes:

“I love England, but there’s something world-weary about the place. People aren’t afraid to be enthusiastic in Australia. I’m quite an enthused person, generally. I’m quite passionate about things, but you can get odd looks in England if you wax lyrical about something.”

“I’m terribly excited about my birthday, though. It’ll be brilliant. I think loads of things are going to change as soon as I turn 18, although they probably won’t. But, in my head, I’m suddenly entering a world of being an adult.”

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New Pictures of Dan from Appearance in Osaka, Japan

Posted by jenna on 30/06/07

There a new pictures over at Getty today from Daniel attending the premiere for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix at Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan. (Make sure you search “Daniel Radcliffe” to see the latest til we can upload some pics from the event to our gallery).

Update: I finally loaded the gallery with some nice pics from the premiere and the press conference. Thanks to staffer Lauren for sending those in to us!

OOTP Osaka, Japan Press Conference
OOTP Osaka, Japan Premiere

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New Pics in Nick Scans and Full Q Magazine Scans

Posted by jenna on 30/06/07

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for scanning the full Q Magazine article and sending it over. Of course, we thank Kate once again for typing up part of it and taking those photos for us yesterday! Thanks also to Mira from for the Nick scans, containing new pics of Dan!

Nick Magazine Cover
Nick Inside 1
Nick Inside 2
Q Magazine Scan 1
Q Magazine Scan 2
Q Magazine Scan 3

Q Magazine Scan 4
Q Magazine Scan 5

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View the London OOTP Premiere Online

Posted by jenna on 30/06/07

For all of you that cannot attend the London OOTP premiere, you can still “be there”. Fans can watch the UK premiere live from London on July 3rd. The event will be streamed on the official UK website starting at 5 pm (British Standard Time). will also be in attendance and will provide full coverage of the event.

Thanks to TLC and Mira for the tip!

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Still More Articles and Videos of Dan

Posted by coralie on 30/06/07

Just in case you find that Jenna did not feed you enough new information and photos lately, here are a few more links to video clips and articles for you to enjoy:
Drovideo 1, Drovideo 2, Drovideo 3
Yahoo Japan (video set to music. Click on 56k or 300k under the photo to watch)



"Daniel Radcliffe turns up first, still smart in suit and tie. “You’ve got to make an effort,” he says, though he reveals that the bottom of his tie is rammed into the top – “it slipped out during the press conference.” He agrees that he presents a very different look to Rupert. “He’s more casual – but I like to dress up. I am a suit man – and it makes you feel slightly taller. Plus -” and he nods to his waistcoat, “if you have three buttons on your waistcoat and only tie the top one, people’s eyes go up there and it makes you look taller. But if you’re small and you wear a baseball cap, it’s actually easy to slip into a crowd and not get spotted."


Many thanks to Jas from DRO and to Shinia for these!

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Three New Photos in Q Magazine, Plus One Other Scan

Posted by jenna on 30/06/07

Well, scanner-less Kate came through… toung.gif Miss Kate took photos of the new pictures of Daniel in Q Magazine and sent them our way. We will have actual, pretty scans soon, but for now…enjoy! Thanks Kate!!!

Q Magazine 1
Q Magazine 2
Q Magazine 3

Thanks to Alyssa for sending in a scan from W.I.T.C.H. Magazine with another new pic of Daniel:

W.I.T.C.H. Magazine

I am moving up the part of the typed article from Q Magazine to this post (from my previous post) since it is more relevant here (I believe there is a little more to this interview that I do not have typed here as well and we will see that once we get proper scans):

Q: “Did you have to warm up little Dan before going on stage for the first time in Equus?”

A: “Well, this is the thing. Because I’m on stage the whole time, you can’t, as my friend put it, “get some blood into it”. So no, you have to go there and cope with everything going very shy in front of 950 people. After the first two shows you just don’t care anymore, which is a weird thing. Joanna Christie [Equus co-star], who plays Jill, she’s naked as well, so I have something to distract myself with at least, because she is very beautiful. Was there ever any unexpected excitement? No, not at all. A mate asked me,”Did you grow during rehearsals?” I said,” Well, I came on in a certain way but I think the acting will grow more during the process.” He said, “No, I meant did you get an erection?” Oh! Well, no.”

Q: “What are the Harry Potter groupies like? Are there a lot of older women that want to Mother you?”

A:” I wouldn’t say mother [laughs]. Harry Potter groupies……I wouldn’t call them that, really, because they’re really sweet and a lot of them are quite innocent and very young. I don’t really have groupies per se.”

Q:” If they did a porn rip-off of Harry Potter, what do you think it would be called?”

A:” Probably something unoriginal like Harry Porno. The Philosopher’s Bone? Very Good! Harry potter and the Secret Chamber, perhaps. [Comes out with a filthier suggestion but insists it remain off the record] My friend said there’s a German one. He might just be lying, but he said I was played by someone with a massive handlebar mustache.”

Q: “I heard you write poetry. Can you give me a couple of stanzas?”

A: “Absolutely not. I do write poetry but I don’t think it is good enough yet to be aired to anybody. I did send it off to a couple of people that I really, really admire. Who? Tony Harrison, who’s an amazing Leeds poet, and also to Stephen Fry. They both sent back really positive responses, but I’ve got a lot of work to do. Have I ever given poetry to a girl? I did once give a sonnet to somebody, which they really liked. Have you heard this song by Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac [Thou Shalt Always kill]? There’s a line in it that goes something like, “Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls’ pants/ Use it to get into their heads.”

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Photos, Scans, Interviews and Some Things You Won’t Believe!

Posted by jenna on 29/06/07

Yes – I finally got the server where I could start uploading! Please don’t break it again… *wibble* cry.gif cry.gif

There is a ton of stuff I need to get up, and a ton I just got up. I can’t get everything loaded right now, but this lot should get you started:

The Guardian Front Page
The Guardian Inside Scan 1
The Guardian Inside Scan 2
The Guardian Inside Scan 3
Harry Promo Shot

Harry Promo Shot 2
OOTP Japanese Premiere Album *Bigger shots than previously posted*
Dan’s Arrival in Japan Album *Bigger shots than previously posted*
OOTP Japanese Press Conference Album *Uploads still in-progress*

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has an article in it about Order of the Phoenix. Writer Michael Goldenberg discusses his intuitive approach to screenplays, and a wee bit about Daniel, “Daniel Radcliffe, the young actor who has grown up on-screen as Harry, also saw his character as the focal point of the film. At their first meeting, because he felt that the previous films had varied in their emphasis on Harry, Radcliffe asked Goldenberg if he saw this as a first-person story or a third-person story. Goldenberg immediately responded that it was a first-person story, ‘very much told from Harry’s point of view. And we need to feel what it’s like to be Harry in this situation.”

Still with me? OK. More scans:

Cinétélerevue Magazine Cover
Cinétélerevue Magazine Inside
Telegraph OOTP Review
Telegraph Article
Top of the Pops Cover
Top of the Pops inside Pg 16
Top of the Pops inside Pg 17

That’s not all – you need to be on the lookout for upcoming articles/interviews as well. There will be a new, exclusive interview with Daniel on July 2nd, posted up on Parade Magazine’s website. A photo slideshow will accompany the article. (This will not be in the printed edition, only online)

If you check Parade Magazine’s Website now, there are several Harry Potter Features already online, one being a QUIZ to test your HP knowledge.

There’s moreQ Magazine has an upcoming article with Daniel that contains a new pic of him tied up in his iPod headphones (yes – really – they told us this over the phone)! Apparently he talks about “groupies, casual sex and, of course, little Daniel.”

Update: Kate typed out some Q&A from the Q Magazine interview (she doesn’t have a scanner). Moved to above post…

Thanks to Georgia, Yanick, Kate, staffers Lauren and Trace, and ootpmoviepics for some of the pics and scans!

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Interview with Daniel, Rupert and Emma in Telegraph

Posted by jenna on 29/06/07

You can see an interview with the trio that just came out today at the Telegraph. Daniel talks about his would-be policy if he ever decides to go into politics, “Flying Saucers for Everybody…It would probably be my policy if I was to run any kind of government,” he deadpans.

He also talks about his dream of being stalked, “I’ve dreamt I’m being stalked by an England cricketer. I don’t know what prompted it – although I’ve been watching huge amounts of cricket – but for some reason Andrew Strauss was being paid to stalk me. I woke up with a cricket bat in my hand.”

To read the entire article, along with tidbits from Emma and Rupert, just check out the Telegraph Site. Scans later

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Dan at Japanese Press Conference

Posted by jenna on 29/06/07

Daniel attended a press conference in Japan to help promote Order of the Phoenix. I will upload images to the server as I can get to it. For now, check out some links with photos and brief stories/summaries.

Japan Today
Getty Images
Yahoo News

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More TV Shows to Take Note of

Posted by jenna on 29/06/07

There are a lot of specials and appearances on the horizon with the eminent release of Order of the Phoenix. First, don’t forget Richard and Judy is on NEXT FRIDAY (sorry about that) at 5pm in the UK on Channel 4. Saturday is the Cartelera show in Spain at 1.45pm on TVE1 with interviews and clips from OOTP.

If you live in Oz you can check out 60 Minutes on July 1st for an interview with Daniel at 7.30 pm. Daniel will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno July 9th and then Regis and Kelly, as well as Conan O’Brien, on July 11th.

Also keep a look out on July 8th for The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter on A&E at 10pm if you are in the US. If you are in the UK, ITV will be airing two specials: Harry Potter: Behind The Magic and Harry Potter: The Costume Drama, including behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the cast and costume-focusing footage and more cast interviews.

Thanks to Cynthia, Alison and TLC for the tips!

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Japanese Premiere Videos

Posted by jenna on 29/06/07

Thanks to Jas from DRO and reader Justin for sending over some video captures from the Japanese OOTP Premiere.

CBS Video
Reuters Video
SKY News (Dans arrival in Japan)

Please note I am still working on the media server so there may be ups and downs and what not with that, but it will not affect the main site at all as it is a separate server.

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Awesome Stills from Japan…

Posted by Dee on 29/06/07

Thanks so much to Tracey for sending some great pictures from the Japan Premiere. Jenna is working on a ton of photos, but she is having problems getting them up on the server because it is so busy! She will get them up as soon as she can.

Premiere ~ ~1~ ~2~ ~3~ ~4~ ~5~

Update: You can see a bunch more at Getty and Rex Features until we can get the albums uploaded. Make sure you use the search string “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Premiere”.

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Articles and Video Clip of OOTP Japanese Premiere

Posted by coralie on 28/06/07

I am not at home right now so I don’t have access to the tools I need to post any photos, but here are some links to an article and a video clip of the OOTP Japanese premiere for you to enjoy in the mean time. Remember to check back here a bit later because our good friend Tracey just emailed some lovely photos of Dan at the premiere that we’ll post up for you, and I imagine we will be receiving many more photos and links in the next few hours! smile1.gif Many thanks to Laura and Carolina for these!

Yahoo News
BBC World
AP News

Also – you can check out film clips, interviews and a B-Roll of OOTP from Warner Bros on Imeem HERE. Thanks to Jas for the tip!

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Video Clips of Dan’s Arrival in Japan

Posted by coralie on 27/06/07

Many thanks to Jas from DRO for the links to video clips of Dan’s arrival in Japan for the Order of the Phoenix premiere and another press junket video:


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Lovely New Denny Photo of Daniel, Plus Scans from Spain

Posted by coralie on 27/06/07

We have a really special treat for you this morning: check out this wonderful photo of Daniel by photographer Denny Ilic:

Photo of Dan by Denny Ilic

Many thanks to Mira from and to Sabine for the tip! Plus here are some new scans directly from Spain, courtesy of Raquel:

Scan 1, Scan 2, Scan 3, Scan 4

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OOTP Sequences in English, Behind-the-Scenes and Interview Videos

Posted by jenna on 27/06/07

Thanks very much to reader Rebecca for letting us know the German OOTP clips we posted yesterday are now up in English, along with some interview and behind-the-scenes clips at Be patient though – everyone is jumping over there for a view… wacko.gif

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Order of the Phoenix Set Visit Part II

Posted by jenna on 27/06/07

As you know, ACED Magazine staffer Kevin visited the set of OOTP on behalf of I am pleased to share the entire set report with all of you, along with the audio of Dan’s full interview segment and the transcript that goes along with that. Kevin did such a great job. *claps*

OOTP Set Visit Part II (Scroll down for interviews)
Daniel Set Interview Audio
Daniel Interview Transcript

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New Daniel Radcliffe Photos in Japan!

Posted by jenna on 27/06/07

Thanks very much to reader Ginny for letting us know there are new pics out of Daniel arriving in Japan for the upcoming OOTP promotions there. We will add more to this post as they become available.

Dan in Tokyo 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9

There are more photos at Wire Image as well (120 to be exact) and I will get the larger versions of those loaded onto the server tomorrow…if I can get to it. LOL

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Nearly a Dozen New OOTP Clips

Posted by coralie on 26/06/07

I’m suffering from the same symptoms as Jenna: acute “OOTP’itis”… I don’t think we’ve posted these clips before, so you are in for a treat! However, please be warned that they contain a lot of spoilers!!

The clips are from a German website, are in no particular order, and come courtesy of the wonderful Jas from DRO:

clip 1,clip 2,clip 3,clip 4,
clip 5,clip 6,clip 7,clip 8,

clip 9,clip 10,clip 11

WARNING: Spoilers galore! Proceed at your own risk! Don’t go if you don’t want to know!

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New Articles About Dan in The Sun and in Scifiwire

Posted by claire on 26/06/07

The Sun has today published a new interview with Dan detailing his feelings on baring all for Equus, dating and his thoughts on the new OotP video game.

Also, thanks to Alex, we know of a new article at Sci-fi showing Imelda Staunton speaking about her time filming with Dan on OotP. Thanks again, Alex and Olivia for the tips!

Update: Also, be sure to check out this amusing new article over at CBS! Oh boy, Dan can joke ;)

Update 2: And here is another interesting little article in Scifiwire for your reading pleasure!

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TV Shows and Listings to be Aware of

Posted by jenna on 26/06/07

Thanks very much to readers Diane, Raquel and staffer Trace for sending over some tips about upcoming television appearances and shows regarding Daniel and OOTP in the coming days.

E’s Daily 10 will run at 7:30 PM EST tonight (US Channel). There is a brief interview with Daniel talking about the book and JK.

The Richard and Judy Show will air this Friday (June 29) at 5 PM on Channel 4 in the UK. The show will air pre-recorded interviews with Dan, Emma and Rupert.

Cartelera comes on at 13:45 on TVE1 this Saturday (June 30) in Spain with a complete interview with Daniel.

Please feel free to send any captures of these video clips our way! toung.gif

Speaking of video capturing – I am in the process of going through the final applicants for global news correspondents and video capturing positions on the site.

I want to ask for one more location that I need a correspondent for – Japan – if there is anyone from Japan (I have all other location covered) that would like to work on the site, please send me an e-mail. Cheers!

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Posted by on 31/12/69

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More Videos from the OOTP Junket in London & OOTP Film Clips

Posted by jenna on 26/06/07

Thanks very much to Jas from DRO for sending links to more videos via uTube regarding the press junket held in London for OOTP. Thank you to reader Cinzia for sending some links from Italian news broadcasts that reportedly have a few new small scenes from the film in them.

TG5 Italian News (with a few new sequences from OOTP)
TG2 Italian News (a little over 24 minutes long)


Some of these videos may have similar things in them from other videos we have already posted/seen, honestly I am losing track at this point! More things to come today!

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New photo of Harry, More Scans and Behind the Scenes Look at OOTP

Posted by coralie on 26/06/07

Many thanks to masterofmystery for the new photo of Harry and the nifty new calendar scans:

Picture of Dan
OOTP Calendar 1
OOTP Calendar 2
OOTP Calendar 3

And also for the link to a ‘behind-the-scenes’ special that aired on the ‘The Insider’ show:

The Insider


Many thanks to staffer Tracey for sending in a slew of new scans from a filofax (a personal organiser) that she picked-up while visiting her local Waterstone book store. They apparently had loads of ‘Phoenix’ goodies for sale!

filofax1, filofax2, filofax3, filofax4, filofax5, filofax6, filofax7, filofax8, filofax9, filofax10,

filofax11, filofax12, filofax13, filofax14

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OOTP: BBC Breakfast News Audio Clip and CNN Video Clip

Posted by coralie on 26/06/07

BBC Breakfast News hosted a report on the OOTP press junket this morning, and the ever prolific Lauren has emailed us an audio capture for you to enjoy:

BBC Breakfast

Thank you, Lauren amuse.gif

And here is the link to a new OOTP video clip from CNN:


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Daniel Earns Top Marks with German Reporter

Posted by coralie on 26/06/07

Our good friend Sabine just emailed the link to an "Radcliffe appears in a suit, and answers the questions respectfully and courteously. After the press conference, he is the only one of the cast who says thank you to the moderator with a handshake. Not like a spoilt superstar, not like a millionaire, who is able to afford everything, but like a very well bred English boy, who shortly celebrates his 18th birthday. He still is the classic example of a child star, who is down to earth."

Well, 18 isn’t exactly what I’d call a ‘child star’ anymore, but Dan certainly does (and always did) set an incredibly good example! amuse.gif There is also this quote from Daniel when asked for the advice he would give to an 11 year-old receiving the same offer he did eight years ago:


"You can’t prepare anyone. My advice would be to make sure that his friends and acquaintances are always honest to him, that they would tell him when he starts to change and make him take a realistic view again. This is the whole point when you grow up in publicity. It might happen that people always agree with you, do everything for you and when you take to that it will throw you off balance."

And about Equus:


"When you are standing naked on stage in front of 1000 people, then you have got the feeling afterwards that you can achieve everything and nothing can happen to you."

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Fabulous New OOTP Press Photos

Posted by coralie on 26/06/07

Here is a bunch of fabulous new HQ photos (actually, they’re so nice that it’s more a ‘bouquet’ than a bunch!) of Daniel, Rupert, Emma, Katie and Evanna (27 photos in all) taken at the press photo call in London and sent in by our esteemed colleague Lauren:

photocall 1 photocall 2 photocall 3 photocall 4 photocall 5 photocall 6 photocall 7 photocall 8 photocall 9 photocall 10 photocall 11 photocall 12 photocall 13 photocall 14 photocall 15 photocall 16 photocall 17 photocall 18 photocall 19 photocall 20 photocall 21 photocall 22 photocall 23 photocall 24 photocall 25 photocall 26 photocall 27

I will consolidate them all in the proper album and post a link here as soon as I can, but the traffic on our site is so heavy right now that I can’t access some of the features. As for the photos… What more can I say? *tosses bouquet of cyber roses to Lauren*

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Update: Daily Mail Article and New Pics

Posted by jenna on 25/06/07

The Daily Mail has an article up right now with some new shots of Emma, Rupert, Dan, Katie and Evanna. Check it out HERE.

Update 2: There are now 11 more new photos in the album thanks to the AP OOTP UK Press Gallery

Thanks to radcakesfan for the tip!

Update 1: HERE is a short article from the Metro – thanks to – me – for the tip. hahahahaha

ITN also has a video up with the Dan talking about the upcoming film, etc. ITN Video (although I am not sure what the one reporter was sniffing with the animal question…)

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Order of the Phoenix London Bus

Posted by coralie on 25/06/07

Our good friend Lauren almost got hit when crossing the street today because she was distracted by this wonderful OOTP promo on a London bus. It might not be the Knight Bus, but it’s just as good!

OOTP London Bus 1
OOTP London Bus 2

Thanks, Lauren… and please stay on the sidewalks when the buses go by (you wouldn’t want to damage your camera!!!) toung.gif

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Videos from Channel 5, GMTV, Sunrise and Sky News

Posted by jenna on 25/06/07

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for capturing and sending over the videos from today’s GMTV and Channel 5 broadcasts over in the UK – and to our friend Jas from DRO for sending over the Sunrise and Sky videos.

Please remember to right click and save target as on the hosted videos. Thanks and enjoy!

Channel 5 Video Windows Media 3.39 MB
GMTV Video Windows Media 3.47 MB
Sky Video via uTube
Sunrise Video via uTube

Apparently Dan appeared on a Spanish TV show, Corazón de Verano, and there will be something on the Canadian ETalk Daily this evening at 7pm EST. If anyone can grab those and send in the videos we will be most thankful. Thanks to Raquel for the tip!

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Another New Interview with Daniel at

Posted by coralie on 25/06/07

‘Tis the season for interviews, and has just posted a new one with Daniel for your reading enjoyment:


"CS (actually – hahaha – our friend Jeff from HPANA asked this question) : Are your scenes with Umbridge appropriately nasty?

Radcliffe: Yes, definitely. They are very, very dark and also very exciting and brilliant. Imelda Staunton is one of the reasons why doing this film has been my favorite. She’s just an amazing actress and a really delightful woman"

It’s a really good read, so go and check it out by clicking on the above link.

Many thanks to Cirien for the tip!

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New Video Interview with Daniel Radcliffe on MSN

Posted by coralie on 25/06/07

There is a delightful new interview with Daniel over at


You can watch it on uTube thanks to Jas from DRO : MSN Video via uTube

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New Pictures/Scans of Dan from Lime Magazine

Posted by jenna on 24/06/07

Thanks very much to ihavethepower for sending over a few new scans/pictures of Daniel from Lime Magazine in Singapore.

Lime Magazine Cover

Lime Magazine Inside Scan

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Happy Birthday to Coralie!

Posted by jenna on 24/06/07

Today is Coralie’s birthday. I’d like to take this time to embarrass her, I mean congratulate her, on becoming another year older. toung.gif

Coralie has been a French translator on our site for quite some time now, and has recently earned the stripes to post the news as well. I think she is doing a pretty darn good job – and I want to say thank you to her for all of her hard work – and – HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws confetti, balloons and all other sorts of rude and humiliating things in the air* Someone pass the – uh – diet coke.

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IMAX OOTP Trailer Now Online

Posted by coralie on 24/06/07

The trailer for the IMAX version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is now online. See it here:


I can hardly wait to see this movie… it’s going to be like Christmas in July! (actually, even better than Christmas in July!) toung.gif

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More New Scans

Posted by jenna on 23/06/07

Thanks very much to staffers Tracey and Lauren, as well as Eva from, for sending over scans from The Sun, the Daily Mail and the second part to the Bravo scans posted yesterday…somewhere down there. toung.gif

Bravo Scan prt. 2
The Sun
Daily Mail Scan 1
Daily Mail Scan 2
Daily Mail Scan 3

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UK OOTP Press Junket

Posted by jenna on 23/06/07 attended the UK Press Junket for Order of the Phoenix earlier today. The lovely Lauren was our rep there. Sorry to have taken so long getting this up, but we were trying to get everything transcribed first. We are almost done with the trio session, so I am going to start the post now.

First, you will have noticed there are a few photos from the event. Thanks to Emma Watson Online for the big versions.

You can view the entire transcription of the David Heyman, David Yates and Michael Goldenberg session Here. In it, they talk about the cast (including Daniel) and other various things concerning the movie.

Update:You can now view the entire transcription for the trio Here. Big thanks to Coralie for finishing that up!

In the session with Daniel, Emma and Rupert, Lauren asked Daniel a question about how everyone recognizes Harry as a wonderful character and everyone always talks about why they like him, but we wanted to know some things about the character that he thinks aren’t so good. Dan replied, “Let me go first…I think Harry does have bad aspects and I think everybody has in a way. I think he can be… when he lashes out in this film he lashes out at his two best friends and I think that’s something that a lot of people do simply because they know that ultimately they’ll be ok.

So I think that, I think he can be possibly…I think he can be selfish because he does have this desire to…he feels he has to live up to this image of himself, but one all these people have – this sort of great defender of right and magical things and I think he does feel he has to be the hero and so he has to go it alone, so he does try to cut himself off from people. I think those would be a few of them. And also, possibly in the third film, when Snape infers that he’s like his father and that he’s arrogant I think there is possibly some truth in that. And we’re possibly going to see more of it – I don’t know – I don’t know…but possibly. And there you go guys…be very diplomatic.”

You can listen to the complete audio from both sessions here:

Dan, Rupert, Emma Session
David, David and Michael Session

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New Pictures/Scans of Daniel

Posted by jenna on 22/06/07

So many things going on it’s insane today! And even more on the way… For now, thanks very much to Edith, Heidi, Ysabelle, madika via ootpmoviepics, via Mira at, Eva from, The Snitch, and staffers Lauren and Tracey for sending in scans from Cine, Bravo, Film Guide, Hot!, Roadshow, People, Por Ti, and the scans from the article I posted already – Kampioen, as well as a few OOTP trading cards. There are 24 scans in all – and a few new nice pics of Daniel.

Scans 2007 Gallery
Magazine Covers 2007 Gallery
OOTP Promotional Images Gallery

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Dan to Appear on Conan O’Brien

Posted by jenna on 22/06/07

Thanks very much to reader Cindy for letting us know Daniel will be appearing on the Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien on July 11th on NBC at 12.35am.

You can see the line-ups on this page. I will add more shows to our calendar as the dates/times become available.

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New and Higher Res Versions of OOTP Pics

Posted by jenna on 22/06/07

We have a few large pics from OOTP. Some we have seen from the trailers or stickers, others I don’t remember seeing (although I have seen so many I think I have lost my mind anyway so don’t hold me to that), but these are MUCH larger. There are 10 photos in all.

Check them out in the OOTP Photo Gallery.

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New Video from the Set of OOTP

Posted by coralie on 21/06/07

Our friends over at UHP have just advised us that reporters from a French program called ‘Le Grand Journal’ were invited last November on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in order to interview some of the cast members and have a first hand look at some of the elaborate and magical sets being used in the making of the movie. The link to the video below is a preview of the upcoming special report featuring Dan in the Gryffindor common room. Please remember to right click and Save Target As… Enjoy!

Le Grand Journal Preview with Dan

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Katie and Matthew Speak a Bit More of Daniel

Posted by coralie on 21/06/07

With OOTP fast approaching, the flurry of interviews popping up in all the newspapers is turning into a full fledged storm of information and quotes! Here are a couple of cute ones about Daniel from Katie Leung (Cho Chang) in The Daily Record and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), translated from an interview on


"Katie: I love Dan to bits. He is so down to earth, it’s unbelievable. You would never think he plays the most famous boy in the world. He never acts like he is the star. He’s so well-mannered and he really cares about you. He’s always asking, ‘Are you all right? Can I do anything?’ Things like that"


"Matthew: (Dan and I are) really good friends. Dan’s fantastic. We like the same comedies, the same music which is what we always talk about, like a comedy we’ve just seen or an album we just bought, something like that. I’m actually going to see him tomorrow at his play Equus. We are meeting afterwards. It can be fun because we haven’t seen (each other) for a month. I can’t wait"

Of course, we all know from an earlier quote that Matthew enjoyed Equus very much and thought Dan very brave for taking on such a role! amuse.gif

Many thanks to Elena and radcakesfan for the tips.

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Dan in German Vanity Fair Magazine

Posted by coralie on 21/06/07

Many thanks to Sabine for sending us some scans from the current German edition of Vanity Fair, featuring Dan and Emma on the cover. Per Sabine there is nothing new in the article, so let’s just enjoy the pictures!

Scan of Page 1
Scan of Page 2
Scan of Page 3
Scan of Page 4
Scan of Page 5

Scan of Page 6
Scan of Page 7
Scan of Page 8

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New Interview with Daniel in Kampioen Magazine

Posted by jenna on 21/06/07

Thanks very much to reader Tracy for sending in a translation of the magazine Kampioen from the Netherlands. This is much like a travel magazine, so it was a complete surprise – you will find much of the article is about London. Daniel talks about why he likes living in London, what to do and eat, etc. Tracy does not have a scanner, so if anyone has this magazine and a scanner – please send us the scans! smile1.gif

Is London extra fun if you’re young?

“London is wonderful if you’re young! I’m crazy about all different kinds of music, and in that respect in London there is everything to experience. There are also an unbelievable number of good music stores. My favorite is Fopp Records, a music chain. They always have what I’m looking for. What’s also nice about London: you can really eat anything you have a craving for there. I am not an adventurous eater – my mother wishes it were otherwise – but I love pizzas and tapas and that sort of food. And of course English things like fish and chips, but also Japanese and Indian. You can find everything in London and usually also really close by.”

To read the entire article, please click on the Full Story link below. I will add this to our interview pages later this evening and provide a direct link.

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Update: Even More New Scans of Dan as Harry

Posted by coralie on 20/06/07

Thanks once again to Vale from Harrypotterla for yet more new Spanish Order of the Phoenix sticker scans:

Sirius Black and Harry
Hermione and Harry
Harry at the Ministry of Magic

The D.A.
Harry and Dumbledore at the Trial

Thanks also to UHP and for a few more sticker scans.

Harry and Young DA Member

Harry, Ron and Hermione
Harry and Cho Laughing
Harry Thinking

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Hollywood Reporter Scans

Posted by coralie on 20/06/07

Many thanks to staffer Kim for these great scans from the Hollywood Reporter in celebration of IMAX’s 40th year:

Reporter Scan 1
Reporter Scan 2

Reporter Scan 3

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New French Phoenix Poster

Posted by coralie on 20/06/07

Many thanks to masterofmystery for the wonderful pictures of a brand new French Order of the Phoenix promotional poster. You can see them here:

French Poster 1
French Poster 2

French Poster 3
French Poster 4
French Poster 5

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More Praise for Dan from David Yates

Posted by coralie on 20/06/07

There is a very interesting interview with Order of the Phoenix director David Yates at Time Out New York Kids in which he speaks in glowing terms of Dan’s professional approach to acting and of his wonderful personality:


"Dan is incredible because he’s so enthusiastic and has a tremedous work ethic. He really pushes himself and wants to be pushed, and he’s hugely ambitious to get it right. So I really pushed him in this film and I think he responded to that. I had a really exciting moment in our journey together in making the film. In the first couple of months [of shooting], I would say, “alright we have to go again. I don’t believe it, I don’t think you believe it, I want it to feel realer.” And then about two months into the six month shoot, instead of me saying I want to go again, Dan turned round to me and he said, “David, can I go again cause that didn’t feel real for me.” That was a really great moment because he started to push himself even more. He’s incredibly generous and lovely on the floor. He makes everybody feel comfortable and included. If we’d have visitors to the set, which we very often do because Harry Potter’s like this magnet for lots of people, he’s always very welcoming and very warm. And he’s very witty."

These are indeed beautiful and well deserved compliments for Dan. Many thanks to Elena for the tip!

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Film Review Scans and HQ BTS OOTP Shots

Posted by jenna on 19/06/07

Thanks to staffer Lauren for sending in scans from the July issue of Film Review. Thanks also to Juliet & Marcie from and MuggleThai for some higher res versions of the behind-the-scenes pics from the OOTP set we saw previously.

Film Review Scan 1
Film Review Scan 2
Film Review Scan 3

Film Review Scan 4
Dan BTS 1
Dan BTS 2
Dan BTS 3

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New OOTP Stickers and Scans Featuring Dan as Harry

Posted by coralie on 19/06/07

Many thanks to Vale from harrypotterla and to our friends over at UHP for the sticker images featuring Daniel as Harry in Order of the Phoenix. See them here:

Magical Harry
Pensive Harry
Anxious Harry and Ron
Stunned Harry
Tartan PJs Harry
The Kiss!
The Trio

And many thanks to Sabine for the scans from Austrian magazine Kronen Zeitung. See them here:

Kronen Zeitung scan 1
Kronen Zeitung scan 2

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Bonnie Wright and Matthew Lewis Call Equus Smart Choice for Daniel

Posted by coralie on 18/06/07

There are some new interviews with Harry Potter actors Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) in the "Q: Did you go to see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus in the West End?

A: I saw it and I enjoyed it. For him it was definitely a good, good thing to
do, because you’re so easily typecast as a child actor and I think it’s a good
move. The play was just amazing – I was so wrapped up in it all.

It’s always nice to hear what Dan’s Potter co-stars have to say about the play.

Many thanks to the ever prolific Lauren for the tip!

Update: Reader Nicole just sent in the following quote from Matthew Lewis, which appeared in an interview in the Telegraph:


"Q: You’re not going to do anything drastic, like Daniel Radcliffe did with Equus?

A: No. That was a very brave move from Dan, and it’s paid off fantastically. But I’m not that brave."


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Video of Dan Promoting Japanese Premiere

Posted by coralie on 17/06/07

There is a short video clip of Dan on YouTube in which he briefly promotes his presence at the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Tokyo, Japan, on June 28. The quality of the clip is not that great, but we will replace it with a better one if we can. In the mean time, enjoy listening to Dan speak a few words in Japanese!

Many thanks to Sabine for the tip! amuse.gif

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Scans of Dan in Teenage Magazine

Posted by coralie on 17/06/07

Many thanks to masterofmystery via for the scans from the July 2007 issue of Teenage Magazine. You can check them out here:

Teenage Magazine Cover
Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5

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Dan in Xposé Magazine

Posted by coralie on 17/06/07

Many thanks to Tracey for the scans of an article on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the current edition of Xposé Magazine. Nothing new in the pictures that accompany the article, but there are a couple of good quotes from Dan, including this one in which he speaks of transplanting Harry’s anger and emotions from the pages of the fifth Harry Potter book to the big screen:


"I think Harry’s justified in being angry and disturbed and upset because of everything that’s happened to him. The fifth book’s actually my favorite, but I know what you mean about the CAPITALS, because there are a lot of them and it does go on for chapters and chapters, so in the script it has been toned down slightly because it can…it hasn’t been toned down because the anger is still there, but it’s just, shouting is often not the most interesting way to play anger. Because it’s quite an obvious route to go down, in terms of acting."

A quote such as this one certainly reinforces what we already know: Daniel is a true artist who takes his acting seriously and continuously strives to hone his craft.

Xpose Cover
Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5
Scan 6

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Dan on "10 Most Wanted" list

Posted by coralie on 16/06/07

Daniel is listed on Australian magazine WHO’s “10 Most Wanted Sexiest People 2007″ list. You can see a scan of the page with Dan, including a new photo, here:
Who Magazine Scan

Many thanks to Daniela for the tip!

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When Harry Kissed Cho

Posted by coralie on 16/06/07

There is a rather fun new interview with Katie Leung (Cho Chang) at, in which the nineteen-year-old actress speaks, amongst other things, about her on-screen kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:


"Of course I was nervous about it. I blame it on the crew because they made it impossible for me to forget. Every day, somebody would come up and say things like ‘Are you looking forward to it?’ Or ‘Euwww, it’s going to be really wet!"

According to the article and luckily for Katie, Daniel admitted he was feeling just as anxious:


"He admitted that he was nervous too, which made me feel better because I was a bag of nerves,” says Katie. “We joked around, saying ‘Have you brushed your teeth?’ and ‘Have you eaten your mints?’ So we were much more relaxed when we came to do it."

Of course, Daniel has since then become much more of a pro at this thanks to December Boys and Equus! bigsmile.gif

To read the entire article, click on the Full Story link below.

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Lovely New Photo of Dan

Posted by coralie on 16/06/07

Many thanks to Lauren and Anneke for sending over a lovely new photo of Daniel taken from the current issue of Dutch magazine Hitkrant.

Dan in Hitkrant, Photo by Denny Ilic

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Dan’s Latest Newsletter to Fans

Posted by coralie on 16/06/07

Many thanks to Ava for sending us a copy of Dan’s latest newsletter. In this issue, written just before the end of his run in Equus, Dan states that the play was one of the most fantastic experiences of his life. He then goes on to speak about December Boys, confirming it will be released in the US on September 14th and in Australia on September 20th, and that the movie will be distributed by Warner Brothers International


"so many of you outside these countries will have the opportunity to see this gentle coming-of-age drama."

Which I am sure is welcome news for everyone here! Of course, before December Boys there is the much anticipated release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix just round the proverbial corner!

Remember that all you need to do in order to receive your very own copy of this newsletter is to write to Daniel at one of the addresses listed here amuse.gif

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Equus… The Final Performance

Posted by coralie on 13/06/07

As a complement to Jenna’s in-depth opening night review of Equus, I wanted to post a handful of thoughts on this intriguing and compelling play now that the final curtain has fallen.

I had the good fortune of seeing the play twice while I was in London last week, once from the stalls and once from the stage seats (the last performance on June 9th), and it was an utterly mesmerizing experience both times.

As Richard Griffiths (Martin Dysart) mentioned in his closing night speech, a play such as Equus is a work in progress until the very last performance; however, I honestly cannot imagine anything that could have been improved upon by the time I saw the final show. This is theatre at its quintessential best: minimalist decor, simple costumes, mood-setting lighting, haunting music and extraordinary acting from every single cast member. Nobody missed a beat. This is the kind of magic that makes it easy for us to believe that the tall and graceful dancers wearing platform hooves and metal horse heads to hide their features are in fact the beautiful animals they represent, or that Daniel is indeed a six year-old child making sandcastles on the beach when Alan Strang sees a horse for the very first time.

The play was rife with the pain and anguish of its characters, but also offered up some lighter moments that effectively stopped the drama from turning into a melodrama. I loved the natural interaction between Jonathan Cullen and Gabrielle Reidy, perfectly cast and absolutely believable as Frank and Dora Strang, and between Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe. Will Kemp was absolutely splendid in his dual roles as the horseman and the horse Nugget. Jenny Agutter (Hesther Saloman), the charismatic Joanna Christie (Jill Mason), Colin Haigh (Harry Dalton) and Karen Meagher (the nurse) rounded off the talented roster with equally strong performances.

As a dancer I was profoundly struck by the beauty and fluidity of the movements performed by the men playing the horses, by the incredible ‘pas-de-deux’ performed by Will and Daniel while the stage spun around dizzily underfoot, and by the extraordinary and deeply powerful choreography performed by Daniel in the horse blinding scene. The sensual tableau made up by Alan Strang embracing Nugget at the beginning of both acts is just one of the many striking visuals that will stay branded in my mind for a very long time, much like the outline of Daniel’s silhouette remained imprinted on stage well after the actors’ final bows.

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New Photos and Scans

Posted by jenna on 12/06/07

Thanks very much to staffers Lauren and Sabine, as well as readers Tina and Suzanne, for sending over scans from Total Film, TV Quick, TV Spielfilm, and some BTS shots from the OOTP set of Dan.

Check out all the scans in our 2007 Scans Gallery (10 added)

Dan BTS Shot 1
Dan BTS Shot 2
Dan BTS Shot 3

Update: One more scan from Lauren via her friend down in Oz from a Virgin Megastore Publication.

Virgin Magazine Scan

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Last Chance to Participate in Dan’s 18th Birthday Montage

Posted by jenna on 10/06/07

If you are planning to participate in the photo montage we are doing for Daniel’s 18th birthday, you need to get your photos in by no later than tomorrow, June 11th, at midnight EST.

For more information please visit our 18th Birthday Project Page. We have about 2,900 people who have submitted photos already – lets get it up to 3,000 – it will be a record of all our fan participatory projects!!! toung.gif

Don’t forget, the Demelza fund-raiser will continue on until July 7th, the day before the US OOTP Premiere, so we can personally give Daniel the results and wishes.

All those who donate will be entered into a prize drawing for Equus t-shirts, posters, and an autograph from Daniel. Each person who donates also has the opportunity to share their thoughts and wishes with Daniel on a special page we are making for him on ACED Magazine. If you scroll down the 18th Birthday Project Page you will see more information on donating. rolleyes.gif

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Update: Last Day of Equus: The Show Closes

Posted by jenna on 10/06/07

I just received a text message, and a few e-mails, from some of you that attended Equus tonight. Of course, many of you know this show wraps up the last performance of this production’s run.

I think I am not the only one who wishes to say Bravo to Daniel and company for their amazing portrayals and gracious dealings with the fans. Feel free to make your comments here about your experience or thoughts on the production during our wrap-up post for Equus.

Fan recount of the last show (she has seen the show more than once):

There is usually a partial standing ovation, for Dan and Richard, but there was a unanimous standing ovation as soon as the horses came out. Everyone looked choked and Will was beaming and Joanna was almost in tears and Dan and Richard came out and we screamed and they hugged and Dan looked utterly, utterly awestruck and thrilled and Dan-like and adorable, and we stood and we clapped and we cheered and Richard made shushing motions with his hands and we shushed and stayed standing and I was right in front of them.

Richard said they’d had an amazing run and some shows are set in stone from the first night, but this was a work in progress until tonight, and the audiences were part of it and were amazing, and a mix of old theatre goers and people who’d never been before…

Dan was gazing at him and Joanna was blinking back tears and Jenny was nodding, and it was wonderful and then they applauded us and they went off and we clapped and I was still shaking.

A teenage girl climbed onto the stage and I thought she was going to steal Alan’s clothes, but she followed them into the wings and a stage hand ran after her from the prompt corner, and the usher ran up to the stage and she slunk back to the front of the stage, all pouting and hard done by, and climbed down.

Well – there you have it – the last show of Equus. The End.

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Update2: New OOTP Stickers and Scan

Posted by jenna on 09/06/07

Thanks to Harry Latino for a few new sticker scans and Le Coin de Harry Potter for some large versions of new stickers and some we have already seen, via ootpmoviepics, and Martina for the scan from Croatia. There are 16 in all. Check them out in our OOTP Promotional Images Gallery.

Children’s Club Magazine Scan

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International OOTP Posters

Posted by jenna on 09/06/07

It is that time again – the time when things start getting HP-crazy! Sabine sent in a copy of a German OOTP poster and Hadriana took a fun pic of some OOTP posters hanging in the underground in France on her way home from school. Thanks to them for these.

German OOTP Poster
French OOTP Underground Posters

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Early Movie Reviews for OOTP and December Boys

Posted by jenna on 09/06/07

There have been some early reviews for a few of Dan’s upcoming theatrical projects. One was found on Moviehole recently where the author said mostly positive things, especially regarding Daniel, about December Boys:

Excerpt from the article: Prepare to be surprised. Seems the young British face behind cinemas most popular teenage character has a few more tricks in his shimmering sack.

Radcliffe’s harbouring a chamber of secrets ya see, because in the new Aussie film “December Boys” – yep, he’d be the investment; the marketing angle and so on – he pulls a mighty big rabbit out of his hat. He’s so good here in fact he could probably stop taking orders from the ‘Phoenix’ now and send Potter back home on the loco.

I was lucky enough to catch a screening of the film this week, and though the performances definitely outshine the film itself, it’s going to do well.

In the Rod Hardy directed drama, Radliffe plays the oldest of four boys, all orphans, who are shipped off – they were picked over the other orphans because this month, December, is their birthday – to stay in a beautiful seaside retreat. The only houses on the shore belong to the couple (Jack Thompson and Kris McQuaide) taking care of the boys whilst they’re there; a genuinely nice young couple (Victoria Hill and Sullivan Stapleton) who’ve got some issues, and a grizzled-old fisherman (Ralph Cotterill) who spends his days trying to catch the ocean’s biggest fish….

But Radcliffe really impressed me here. I liked his Aussie accent, I liked his performance and I also thought he had great chemistry with Theresa Palmer. I’ll talk more upon the film closer to its release in September.

I have also had several readers of write in to me that had the opportunity to see early screenings of both OOTP and December Boys – all had only wonderful things to say about both films. Apparently – we should be prepared to be blown away in this new Harry Potter production! toung.gif Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip about the DB review!

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ABC HP Special

Posted by jenna on 09/06/07

Just getting caught up with a little news:

In anticipation of the U.S. theatrical premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ABC Family will provide its viewers with an opportunity to catch up on the first three films in the phenomenally popular Harry Potter franchise, and offer an exclusive sneak peek of the new film, opening in theatres nationwide on July 11.

The triple feature weekend—from Friday, July 6, through Sunday, July 8—includes airings of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During each broadcast, viewers will also be treated to never-before-seen footage from the newest Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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New Dan Pic in Scan

Posted by jenna on 07/06/07

Thanks very much to staffer Lauren for sending over a scan from a magazine (I think the name is Movie Time) that contains a new photo of Daniel in it.

Movie Time Scan

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OOTP Sticker Scans

Posted by jenna on 07/06/07

Thanks very much to UHP for sending over some scans from the Panini Sticker Book.

OOTP Promotional Album 10 Stickers Added

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First Look: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Posted by jenna on 07/06/07

HBO Asia will start running their First Look: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix features in July. There will be two parts to this special, both are 24 minutes long. Synopsis reads:

Experience the magic of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on First Look, a half-hour show which will take you behind the scenes of this blockbuster before it hits the theatres. In this highly-anticipated fifth installment, a summer has passed since Harry’s encounter with the Dark Lord, and Harry returns to learn that the wizarding community remains in denial about Voldemort’s return and a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has been assigned. Now, with the entire wizard community in peril, the future of magic may depend on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Show times for Part One:

Sun, 8 Jul at 8:30 pm

Mon, 9 Jul at 6:30 pm
Wed, 11 Jul at 10:30 pm
Sat, 14 Jul at 3:30 pm
Tue, 17 Jul at 11:30 am
Sat, 21 Jul at 1:30 am

Show times for Part Two:

Sun, 8 Jul at 11:30 pm
Tue, 10 Jul at 8:30 pm

Thu, 12 Jul at 6:30 pm
Sat, 14 Jul at 4:00 pm
Wed, 18 Jul at 11:30 am
Sat, 21 Jul at 2:00 am

Thanks to Janina from for the tip!

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The Sun Scan and More Stickers

Posted by jenna on 06/06/07

Thanks very much to staffer Tracey for sending in a scan from The Sun regarding Kim Cattrall’s role in My Boy Jack, as well as for more sticker scans.

The Sun Scan
Sticker Scan 1
Sticker Scan 2

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New December Boys Promo Pics

Posted by allo on 05/06/07

Warner Independent Pictures has just released a great new series of photos from December Boys. You can view them all at the WIP December Boys Image Gallery or just the ones featuring Dan in our own December Boys Photo Gallery.

December Boys is due to be released in the US on September 14th. Many thanks to Lauren for the tip.

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Escuela de Magos Scans, Fashion Timelines and Reader Reporter

Posted by jenna on 05/06/07

Thanks very much to Vale from HPLA for sending over a bunch of scans from the Mexican magazine, Escuela de Magos. Also thanks to Alyssa for the Teen Vogue News Tip and Mary for telling us about another favorable article regarding Dan’s performance in Equus, etc.

First, the scans:

Escuela de Magos Cover 1

Escuela de Magos Cover 2
Escuela de Magos Cover 3
Escuela de Magos Scan 1
Escuela de Magos Scan 2
Escuela de Magos Scan 3
Escuela de Magos Scan 4

There is a timeline at the Teen Vogue website. It is just a “for fun” recount of how the trio has grown in the “fashion sense” over the years.

One of our readers, Mary, sent over a link to an article a friend of hers (Rachel E. Sheeley) wrote about her London experience for the Richmond, Ind. newspaper. Read her fun account here, accompanied by another back-stage shot of Dan after the show.

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New Pic of Dan in TU Scans, Genios Translation

Posted by jenna on 04/06/07

Thanks very much to reader “XD” for letting us know there are some new scans with Dan in them from an EW Forum (not sure which one). You can see them below. Translations are welcome. I now have the Genios article translated. You can read it by clicking on the Full Story link below or clicking HERE. Thanks to Candy and Alex for helping with that! embarrest.gif

Tu Scan 1
Tu Scan 2

::full story:: ::send to friend::

Rumour Buster: Cars, New Movie Roles

Posted by jenna on 04/06/07

Many of you have written in about an article that suggested Daniel would be buying a car for his 18th birthday. I have also had a few emails about Dan supposedly considering a role in a movie called “Lords of Chaos” as well.

I just heard back about both of these things today – and both are NOT true. Dan hasn’t even learned to drive yet, much less thought about buying a car. And – the entire movie mention is a head scratcher as well. “Lords of Chaos” is not a production he is considering.

Thank you to everyone that wrote in about all of this. Hopefully this will clear things up.

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Twist Scans, More Stickers, Screen Saver Caps and More

Posted by jenna on 03/06/07

Thanks very much staffer Kim for sending over scans from the US magazine Twist, to UHP, The Snitch, xsatux via ootpmoviepics, Russian OOTP Fansite and Portkey for a Spanish version of the OOTP Poster, screen caps from an OOTP screensaver, a scan from a Finnish magazine, the Russian OOTP Poster, and more scans of OOTP stickers.

Twist Scan 1
Twist Scan 2
Twist Scan 3
Twist Scan 4
Twist Scan 5
Finnish Magazine Scan

Spanish OOTP Poster
Russian OOTP Poster
OOTP Promotional Album with New Stickers and Screensaver Caps 17 added

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OOTP Set Visit Reports from MTV and This Is London

Posted by allo on 01/06/07

MTV has posted an extensive report of its visit to the OOTP set, along with three videos, including a behind-the-scenes look at the filming and interviews with Dan and director David Yates.


"That’s why I’m looking like a square,” Radcliffe joked, noting his button-down shirt. “Harry’s put on his best shirt — well, we decided these are the Weasleys’ clothes, which he’s sort of been lent. And he’s combed his hair. Sort of."

The video clips can be accessed here: MTV OOTP Set Visit Videos

The London Evening Standard newspaper has also published its OOTP set visit report on its This Is London website. The article doesn’t contain much new content but that might be a new pic of Harry and Lupin (so many pics… I’m starting to lose track!!!!)


"Doing the real isolation and anger and hurt he feels has been a challenge,” Radcliffe admits. “Thankfully I’ve never been bereaved in my life so I don’t know what it’s like, but it is incredibly difficult to act the Sirius stuff."

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OOTP Videogame Site Unveiled

Posted by allo on 01/06/07

Electronic Arts has opened the official website for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Video Game. Visitors can navigate the site to find out about the game, see screenshots and trailers and learn spells to earn downloads. Full specifications are also available at EA Games.

Direct links to the video game trailer can be found here: Low / High / HD

You can also see some incredibly photorealistic screenshots in our HPOOTP Videogame Screen Captures Gallery.

According to Amazon, the game is scheduled to be released on June 25th in the US and June 29th in the UK. Thanks to Mugglenet for the tip.

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